In Honor of Those Who Serve(d)

This listing of Shermans, and Sherman descendants, who serve(d) our country, is presented with profound THANKS.


Graciously sent by Kim Conrad, the following poem epitomizes the anguish in the hearts of all parents, as their sons and daughters commit to service, to protect the freedoms we all enjoy. Kim is the daughter of Jerry George Sherman who served in the Navy in the Pacific and the niece of Jerry’s brother, Eugene, who served in the Army in Europe, during WWII.

Our Son’s

Out of the dawn they come a – marching,
Glad in their youth and strength are they.
Bravely their nations’ foremen meeting
Proudly they march into the fray.

Down from the sky they come–a-winging,
Ever seeking their mortal foe.
Up where the shells and bullets are singing.
Dropping their death to the monster below.

Up from the sea they are coming, a-sailing’
Challenging death, boldly they fight.
Sure they of winning, no thought of failing.
God will protect them, theirs is the Right.

These are our sons, so nobly defending
All that is dear to the brave and the free.
That Freedoms great Flame, forever ascending
May always glow brightly on you and me.

Breathe now, a prayer for God to watch o’er them.
And send them, successful, back from the fight.
Home to the arms of the mother’s that bore them.
To freedom and peace, and Liberties Light.

~April 17, 1943 Earl E. Sherman

Abiel Sherman – RevWar – 2nd Continental Artillery

Abner Shireman (1832 - ) – CW – Co. B, 18th VA Calvary

Adolphus Jethro Sherman – CW – 2nd NY Calvary

Alan C. Sherman – USAF – 1964-1968 – Vietnam Vet.

Alan R. Sherman – US Navy, submarines -Vietnam – then US Army National Guard and retired as a Sgt1stClass

Albert B. Sherman - CW - C Co., 76th Inf., IL

Alfred T. Sherman - died in CW - 97th NY Regt.

Alwin A. Sherman - WWI - Machine Gun Co., 105th Inf. Regt., 27th Div.

Andrew Marco Sherman - USMC - died in Vietnam – Navy Cross for gallantry

Andrew Philip Sherman USMC – 2008-?

Andrew S. Sherman (1825-1901) – CW - Co. K, 10th MI Inf.

Ann (Sherman) Graham (b: 1952) – USN (Med. Ret.)

Art Cohan (son of Peggy Sherman) – USMC (Retired) - 1958-1978

Augustus Peckham Sherman - CW - Col of 1st RI Regt.

Avon D. Sherman WWII – Distinguished Service Cross

B. G. Sherman - died in CW at Gettysburg - 61st OH Regt.

Bachelor Sherman RevWar – 16th Rgt, NY Militia

Benjamin Franklin Sherman - CW - Capt. in Union Army fm VA

Benjamin Ray Sherman Army medic in Vietnam – 1968-1970

Benjamin William Sherman (1988-2009) – U.S. Army – 82nd Airborne – killed in Afganistan, 10 Nov 2009. PHOTO

Benoni Sherman - French & Indian Wars, and Capt. C Co., No. Kingstown, RI - 1767

Birdsey Sherman – WWI – Delaware Co., NY Militia

Byron Sherman - CW - 27th Brig., TX Co. (Confederate)

Buren Robinson Sherman CW – Capt., Co. E, 13th IA Vol. (later Governor of Iowa)

Buren Robinson Sherman WWI – Sgt. - 2nd Div. at Belleau Woods in France.

Calvin Fullen (son of Sadie S. Sherman) – USN – WWII

Calvin R. Sherman - USAF (1974-1976)

Carlton Collingwood Sherman (1884-1956) – Commander, Royal Navy of England, WWI and WWII

Charles Sherman (1783-1844) – War of 1812 – Colonel, in charge of coast defenses between New Haven and New London, CT

Charles I. Sherman CW – F Co., 144 NY Vol Inf

Charles John Sherman - WWI - British Army in France

Charles Joseph Collingwood Sherman (1911-2000) – Brigadier, British Army, WWII - served in the Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers (R.E.M.E) in Transjordan, and received the O.B.E (Order of the British Empire)

Christopher Alonzo Sherman (1841-1922) CW – Co. B, 143rd Inf., PA Vols

Claude Charles Sherman – 1889-1968 - WWI

Clifford Allen Sherman, Jr. – Army medic in WWII, Purple Heart in France

Clinton T. Sherman Army - WWII

Cornelius Jackson Sherman - CW - D Co., 16th Regt., Texas Troops (Confederate)

Dale J. Sherman Army – 1945-1965

Daniel L. Sherman – PFC, Army - died in Vietnam, 9 Jan 1966

Daniel Meeker Sherman - died in CW - Pvt., Co F, 13th Iowa Rgt

Daniel Paul Sherman - WWII - Italian Campaign

Danny Ernest Sherman (born 1956) – Navy - Ret. CPO

Darius Sherman – RevWar – 2nd Continental Artillery

David Sherman - CW - 154th NY Vols

David Sherman (1750-1829) – Rev War – RI line

David Michael Rabbett (grandson of Edna Virginia Sherman) – US Marines (2006 - ), currently (Jan 2009) serving with 3/8 in Afganistan.

