Sherman Records Books

I have in my possession several small notebooks that have been in the Sherman family (my ancestors) of Portsmouth and Newport, Rhode Island, since they were actively used. The Sherman family line that leads directly to me is:
Philip > Samson > Job > Samson > Job (owner of the dry good store) > Albert (owner of a different dry goods store) > Albert Keene (took over Job's store, which was being operated as William Sherman & Co. Dry Goods by two of Job's sons) >... For more about the Sherman dry goods stores, click here.
Two notebooks contain mostly vital records of family members. A third is a smaller leather bound book that seems to have been kept at hand, or in a pocket, for notes over a number of years. These have all been scanned and, as a minimum, the names mentioned have been entered on each web page.
  1. The oldest, based on the handwriting and spelling, is a paper covered booklet labeled Births & Deaths; A Register.
  2. The second is a larger, leather bound, book containing much of the information from the first, plus additions that cover many decades, along with some recipes for curing illnesses.
  3. The last, the small notebook, contains a mixture of information.

Job Sherman's Will and Letters of Testimony.
Job Sherman's First Day Book.

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