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One Sherman Coat of Arms. Click to Enlarge.
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The Shermans Of Yaxley Family History Society (SOY) originated as a group of family history researchers who met on line in 1994. They were interested in researching the surname SHERMAN, SHEARMAN, SHARMAN, SHEREMAN, etc. Many immigrants with these, or variant, spellings have come from numerous countries, but the name of this group was chosen to honor Thomas SHERMAN of Yaxley, co Suffolk, England, 1422-1493, one of the earliest documented Shermans. Some of our immigrants came from Dedham, co Essex, England to the New England colonies in the mid-sixteen hundreds, and positive ties to this Thomas remain unproven.

In 1995, Margaret Sherman Lutzvick was the first editor/publisher of a printed newsletter, which was mailed to subscribers. It was packed with news & photos of member "cuz'ens" and articles about their ancestors. The editor from 1996 to 2000 was Sherman Lee Thompson and in 2001 Art Cohan. With the February 2002 issue, the printed newsletter was discontinued, and stories and photos were placed exclusively on SOYsite, the website purchased by Art Cohan. That website was discontinued in June, 2013. The material is archived here for researchers, and as a memorial to Art's dedication to Sherman genealogy.

Scans of ALL Newsletters, using a full set provided by Art Cohan, are linked from the Newsletter index page. You can choose from small, medium and large images for viewing. Transcriptions of some articles are still available.

DEDICATION  - This site was dedicated (by Art Cohan) to John Harris Sherman (Oscar Truesdell, John, Elmer, Obadiah, Stephen, Job, John, David, Edmund, Philip), whose generous donation really motivated our group to get this site up and running. John (born 14 April 1915 in Providence, RI, died 20 November 2007) is the well-known author of The Sherman Directory (described in our Research Books web page), which includes over 25,000 Shermans!