David Paul Sherman (living) - British Army - 3rd Bn, Royal Anglian Rgt.

Donald Lester Sherman (1917-2009) – US Navy, WWII, served on transport ship "USS General Tasker H. Bliss"

Douglas Alvin Sherman (1948-2008) - USN Reserves (1966-1972)

Durfee Sherman War of 1812 from NY

Edgar Jay Sherman - CW - breveted Major in Union Army

Edmund O. Sherman - CW - C Co., 133 IL Inf

Edson Sherman - CW - 154th NY Vols

Edward Sherman - French & English War - 1746/1747 from RI

Edward I. Sherman CW – F Co., 144 NY Vol Inf

Edward Lee Jacoby USN - 1980’s - served aboard USS Midway in So. Pacific

Edward Roy Stevens (g.g.g/son of Eliza Sherman) – USAAC/Air Force (1941-1950) – B17 pilot in missions over Germany, and one of the first military helicopter pilots, flying air-sea rescue missions.

Edward Roy Stevens, Jr. (g.g.g.g/son of Eliza Sherman) – USAF (1968-1972).

Edwin Fiske Sherman, Jr. (1916-2007) – U.S. Navy, WWII

Elihu Sherman (1746 - 1817) – Rev. War service in MA

Elijah Benjamin (Sr.) Sherman (1826-1892) – CW – 11th MS Calvary

Elijah Bernis Sherman - CW - C Co., 9th VT Inf

Ellsworth Carl Sherman – TX State DPS officer – retired as Major.

Enoch Moore Sherman - CW - F Co., 12th IL Calv

Ephraim J. Sherman – CW – D Co., 144 NY Vol Inf

Ernest J. Sherman (b: 1848) – CW – F Co., 28th Michigan Inf.

Everett Francis Sherman - USArmy - WWII (was a German POW for a time)

Felix Leonard Sherman USArmy – WWI – 144th Field Artillery in France

Ferguson J. Shireman (1841 - bef. 1900) – CW – 62nd VA

Floyd David Sherman Navy – 1960’s

Forest Percival Sherman (1896-1951) - Admiral, USN during WWI and WWII, Chief of Naval Operations

Frank W. Sherman (1924-2010) – USAAF – WWII, a navigator on B-17 bombers.

Frederick A. Sherman – CW – Co. C, 186th NY Vol Inf

Frederick Carl Sherman - USN Admiral during WWI and WWII

Gary R. Sherman – USCG (1969-1973) – Squadron Three, Vietnam (1971)

Genevieve Annabelle (Sherman) Higgins WWII – "Rosie The Riveter", working for both Bendix Aircraft and Lake City Arsenal in Independence, MO

Geoffrey Charles Frederick Sherman - WWI - British Tank Regt. - D Day

Geoffrey Collingwood Sherman (1915-2009) - Col, Royal Marines of England, WWII - served in the North Atlantic, the Mediterranean and the Far East, and officiated at the formal ceremony of surrender of the Japanese Imperial Forces to Lord Louis Mountbatten in Singapore in September 1945.

George E. Sherman (1935-2008) – U. S. Army, Korea

George Hebling (g.g.grandson of Elizabeth Sherman) – retired USAF (1957-1977)

George Sherman - CW - A Co., 62nd VA Regt. (Confederate)

George Auther Sherman Army – WWI – Inf. 1917-1919

George B. Sherman - WWI - C Co., 105th Inf. Regt., 27th Div.

George C. Sherman - CW - H & I Co's, 87th PA Inf.

George C. Sherman (1840-1910) – CW - Co. F., 9th MN Inf.

George Edgar Wilson (1922-1942) (grandson of Edith Gertrude Sherman) – U.S. Army – killed while in a Construction Bn., working on the DEW line in Canada.

