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The SHERMAN research books & papers described below are available at Bookstores, Public and University Libraries, and local Family History Centers (FHC). The latest author is Marge Lutzvick, one of our own Shermans Of Yaxley members!

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Ancestry of Rev. John Sherman and Capt. John Sherman The Shermans
A. G. B. I. and the Boston Transcript A Sherman Family History
Descendants of Jacob Haven Sherman and Rebecca Stebbins Sherman Genealogy 1
Descendants of the Signers of the Declaration of Independence Sherman Genealogy 2
The Descendants of William Sherman of Marshfield, MA Sherman Genealogy 3
Going to Palmyra; Sherman Deeds Sherman Genealogy 4
The New England Shermans Sherman Genealogy of Essex, Suffolk, & Norfolk, England
New Light on Henry Sherman of   Dedham, Essex, England Sherman Pioneers in Michigan
Our Sherman Saga Sherman Wills & Estates
Records of the Sherman Family Some Descendents of Philip Sherman
In Search of Caleb [Sherman]  
Shearman Families Tallcott Pedigree
Sherman Allied Families Transatlantic Shermans
The Sherman Directory The World Book of Shermans

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A.G.B.I. and the Boston Transcript
The "American Genealogical – Biographical Index", and the "Boston Transcript" beginnings of that, are apparently little known to all but the most knowledgeable of genealogists. The Transcript was one of the main mediums for contacts for Prof. Frank Dempster Sherman (see separate listing), and there are about 7-8,000 entries for SHERMANs there. More Information.

Tallcott Pedigree-- by Sebastian V. Tallcott, 1876.

Shearman Families-- by Sebastian V. Tallcott.

Abstracts for all of Sebastian Tallcott's works can be found by writing to:
Higginson Book Company --
PO Box 778
Salem, MA 01970

Higginson's Bookstore has hundreds of genealogical abstracts. Buying abstracts of one surname is less expensive than buying a book that contains many surnames when you may only be interested in one. Write for a catalog and then select the appropriate abstracts that might apply to your research. If memory serves correctly, the cost of the catalog applies toward the first purchase. Mr. Tallcott has compiled information on many SHERMAN lines in New York and Connecticut. In Shearman Families Mr. Tallcott indicates that the SHERMAN are of German origin.

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Our Sherman Saga, Some of the Ancestors and Descendants of Levi Orrin Sherman--by Janet Hess
This is a history covering 600 years and twenty generations of Levi Orrin Sherman's heritage. If you are interested in a copy, or in exploring possibilities of copying her bibliographical material, contact Janet at or write:

Janet Hess
1186 Loraine St.
Enumclaw, WA  98022

Sherman Genealogy-- by Frank Dempster Sherman, publishing dates vary.
The Frank Dempster SHERMAN Collection consists of 4,570 approximately 5x7 inch cards done in his own beautiful handwriting.  In addition, there are copies of many photographs, and many pages of pension records, etc. Frank Dempster's works have not entirely been published but everything he documented is preserved by microfiche. His wife donated his entire genealogy collection to the NY Public Library after his death in 1916.

Frank Dempster divided his works by the four leading men and compiled descendants of each with Philip being the voluminous. Some of his works are available at local Family History Centers. FHC film #1405270 covers descendants of Philip, Captain John, and the Hon. Roger Sherman. FHC film #1405271 covers descendants of Samuel Sherman.

Frank Dempster also engaged in researching personal ancestries for some Sherman families, on a professional basis.  These non-published genealogies arise from time to time out of someone's family treasures.   As copies are located, they will appear on these pages.  If you have one of these and are willing to share, please contact us.

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Sherman Directory - by John Harris Sherman; printed by Gateway Press, Inc., 1991
John Sherman’s four volumes include over 25,000 SHERMANS listed alphabetically by given name (oldest first), a large bibliography and a spouse index. This vast work extracts the Sherman’s from over 300 Vital Records and other genealogies, and from most of the 1850 census. John put in a life-time of work on this excellent resource, and we know of no other surname that can boast of an inclusive effort like this.
His books are available on FHC microfiche #6101142-45. Reprints are now available from Higginsons (see info above).

