Job Sherman's First Day Book

Job Sherman
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Job Sherman's Signature
First Page of Job Sherman's Day Book, 1796
Top of the first page of Job Sherman's Day Book
"Moved to Newport ye 5th, 5mo, 1796"

In 1796 Job Sherman moved from Portsmouth to Newport where he founded the business which later, under the management of his sons William and David, used the name William Sherman & Company Dry Goods Concern. The Day Book lists transactions, both sales and purchases, with the full names of the patrons. On the inside of the cover are some articles. These were probably pasted there by Albert Keene Sherman. A transcript of several of these articles can be found here. One of the articles states:

May 5, 1796, Mr. Job Sherman, grandfather of one of the members of the present firm, started in the general merchandise business, in a building which stood on the corner of Thames street and Frank street, or Church lane as it was then called, the site of the building now occupied by Messrs. Walsh Brothers. The original account book which records the opening of the business is still in the possession of the firm, and the writing in it is so clear that all the items can be easily read. The first entry is "Moved to Newport ye 5th, 5 mo, 1796;" and the second "Bo’t Goods of Robert Jamison, payable in four months, to the amount of 77 9s. 11 1/4d." Following these are charges and credits which show that the business consisted of the sale of dry goods, crockery, boots and shoes, groceries and general produce, and several of the credits show that everything was not paid for in money, but in "candlesticks and snuffers," "meal," "eggs," etc. Among the names of those who became creditors of Mr. Sherman are those of Francis Malbone, Jonathan Dennis, Samson Sherman, David Buffus, John Earl, Peleg Almy, Peleg Weaver, Clarke Rodman, Robert Sherman, Benjamin Hadwin, Benjamin Mott, Benjamin Fish, and Preserved Sherman.

All of the pages have been scanned, but to limit handling of the book, most scans are of a photocopy done years ago.

Names Listed in the Day Book

The names are listed in alphabetical order and the spelling is as written, with the occasional variation found. I suspect "Nabor" was not a given name, but a Quaker, or perhaps local, term for a neighbor. Most names appear frequently and many, especially in the beginning, are probably relatives of Job Sherman.

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John Ahaull
William Allen
Christopher Almy
Peleg Almy
Daniel Anthony
Gould Anthony
Isaac Anthony
Job Anthony
Rebecca Anthony
Seth Anthony
William Anthony
Doctor Bailies
Olive Baker
Henry Barger
Benjamin Billings
Samuel Billings
Lydia Brown - first and frequent customer
Peleg Brown
David Buffum
Moses Bufington
John Burd
Ferd. Bush
Nabor Bush
Richard Bush
Pitt Carr
Robert Carr
Doctor Center
Gilbert Chase
James Chase
Nathan Chase
Obadiah Chase
Samuel Chase
Adley Clarke
Nabor Clarke
Rebecca Clarke
Elisha Cogshall
John Cogshall
Arabella Cowley
Nabor Cozens
Joseph Cundal
Stephen Deblois
George Dennis
Jonathan Dennis
Dorcas Earl
John Earl
Walter Easton
Barsheba Fish
Benjamin Fish
Gardner Fish
Josep Fish
Susanna Fish
George Fortner
Gardner Fowler
Benjamin Freeborn
Alexander Garden
Major Garden
John Greene (Green)
Hannah Gould
Benjamin Hadmen
Major Hambleton (Hambloton)
Major Hamblen
Nabor Hammond
Mumford Hazard
Henry Hedley
Samuel Hicts
Nabor Horsfield
Thomas Howland
Gane Jacobs
Jane Jacobs
Moley King (Molly)
Samuel King
Abner Labor
Isaac Lawton
James Lawton
Robert Lawton
Polly Loman
Polly Lyma (Lyna)
Nabor Lyndol
Ephram Macomber
Alexander Maddison
Elizabeth Maize
Nabor Maize
Frank Malbone
William Manchester
Benjamin Marsh
Gould Marsh
Jeneral Martin
Simeon Martin
Nabor Mase
Benjamin Mott
Edward Mumford
Nabor Osbon
Thomas Peckham
Nabor Penrose
Samuel Pierce
Mary Pratt
William Robinson
Clark Rodman
Nabor Rogers
Sarah Rogers
Widow Rogers
Captain Shaw
Asa Sherman
Isaac Sherman
John Sherman
Perry Sherman
Preserved Sherman
Robert Sherman
Samson Sherman
Walter Sherman
George Sisson
Richard Sisson
John Slocum
Samuel Slocum
Nathan Spenser
Robert Stephens
Silas Studson
Abner Tabor
James Taylor (Tailor)
John Tillinghast
Barrey Thurston
Lathem Thurston
Mary Thurston
Moley Thurston
John Vaughn
John Ward
Perry Weaver
Peleg Wood
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