Sherman Coats of Arms

Roger Sherman Coat of Arms. Click to enlarge.This Coat of Arms is from the book Sherman Genealogy including Families of Essex, Suffolk and Norfolk, England, by Thomas Townsend Sherman, 1920. Under the picture are the words, "SHERMAN COAT-OF-ARMS; Original belonged to Hon. Roger Sherman at his death in 1793."

On page 8 of the book, under the heading of "The Yaxley Shermans" is the following passage:

"Yaxley has always been a small village and probably all the Shemans who have lived there were of the same family. The Arms of this family are: Or, a Lion Rampant sable between three oak leaves, vert. The crest is: A Sea Lion sejeant or (or sable or argent). ("The General Armory," Burke, 1878, p. 922.) For an illustration of these Arms see "The New York Genealogical and Biographical Record," Vol. 44, p. 341. This is similar to one which belonged to Hon. Roger Sherman at his death in 1793, and is now owned by the author. Other Sherman Arms given by Burke are: Sherman of Newark, County of Leicester. In the Herald's Visitation of Leicester in 1619, appears William6 Sherman, then aged 34, son and heir of John5 Sherman and grandson of William4 Sherman, grocer and merchant of London, fifth son of Thomas3 Sherman of Yaxley, time of Henry VII (1485-1509), with same arms as Sherman of Yaxley, the lion charged on the shoulder with an annulet for difference. Crest: a sea lion sejeant argent, gutteé de poix, finned or. Sherman of Ottery St. Mary, Devonshire. In the visitation of Devonshire in 1620, appear, John Sherman and Richard Sherman,sons of William Sherman and grandsons of John Sherman who was son and heir of Robert Sherman of Yaxley, by his wife the daughter of William Sherman of Ottery St. Mar. Arms: Or, a lion rampant sable between three holly leaves vert. Crest: a sea lion sejean sable, gutteé d'or, finned proper." (Click image for full size.)

From Philip Sherman Line. Click to enlarge. Arms—Or a lion rampant sable between three oak leaves vert.
Crest—A sea-lion sejant, sable, charged on the shoulder with three bezants, two and one.

This coat of arms is associated with the Philip Sherman line in America; Philip1, Samson2, Job3, Samson4, Albert5, Albert Keene6. This copy was scanned from one printed with the biography and genealogy of Albert Keene Sherman of Newport, Newport County, Rhode Island, in American Families; Genealogical and Heraldic. The book was edited by William Richard Cutter, Member of the New England Historic-Genealogical Society, and published by The American Historical Society, New York. It is not dated, but based on the family information provided, it was approximately 1920. The description is taken from the same publication.

Scanned by Susan White Pieroth from the original, and donated to the Shermans Of Yaxley Family History Society. (Click image for full size.)

Sherman COA - Frederick Pierce form This Sherman COA appeared at the top of the page on a form soliciting SHERMAN information for a Genealogy to be printed by Frederick Pierce, around 1900.  The facts surrounding the form are a mystery.  George Hebling found the form, filled out, but apparently never mailed or published, concerning his g.g.grandmother's ancestry. Complete story at the "Genealogy that Isn't", in July 1999. Scan provided by Art Cohan. Click on image to see full size.

One Sherman Coat of Arms. Click to Enlarge.Shown in The Ancestry of James Morgan Sherman and His Descendants by Frank Dempster Sherman; privately printed 1915. The book is available free to read online and download here:

Coat of Arms of John Frederick Taynton Sherman This is the Coat of Arms of John Frederick Taynton Sherman, who was the son of the Physician General to the East India Company from 1852-1856. John Frederick Taynton is related to the Rev'd John. Nick Sherman, Salisbury, UK

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