Nearly all of the information presented on this page is taken from the Sherman Genealogy by Thomas Townsend Sherman (TTS), published 1920. His book is authoritative and considered the basis for most other research into the English roots.

Between 1633 and 1637, six main SHERMAN immigrants appeared in the colonies: Philip; Captain John; Edmund 6 (son of Edmund); Reverend John; Honorable Samuel; and William "The Pilgrim." The first five were related, with roots in Dedham, County Essex, England, and the ancestry of the sixth remains unproven (although possibly related to the others). These six are the ancestors of many of the English SHERMANs in the U.S. today.

They are presented here, with a few notes, for a "thumbnail sketch". The GEDCOMs previously presented here are now posted in entirety on the RootsWeb WorldConnect site sans any living persons born after 1920 in two parts, one for William "The Pilgrim" and the other for Henry (ancestor of the other immigrants).

The source abbreviations used in the databases are explained at Art's sources.
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1. Thomas Sherman d: Bef. April 04, 1493 in Diss, co Norfolk, ENG
    + Agnes ?
2.  John Sherman d: Bef. December 12, 1504 in Yaxley
    + Agnes Fuller
3. Thomas Sherman  b: Abt. 1490 in Yaxley  d: Aft. May 05, 1551 in Yaxley
    + Jane Waller m: Abt. 1512 in Yaxley d: 1573 in Yaxley
(The connection here between Thomas and Henry is presumed by TTS.  While no "absolute" proof is yet found that this "was" the son of Thomas, no "absolute" proof is yet found that he was not.  Bertha Stratton, in her publications in 1954 and 1969, presents a case that they were probably NOT father and son. Research continues.

PLEASE see the open  letter on 13 Oct 2006 from noted genealogist Michael J. Wood, to the RootsWeb forum.)

4.  Henry (Sr.) Sherman  b: Abt. 1510 in Dedham d: Bef. July 25, 1590 in Dedham
     + Agnes Butter d: October 14, 1580 in Dedham
5. Henry "the elder" Sherman  b: Abt. 1547 in of Dedham d: Abt. August 28, 1610 in Dedham
      + Susan Lawrance m: June 14, 1568 in Moze, co Essex, ENG d: September 1610 in Dedham
6. Samuel Sherman b: Bef. January 11, 1572/73 in Dedham d: 1615 in Ardleigh, co Essex, ENG
        + Philippa Ward  m: Bef. 1599
7. Philip Sherman  b: Bef. February 05, 1609/10 in Dedham  d: March 1686/87 in Portsmouth, RI

6. John Sherman b: Bef. August 17, 1585 in Dedham d: Bef. January 24, 1615/16 in Great Horkesley, co Essex, ENG
        + Grace Ravens  m: Bef. May 14, 1610
7. John (Capt.) Sherman b: 1604 in Great Horkesley, co Essex, Eng d: January 25, 1690/91 in Watertown, MA
        + Martha Palmer m: Abt. 1637  d: February 07, 1700/01
(Honorable Roger Sherman, signer, descends here.)

6. Edmund Sherman b: 1580-1590 in "of Colchester" (guessing dates)
        + Judith Anger m: May 15, 1611 in Dedham
(This Edmund had only two known daughters, and was not an immigrant. He is mentioned here only because he is often confused with the other Edmunds)

5. Edmund Sherman b: Abt. 1548 in Dedham  d: December 22, 1600 in Dedham
      + Anne Pellate m: April 25, 1570 in Dedham d: June 08, 1584 in Dedham
        *2nd Wife: Ann Clere m: September 11, 1584 in Dedham d: Bef. January 12, 1609/10 in Dedham
6. Edmund Sherman b: Abt. 1572 in Dedham d: 1641 in New Haven, CT
        + Joan Makin m: Abt. 1598 in Dedham
7.  Hester (Ester) Sherman b: Bef. April 01, 1606 in Dedham  d: Bef. February 28, 1665/66 in Fairfield, CT
        + Andrew Ward d: Bef. October 20, 1659 in Fairfield, CT
7.  John (Rev) Sherman b: December 26, 1613 in Dedham  d: August 08, 1685 in Watertown, MA
        + Mary Gibbs m: Bef. 1639  d: September 08, 1644 in Milford, CT
        *2nd Wife: Mary Launce  m: Bef. 1647  d: March 09, 1709/10 in Watertown, MA
7.  Grace Sherman b: 1614-1615 in Dedham  d: January 14, 1689/90 in Chelmsford, co Middlesex, ENG
        + John Livermore
7. Hon. Samuel Sherman b: Bef. July 12, 1618 in Dedham d: April 05, 1700 in Fairfield, CT
        + Mary (Sarah) Mitchell b: Bef. October 14, 1621 in South Owram, ENG m: Abt. 1641 in Stamford, CT d: Bef. 1700 in MA
(General William Tecumseh Sherman descends from here)

6. Richard Sherman  b: Bef. March 03, 1576/77 in Dedham  d: May 30, 1660 in Boston, MA
        + Elizabeth ?
7. William Sherman b: baptized October 22, 1616 in Dedham
(While Richard left no known male descendants in the colonies, no further record exists about this son William.  It is possible that this William might be William "The Pilgrim", who appears in Plymouth/Marshfield in 1632.)

The information above was provided by Art Cohan. 

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