George Frederick Winslow (1842-1948) (h/o Virginia Sherman) – Admiral, USN – CW – 40 years of service

George Hubbell Sherman (1820-1895) – CW – Co. F, 20th CT Vol Inf

George J. Sherman - CW - USN serving aboard the Mississippi Ironclad, "St. Louis"

George Sydney Sherman - WWI - 5th Royal Irish Lancers

George W. Sherman (1834 - <1913) – CW – Co. A, 27th IA Vols – served throughout the CW as a hospital steward.

Harley Edward Sherman – PFC, Army - died in Vietnam, 26 Dec 1966

Harrison C. Shireman (1836 – aft. 1910) – CW – 62nd VA

Harry F. Sherman - CW - 13th Inf. Regt., WV Union Vols

Harry Henry (Jr.) Sherman - USAF - died in Korea

Harry M. Sherman – USN, 1958-1968

Harvey D. Thacker (son of Mabel Oriole Sherman) – glider pilot, died WWII in Operation Varsity in Germany

Henry Sherman (1885- ) born in NY – USN – serving as fireman 2nd class aboard the U.S.S. Michigan in 1910

Hewitt Sherman – WWI – Delaware Co., NY Militia

Hezekiah Erastus Sherman – CW – E Co., 2nd MA Vol. Inf.

Hiram Sabin Sherman (1831-1908) – CW –Pvt. in G Co., 1st NY Mounted Rifles (PHOTO)

Honestus Sherman (ca: 1790- ) – War of 1812 - NY militia

Horace B. Sherman - CW - A Co., 3rd TX Calv (Confederate)

Howard L. Sherman (1925-2009) – USN, WWII

Hudson M. Harris (1841- ) (son of Hannah Sherman) – CW – 1st Calv., MI Brigade

Irving "Bud" Alfred Sherman – WWII – USN – served on USS Indiana in Pacific

Israel G. Sherman - wounded in CW - 5th NH Vols

Jacob Sherman - died in CW - 126th NY Regt.

James Sherman – CW – (1794-1861)

James Arthur Sherman (b: 1954) – USN

James E. Sherman – US Army (1972-1974) in Germany

James F. Sherman – WWI – Delaware Co., NY Militia

James G. Sherman – CW, 155th NY Infantry

James Jackson Sherman (1921-1945) – WWII, USN –
He was an Aviation Radioman 2nd class & Aerial Gunner in Patrol Bombing Squadron 106 (VPB-106). He and his crew of 11 other men fought in Iwo Jima and the Philippines, and later were reported as MIA on July 30, 1945 - just 2 weeks before the end of World War II.  (PHOTO)

James Lemuel Sherman - CW - D Co., 144th IL Vols

James Robertson Higgins (husband of Genevieve Sherman) – USN – WWII - Torpedo-boat LST 628, invasion of Okinawa & Luzon, Philippines

James Oliver Richmond (1894-1955) (son of Lura S. Sherman) - WWI

 James Henry "Jim" Wilson (g/s of Edith Gertrude Sherman) - USAF (1950-1957). PHOTO

James Winslow Turner (g.g/s of Virginia Sherman) – USN (1950-1970)

Jay Sherman (1846-1934) – CW, Co. A, 59th IL Vol Inf

Jerry George Sherman (1920-1995) – USN (1944-1946) -WWII

Jethro Peckham Sherman - CW - F Co., 19th Corps, NY Calv

Job Sherman - War of 1812 - served in Capt. Hale's Co., MA

Job J. Sherman - War of 1812 - 147th Wood's Inf Rgt from Onondaga Co. NY

John Sherman (1794-1873) – War of 1812 – from NY

John Sherman (1825-1885) – CW Union soldier

John Bernard Shaw (1849-1920) (g/son of Eliza Sherman) – CW – Cpl., 102nd IL Inf. – enl. at age 15. PHOTO

John Brooks Sherman – Capt., USMC - died in Vietnam, 25 Mar 1966

John C. Sherman – War of 1812

John Calvin Sherman – SSgt, Army - died in Vietnam, 2 May 1970

John Frank Sherman – (1892-1928) – 261st Casual Co.

 John H. Sherman - CW - F Co., 122nd IL Vols

John Harold Sherman – PFC, USMC - died in Vietnam, 19 Apr 1967

John Jay Sherman (1844-1922) – CW – 8th Heavy Artillery of NY Vols.

John W. Sherman (1839-1864) CW – died in Andersonville Prison

Joseph Sherman - War of 1812

Joseph Byron Sherman – CW – A Co., 64th NY Rgt.

