Births & Deaths; A Register

As you can see, this small paper booklet has been subject to some damage. The scans have been done with a contrasting colored paper in back of the pages so the material underneath will not be seen. Pages are numbered for convenience with blank pages not being scanned or numbered. Only the names are listed. See the images (about 300 kb each) for details.

The original entries use the traditional Quaker dating style of month numbers (9th mo) instead of a name. The entries are best quoted exactly as they are written, instead of assuming that January or March was the first month.

Page one:

Register of ye Births & Deaths of the Following Families Viz
Of David Fish & Jemimah his wife ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Of Samson Sherman & Ruth his wife ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Of Daniel Anthony & Amy Sherman his Wife ~~~~~~~~~
Of Walter Sherman & Rebecca Anthony his Wife ---------
Of Job Sherman & Alice Anthony, his Wife ---------------
Of Peleg Almy & Susanna his Wife [partly missing, but interpreted from the contents]

Page 2:
Of Jonathn Dennis & his Wife Hannah Sherman
Of Nathn Chase & Anna Sherman his Wife

Page 3:
David Fish, Jemimah is wife. Children: Mary, Hannah, Christopher, Charity, ?, ?

Page 4:
Ruth Fish, Robt, Isaac, Stephen, Joseph, Preserved Fish

Page 5:
Susanna Fish, Elizabeth, Patience, Isaac Lawton, Borden Chase, ? Hall

Page 6:
Ruth Fish, Samson Sherman, Steven Brownell, Nathan Brownell, Jeremiah Austin, Jnr

Page 7:
Sampson Sherman, Job Sherman, Ruth Fish, Walter Sherman

Page 8:
Job Sherman, Susanna Sherman, Hannah, Anne, David

Page 9:
Ruth Sherman, Asa, Abigail, Mary

Page 10:
Rebecca Anthony, Alice Anthony, Job Sherman, Anna Steere, Peleg Almy, Job Almy

Page 11:
Ruth Sherman, Amy Anthony, Samson Sherman

Page 12:
Daniel Anthony, Mary Anthony, Ruth, Abraham, Benjamin, Amy, Abraham

Page 13:
Rebecca Anthony, Isaac Anthony

Page 14:
Jonathan Dennis, Hannah, Anna Dennis, Abigail, Samuel, Ruth, Mary, James, Richard, Jonathan, William

Page 15:
Peleg Almy, Susanna, Ruth Almy, Samson, Susanna, Benjamin Freeborn, Hannah Freeborn

Page 16:
Nathan Chase, Ana, Hannah Chase, Amy, Holder, Eliza, Mary, Aby, Rowland, Obadiah

Page 17:
Ruth Ann Chase

Page 18:
Eliza ?, Richard ?, Asa Sherman, Ruth Sherman, Joanna, Sarah, Amy, Richard M., Mary, Asa, Daniel, William, Anna

Page 19:
A recipe for something - possibly a tonic. Job Sherman written at top.

Page 20:
Arrabella Corvley (?), George Sherman, Philip Sherman

Page 21:
Inside of back cover.

Pinned (literally - with a straight pin) into the back of the above are pages containing an essay or sermon about teaching children. It's not easy to read, but I have included the scans here for anyone interested in Quaker philosophy. Something seems to be missing in the beginning.
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