Revisions to the Sherman Directory

Sherman Genealogy-- by Alonzo J. Sherman, Paper, 1988.

Sherman Wills & Estates -- by Alonzo J. Sherman, Paper, 1988.

Sherman Pioneers in Michigan -- by Alonzo J. Sherman, 1994.

Alonzo Sherman maintains a computer database of over 10,000 SHERMAN names which is updated daily. His December, 1994 issue can be viewed as FHC fiche #6075946. The author also publishes a Quarterly Newsletter and operates the SHERMAN Organization below:
Sherman Research Center and Archives
308 West Dwight
Oscoda, MI 48750-1406

Phone: (517) 739-3650

Alonzo is very willing to share and exchange SHERMAN information. A detour to his archives is like a cool drink on the long and dusty research trail.
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The World Book of Shermans-- by Halbert's Family Heritage.
Not all Shermans settled in New England!

Listed in this publication are reference books where SHERMAN immigrants are located. The author for each book is given, the title, the publisher, and the year of publication. Following the reference book's listing you'll also find the immigrant's name, age (if known) at time of arrival in New World, the port of entry or area where first settled, and the page number of the reference book where the immigrant's name was found. Sometimes a death date or the spouse is listed. Should an *fnna... appear, the first name is not available or readable.

Halbert's is an outfit that periodically sends out mail advertisements for their current publications on the "such-and-such" family. If you buy one of them you get, in this case:

  1. General historical and SHERMAN information.
  2. List of SHERMANS culled from the telephone book white pages.
  3. List of books that reference SHERMAN immigrants by name, etc.
The World Book of Shermans contains general information with no real genealogical value -- except the list of reference books which might be of value to someone if they can find them. No lineage information is available in Halbert's. What was published on these reference books is all that is in Halbert's.

Editor's Note: Robert L. Sherman extracted 200 SHERMAN Immigrants from this book. The list was published in the December 1997 SOY Newsletter. The Immigrants settled in areas other than New England; the extractions cover the years 1620 to 1898.

The Sherman Registry, by Robert L. Sherman, SOY Historian
December 1997 Newsletter, Vol.3, No.2, pgs.7-11.

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Records of the Sherman Family-- by the Rev. David H. Sherman, 1887.
Originally his work was to show only the descendants of Benjamin Sherman, but further along he included the English Shermans. His book is located at Family History Centers on FHC film #1429828.
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Going to Palmyra; Sherman Deeds -- by Margaret Sherman Lutzvick, 1997.
This is not only a family genealogy, but is also a very brief look at important historical events that occurred during each SHERMAN family generation beginning in about the year 1000.

Much of the book tells about life in Wayne and Washington Counties, NY and Grays Harbor County, WA. It also includes speculations of what may have influenced the SHERMANS and others to emigrate from place to place over the centuries. The book is about family, community, spirituality, economics, discovery, invention, the good times and the bad times.

Some events are sad, others are funny, and all are part of our heritage. Historical milestones, such as the Revolutionary and Civil Wars, tell of the price that some families paid for freedom and democracy. Other items included are somewhat humorous. For example: old newspaper accounts such as the following are included:

"[Married] in Penfield on the 20th ault [this month] Mr Rueben Briley aged 42 to Miss Huldah Barritt aged 29 after a long and tedious courtship." (c1820, Palmyra Register, Palmyra, NY).

It may be said that this is not just a SHERMAN story, but one of all families who traveled the same paths as the Shermans, emigrating first from Germany to England, then from England to America, and finally from the east coast to the west coast.

The book is enhanced with approximately 60 photographs, an appendix with maps, charts, and early NE census information, a complete and detailed family tree dating from 1281 to the present time, and an index with over 800 names including such other surnames as Sherman, Clark, Ferris, Stanton, Pratt, Durfee, Eddy, and Cogswell (Coggeshall, Cogsdill), of Massachusettes, Rhode Island, New York, Missouri, and Washington. Each chapter is about a new generation, and is easily read. This book should appeal to all readers who have both a sense of history and a sense of humor.

Library of Congress Catalog Card Number 96-79315
ISBN 0-9655764-0-X
#169; 1997
Published for the Author by Gateway Press, Inc,. Baltimore, MD
Printed in the United States of America

Order your copy now!