Jotham Sherman - French & Indian War

Julia Albert Sherman – CW – Co B, 2nd Rgt., NY Calv Vols – died at New Orleans, 1864

Kenneth Gene Sherman, Sr. – Radioman 1stClass, US Navy (1942-1946), WWII

Kenneth Larmar Sherman – PFC, Army - died in Vietnam, 3 Jan 1969

Larry Dee Sherman – Spec4, Army - died in Vietnam, 13 Mar 1968

Lemuel Sherman – RevWar – 16th Rgt, NY Militia

Leroy Sherman - CW - H Co., 3rd Regt. Calvary, WV Union Vols

Lewis Edward Sherman (1890-1976) - WWI

Linda Stevens (g.g.g.g/dau of Eliza Sherman) – Army Nurse (1968-1971)

Llewellyn Reece Sherman, Jr. WWII – Coast Guard

Lloyd H. Sherman, Sr. – WWI – U.S. Army - France

Linus Sherman - CW - A Co., 9th VT Inf.

Lyman C. Sherman (1840- ) – CW – 20th OH Inf. – killed in Battle of Vicksburg

Mack Sherman – USMC – stationed Salem, OR in 1930

Marshall Sherman - CW - C Co., 1st MN Regt., MEDAL OF HONOR

Marshall E. Sherman (1840-1863) – CW – Co. C, 16th CT Vol Inf

Melvin Z. Sherman (1845- ) – CW – 2nd PA Bn., Army of TN

Michael Patrick Cohan (grandson of Peggy Sherman) - USAF – 1981-1984

Mike Stockton (grandson of Stella Nancy Sherman) – USAF Ret. – 1976-1996 – currently a paramedic (2007)

Milton Sherman CW – A Co., 179th OH Vol. Inf.

Milton A. Sherman (1933-2008) – U.S. Army – served in Korea

Milton W. Sherman (1919-2010) – USN – WWII

Nathan Sherman (1761- 1820) – served in the Revolution, from VT

Nathan Sherman - War of 1812 - poss: Dobbin's 18th NY Militia

Oscar Sherman - Spanish/Amer. War, I Co., NE Vols - also WWI, A Co., 5th Bn.

Othello Alden Sherman (b: 1846) – CW – F Co., 28th Michigan Inf.

Patricia Hansen (dau of Lillian Eugenia Sherman) – USN (1965-1965), USNR (1975-1989)

Paul Dwight Sherman (1908-1987) – BGen, USMC (1929-1955) – WWII (brother of Admiral Forest P. Sherman)

Perry Justin Sherman - WWI - USN

Peter Sherman - USMC in Rev. War - served on board the "Boston", 1777-1778

Peter Conrad Sherman - died in CW - F Co., 5th VA Regt. (Confederate)

Peter Woodbury Sherman - USN - died in Vietnam

Raymond Aloysius Sherman - USArmy - WWII - fought in Italy

Rex Marcel Sherman - USArmy - died in Vietnam

Reuben Sherman (1763-1843) – Rev. War from RI

Philo Sherman (1760-1812) – Pvt. In Post Guards in Stratford, CT – RevWar.

Phineas Sherman (1733-1806) – an ensign and Lt. in 1777 in CT – promoted to Capt. in 1779, commanding a Co. in the 4th Regt. in CT in RevWar.

Rial Duane Hardendorf (son of Sarah Maria Sherman) (1843-1864) – CW – died from wound in CW

Richard Sherman (1761-1845) – Rev. War – Pvt in MA militia on service to RI

Richard S. Whitelaw (son of Marion H. Sherman) - USAAF - died in France during WWII

Richard Weir Sherman (1820-1903) – CW – Co. K, 10th MI Inf.

Robert Sherman - USAAF – WWII

Robert Bard Sherman (1919-2008) – USN – WWII – Armed Guard on Liberty Ship.

Robert Carl Sherman - USMC - died in Vietnam

Robert Earl Sherman - USArmy - died in Vietnam

Robert L. Sherman USN – WWII in the Pacific

Robert Lloyd Sherman USN

Robert S. Sherman - USMC - served in Phillipines in 1900

Robert Shale Sherman USMC – Vietnam

Robert Stevens (1923 - ) (g.g.g/son of Eliza Sherman) – USN – WWII – serving aboard the USS Yorktown in the battle of Midway when it was sunk.

Robert Wilson (1921-2004) (g/son of Edith Gertrude Sherman) – USAAF - B24 pilot in 29 bombing missions over Germany during WWII.

