Art's Database Source Abbreviations

The following listings are the "source" abbreviations I (Art Cohan) use in my family history work.

Some of the items are further sourced, I just have chosen to indicate in this manner. Many of my entries are sourced Providence VR, JHS-91 or Bunn-38, JHS-91 etc. That indicates that the source is given in JHS-91. If JHS-91 is not indicated, then I have taken the info directly from the source. In most cases, I do NOT included page numbers, as the books are indexed, and that info can be quickly retrieved. I normally choose to indicate sources by the AUTHOR and date of publication.

AF Ancestral Files, are submitted by anyone, to the LDS records. They may or may not be accurate, and not to be trusted unless independently verified.

AJS-01 Alonzo J. SHERMAN – "Sherman Pioneers in Michigan"; sent me his files on a ZIP DISC in Oct-2001, and authorized me to promulgate.

BLS-51 Bertha STRATTON – "Sherman and Allied Families", pub. 1951

BLS-54 Bertha STRATTON – "New Light on Henry Sherman", pub. 1954.

BLS-69 Bertha STRATTON – "Transatlantic Shermans", pub 1969

BT – (date) Newspaper Clippings from the Boston Transcript.

Cem. site on Rootsweb is found at

CPS-22 Charles Pomeroy SHERMAN - Sherman Genealogies, pub. 1922

DMJ-66 "The Shermans of New England", a collection of papers from the Denver Public Library, incl: ltrs from Dorothy Mae JOHNS written in 1966 & 1967 as published in the Augustan in 1967, an edited article by her published in the Augustan in Jan/Feb 1968 as "The Colonial Families of the Americas II", and another by her published in Colorado Genealogies in Jun 1969.

DOS-2002 Picton Press – "Descendants of the Signers, The New England States", pub 2002

EES-95 Eldon E. SHERMAN – "Sherman Genealogy" pub. 1995 about Seneca Co., OH Shermans

EES-97 Eldon E. SHERMAN – "Sherman Genealogy" pub. 1997 about Seneca Co., OH Shermans

FDS From the 4,000 indexed card files of noted Sherman genealogist Prof. Frank Dempster Sherman.

GP-54 Gibson Papers - "History of Washington Co., NY" pub 1954

GTP-97 same as MSL-97

HQOL after a book source, indicates that the book was found on-line at the Heritage Quest website.

IGI International Genealogical Index, normally copied from the files at the LDS Church. These are fairly accurate - taken from various sources, and recorded by LDS members.

IGI VR As above, except these records are taken directly from Vital Records sources, and entries were double-checked by the LDS. Indicated in LDS files by a letter code preceding the "source" number

JBW-71 Jane Betsey Welling, W.C.H.S. "They Were Here Too" - Genealogies of the Owners of the Inn at Easton Corners, Washington Co., NY - pub: 1971

JH-98 Janet HESS – "Sherman Saga" – privately printed – my copy dated 1998

JHS-91 John H. SHERMAN - four volumes pub. 1991 "Sherman Directories"

LCS-98 Linda Clark STEWART - Descendants of Jacob Haven Sherman & Rebecca Stebbins, pub. 1998

MLH-36 Mary Lovering HOLMAN - book pub 1936 "Descendants of William Sherman of Marshfield, Mass."

MM-97 Mike More GEDCOM, Mar 1997

MSL-97 Margaret Sherman LUTZVICK - book pub 1997 "Going to Palymra-Sherman Deeds"

Newtown Hist-17 Newtown’s History and Historian Ezra Levan Johnson, Newtown, CT - 1917

NY Week NY Weekly Museum, 1788-1817 Index of Marriages and Deaths. Located on site

PRF Pedigree Resource File CD’s of the LDS Church (similar to the Ancestral Files. Some are "sourced", some are not)

RS-1890 "The Shermans" A Sketch of Family History and a Genealogical Record - 1570-1890", compiled by Roger SHERMAN, Titusville, Pa. - 1890

RVS-68 Roy V. SHERMAN - book pub. 1968 "Some of the Descendants of Philip Sherman, First Secretary of Rhode Island"

RVS-74 Roy V. SHERMAN - book pub. 1974 "New England Shermans"

SB-87 Shepherd BROWN – book pub. 1987 "Brown-Stanton-Evans-Sherman Families" ) fiche # 6088332

SWB-78 Sherman William BEAR - "In Search of Caleb" – privately printed - 1978

TTS-20 Thomas Townsend SHERMAN - book pub. 1920 "Sherman Genealogies"

VVW-95 Verlene Vaughn WEBER – unpublished genealogy "Charles and Ella Mae Sherman", Jun 1995

WEB-80 "History of Webster Co., GA" - book pub. 1980. Compiled by Weston Woman’s Club

As I enter info in my files, I do not always remember to return to this document and add a new source explanation. If you find one of those, not identifiable, please contact me for the info, and I will add to this list..

Those sources that are "obvious", I have not placed on this list. For example Hathaway Gen-08 would be a Hathaway Genealogy book, published in 1908. (If the date is pre-1900, then the entire year will be indicated.)

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