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The New England Shermans-- by Roy V. Sherman, privately published, 1974.

Some of the First Descendants of Philip Sherman The First Secretary of Rhode Island-- by Roy V. Sherman, privately published, 1968.

Roy V. Sherman was a Professor Emeritus of the University of Akron in Akron, OH and researched SHERMAN and allied families in North America and England for most of his life. Frank Dempster's Collection constitutes the main portion of his books. Roy's own research and personal correspondence completes the work.
Copies of Roy’s books are located at the main LDS library in Salt Lake and in various other libraries, but are NOT available on film from Family History Centers, nor are any reprints available.

In Search of Caleb, privately printed by Sherman William "Bill" Bear, in 1978, 46 pages.

Details the information uncovered by descendant Bill Bear in his years of searching for Caleb Sherman.

William (known as “the Pilgrim”) Sherman (d. 1679) appears in 1632 in Marshfield, MA.  Some descendants moved to New Brunswick, Canada as Loyalists between 1761 and 1765.  Caleb Sherman (1785-1842) immigrated from New Brunswick to Harrison Co., OH in 1830. Descendants lived in OH, MN, MO, PA and elsewhere.

Sherman Allied Families-- by Bertha L. Stratton, 1951.

New Light on Henry Sherman of Dedham, Essex, England and Some Notes on His Descendants, Also William Freeborn's English Home & Wife -- by Bertha L Stratton, 1954.

Transatlantic Shermans-- by Bertha L. Stratton, 1969.

Bertha Stratton is a descendant of Philip Sherman. Her books are very detailed and well-documented, containing genealogical data on hundreds of SHERMANS who date back to the Family origins in Dedham, Essex and Yaxley, Suffolk, England. Also included is interesting historical information relating to ancient England and colonial America, and numerous prominent Shermans.

“Sherman Allied Families” is available on FHC film #1018902.

“Transatlantic Shermans” is NOT available at FHC’s, nor are reprints.

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The Descendants of William Sherman of Marshfield, MA -- by Mary Lovering Holman, 1936
This is an excellent source book for descendants of William's line. He was born around 1613, possibly in Dedham, England and immigrated to Massachusetts by 1632. His ancestry is unproven as of this writing (2000). The book is 529 pages long and includes an index. Available on FHC film #1033727. No known copies or reprints are available.

Descendants of the Signers of the Declaration of Independence
Volume I (The New England States) by the Rev. Frederick PYNE; pub: Picton Press, 2nd Edition; printed Jul 2002; edited by Art Cohan.

Includes all of the descendants of the Hon. Roger SHERMAN known to the author as of the printing date.

Copies from Picton Press, type in PYNE, Frederick for the author search.

Sherman Genealogy, Including Families of Essex, Suffolk, and Norfolk, England-- by Thomas Townsend Sherman, New York : Tobias A. Wright Printer & Publisher, 1920.
In the 1800's Thomas Townsend Sherman researched the SHERMAN families of Essex, Suffolk, and Norfolk counties in England. His book includes some descendants of the Original Immigrants Captain John Sherman, Reverend John Sherman, Edmund Sherman, and Samuel Sherman, and the descendents of Honorable Roger Sherman, and Honorable Charles R. Sherman. Contains a bibliography and index (xvi leaves, 469 columns, 12 leaves: ill.).

Library of Congress Catalog Card No. CS71.S552,
Dewey No. 929/.2/0973 19

FREE download as a PDF or search the book online at

An EXCELLENT source for English Sherman roots, it is available at FHC’s on film #1036680, and reprints are available from Higginsons.

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The Descendants of Jacob Haven Sherman and Rebecca Stebbins, by Linda Clark Stewart - privately printed 1998.
This book includes all known descendants (over 1,300) of Jacob Haven Sherman, b: 5 June 1787 in Portsmouth, RI. He migrated to St. Louis, MO and most descendants lived in Texas.

Contact: Linda Stewart at

Sherman Genealogy  by Charles Pomeroy Sherman - printed by Brooks & Idler in 1922
Contains his direct line of descent from Thomas Sherman (1443) through immigrant Rev. John Sherman and many descendants along the way.