Roger Durand Sherman US Navy, WWII

Roger William Sherman (1913-2002) – USArmy – WWII

Ronald Leslie Sherman – USN - Vietnam - Nov. 1968-Nov. 1969 as a Corpsman with the 2nd Bn, 5th MarRegt,, 1st MarDiv

Ronald Reese Sherman (1915-1982) - WWII and Korean, 109th Inf., 28th Inf Div.

Rosevelt Sherman USArmy - died in Vietnam

Rowland Sherman (1756-aft. 1820) – Rev War – Connecticut line

Russell "Rusty" Eliot Sherman USN, 1995 –

Samuel Sherman (1756-1822) – RevWar – RI

Samuel (Honorable) Sherman (1618-1700) - Pequot War of 1673

Samuel Augustus Sherman WWI – Delaware Co., NY Militia

Shubel Sherman RevWar – 16th Rgt, NY Militia

Stanton Alonzo Sherman (1912-1999) – USArmy – WWII in Pacific theater

Stephen Sherman War of 1812

Steven A. Sherman CW – Co. A, 33rd Inf, IL – 1861-1864

Stephen C. Sherman (1792-1879) – War of 1812

Steven D. Sherman - USCG (Ret)

 Steven D. Sherman, Jr. - USArmy, Bronze Star, Afganistan

Stephen George Sherman died in WWI – Distinguished Service Cross and Navy Cross

Stephen M. Sherman - CW - USMC - killed in action aboard the USS TENNESSEE

Steven Keith Cohan (g/son of Peggy Sherman) - USN – 1989-1991

Steven Ross Sherman - USMC - died in Vietnam

Stuart Holmes Sherman, Jr. MajGen, U. S. AirForce

Sylvester M. Sherman CW – H Co., 55th IL Inf

Sylvester Morrill Sherman, Sr. (Dr.) – CW – 1stSgt., Co. G, 133 Rgt, OH Vol Inf.

Thomas Alan Sherman - Army - died in Vietnam

Thomas Sherman - Rev. War – RI

Thomas Sherman, III (1823-1893) – CW – Lt., Co. D,  27th ME Vols

Thomas Sherman ( - 1897) – CW – Co. C, 15th CT Vol Inf

Thomas John Sherman (1921-1978) – retired US Army, WWII and Korea – Bronze Star and Purple Heart

Timothy Scott Cohan (g/son of Peggy Sherman) - USN – 1986-1998

Thomas Theron Sherman (1886-1955) - WWI

Timothy Troy Sherman retired USN

Todd Plesco (son of Sylvia Kay Sherman Plesco) – USMC (1988-1996) Kuwait in Persian Gulf War.

Victor A. Sherman (1913-1981) – USArmy, WWII

Victor P. Sherman - Army - died in Vietnam

Wayne A. Sherman – USCG (Ret)

Wilfred Kenneth Sherman - WWII - Normandy Invasion - poss: died in France

William Sherman (1764-Aft. 1834) – RevWar - RI

William A. Sherman - CW - F Co., 122nd IL Vols

William Alvin Sherman (1919-1991) WWII – Army in Patton’s 3rd Army, serving in Africa, France, Germany and Italy. (

William Frederick Sherman - CW - H Co., 5th VA Regt. (Confederate)

William H. Sherman – USN, WWII

William Hudson Sherman War of 1812

William Llewellyn Sherman (Kledas) USAF, Vietnam – 16 years – C-130 Flight Engineer

William M. Sherman (1837-1863) – CW – Co. H, 26th CT Vol Inf – died from wounds at battle of Port Hudson in New Orleans

William M. "Mike" Sherman - USCG (Squadron One, Vietnam)

William R. Sherman (1842-1861) – Pvt., A Co., 3rd IA Inf. – died in Civil War

William Royce Jacoby (h/o Almira Darlene Sherman) - Army Counterintelligence in Korea

William Tecumseh Sherman - CW - Union General

William Warren Sherman - USArmy - died in Vietnam

William Watt Sherman (1839-1875) – Capt., USArmy - Civil War – Co. G, 62nd NY Inf. (PHOTO)

Willis Sherman – WWI – Delaware Co., NY Militia

Zulia Mable (Strader) Sherman (w/o Llewellyn Sherman) - WWII "Rosie Riveter", working for both Bendix Aircraft and Lake City Arsenal in Independence, MO

(Zulia Mable Sherman d/o Llewellyn Sherman) - WWII - "Rosie Riveter", Lake City Arsenal in Independence, MO

Information provided by Art Cohan January 2, 2012.
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