Reading list of published SHERMAN Biographies
(in no particular order – just as they were located)

William Tecumseh Sherman, General

A graphic history of his career in war and peace; his romantic youth; his stern and patriotic manhood; his calm and beautiful old age; a marvelous march from the mountains of time to the sea of eternity. The book is loaded with maps and illustrations.
A well written, well documented book about Sherman's campaign. Provides a good insight to the man, but contains no genealogy.
This biography is much broader than an analysis of war from Sherman’s perspective, for the author seeks to illuminate the emotional as well as the intellectual, ideological, and the occupational lives of this extraordinary, but at the same time representative, American Victorian man.
Sympathetic yet excellent… insight into how Sherman’s own troops felt about him and his relationships with fellow generals, especially Grant.
Thomas Ewing Sherman, Jesuit Priest (son of Gen. Wm T.) Sarah Sherman (Wiborg) Murphy (grand neice of Gen. Wm T.) Maria Ewing Sherman (daughter of Gen. Wm. T.) Edgar J. Sherman Roger Sherman, Statesman Sidney Sherman, General John Sherman, Senator
Written to support John as a Presidential candidate.
Charles Pomeroy Sherman
Rambles on a bit, but does have some Sherman genealogy and history.
Benjamin Ray Sherman   (desc. from Michael Sherman, b: abt 1790, perh: CT)
Ben's story is riveting.  As a retired Marine, I have a HUGE respect for his service, and the moral character he displayed in service to our country, and his fellow soldiers. I am honored to have "met" him, via SOY and our SHERMAN bonds.
Art Cohan

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