FREE download as a PDF or search the book online at

A Sherman Family History by Harold Quentin Sherman -  printed for family members in 1996
Mr. Sherman's research centers on his line of Shermans, beginning with Jacob, b: 1748, and the known descendants who lived (are living) in mid-Penn.
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Sherman Genealogy 1433-1990's - Seneca Co., OH - by Eldon Sherman - privately printed 1995 and 1997 (Vol. I & II).
This extensive work covers all known descendants in two separate branches of a line from immigrant Philip Shearman. Vol. I includes the descendants of Howland Sherman (1813-1865), and Vol II includes the descendants of Elihu (1777-1841).

The Shermans. A Sketch of Family History and a Genealogical Record - by Roger Sherman, Titusville, PA - 1890 - privately printed.
This excellent work contains much information about a line of Shermans descended from the immigrant Rev. John (1613-1685), via Rev. James > Dr. John > James > James.

Extensively reviewed in SOY newsletter, Sept 1999. 

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Ancestry of Rev. John Sherman and Capt. John Sherman- by Charles A. White, printed in 1897
This is a small pamphlet about the Sherman English roots and ancestry of Mr. White, a descendant of the Hon. Roger Sherman - signer. 

A.G.B.I. and the Boston Transcript (written January 2008) Continued

The "Boston Transcript" (BT) was a Boston newspaper that was printed from 1895-1941. It ran a Genealogy column about 4 times a week, which was a prime medium for the exchange of genealogical information in that time. All queries and replies were printed with only the writer’s initials – and letters were forwarded privately by writing to the newspaper - so it is nearly impossible to now acquire their sources, etc. (the personal files are gone.)

About the time that the BT went out of business, the head librarian at the Wesleyan College Library, Fremont Rider, began indexing all of the entries in the BT genealogy columns. That effort transferred to the Godfrey Library, and soon expanded to include about 40 or 50 other surname books, and newspapers with genealogy columns. Every source given was RE-INDEXED, even if one was already included.

In 1950, the first book in the Index series was published as the American Genealogical - Biographical Index (A.G.B.I.). That first book began with the "A" surnames, and subsequent volumes were published from 1951-1999, when the final volume (#128) completed the "Z’s". Truly a massive effort…

As the effort continued during that period, indexing was begun on additional books and articles, and supplements with those additional indexes immediately began publication in 2000, with about nine new supplements being printed to date. It is anticipated that the supplements will include about 19 books (they are NOT cumulative with the originals) with new info.

The original 128 volume set of the A.G.B.I. is available on one CD (about $50) from the Godfrey Library. It should be understood that this is just an Index to the original sources (including the BT), and it does NOT contain useful data --- just points you in the direction of possible sources for that individual.

The A.G.B.I. is now also available on, for subscribers.

The original columns of the BT were filmed on a micro-card system (look about like old 35mm slides), for which there is no good viewer/printer available. Those must be viewed with a magnifying glass, and transcribed by hand.

They have also now been microfilmed by the LDS Church. Film numbers:

Newspaper clippings - 1895, May 1900-June 1907 - [ 14735 ]
Newspaper clippings - June 1907-Apr 1910 - [ 14736 ]
Newspaper clippings - Apr 1910-Jul 1916 - [ 14737 ]
Newspaper clippings - Jul 1916-Feb 1923 - [ 14738 ]
Newspaper clippings - Feb 1923-Feb 1927 - [ 14739 ]
Newspaper clippings - Feb 1927-Oct 1930 - [ 14740 ]
Newspaper clippings - Oct 1930-Dec 1932, Jun 1933-Jul 1933 - [ 14741 ]
Newspaper clippings - Dec 1932-Feb 1936 - [ 14742 ]
Newspaper clippings - Feb 1936-Aug 1938 - [ 14743 ]
Newspaper clippings - Aug 1938-Apr 1941 - [ 14744 ]

I have all ten of these films on extended loan here at our local FHC, and am in the early process of scanning every SHERMAN entry. I’ll be happy to send you a scan of any entry you are interested in (ANY surname), if you have the date and file number from the A.G.B.I.

For additional scanned books (free to download) about Sherman Genealogy, go to

Library of Congress Online Catalog

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