The Sherman Vital Records Book

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The 4 1/2" by 7" leather bound book containing these records does not have a clear name on it or ownership indicated. On the back cover can be seen the roughened surface of the printed name Josph Gundall. There are traces of black ink in script that could be Job Sherman. However, another smaller leather bound book that was used mostly to record personal business transactions is in the same handwriting and, especially in one case where the ink color has changed to blue, the same ink. This smaller book does show more evidence that it belonged to Job Sherman, the father of Albert. There is little question that records were added to it by others as the years passed. There are marriage and death notes following the birth records that were written in a different hand.

The original entries use the traditional Quaker dating style of month numbers (9th mo) instead of a name. The entries are best quoted exactly as they are written, instead of assuming that January or March was the first month. Job and Job's son Albert were Quakers, but Albert's son Albert Keene was not, or was and then left and joined the Central Baptist Church of Newport. Albert Keene Sherman is buried in the Island Cemetery, Newport, RI.

Punctuation was rarely used, thus creating run-on sentences. The line breaks made necessary by the page width are shown only when important to the flow of the information. This is especially true when the birth is listed and the lines that follow for the marriage were squeezed in, apparently at a later time, and often written in a different handwriting. In this book Sherman is consistently spelled without the additional "a" (Shearman) with the possible exception of the page labeled 5. Page numbers are for convenience. Only a few pages were numbered.

[Inside cover] The First yearly Meeting of N. Eng was held at Newport 1661 in the 4thmo Answering (?) to the 6mo N Slate
The Following Friends from OE (?) in the ministry attended
George Wilson 
Robt Wadgson [or Hadgson] 
George Rofe 
John Burstone
Elizabeth Hooker 
Catharine Chatham 
Joan Brokeroph (?) 
Mary Malines (?)
Wenlock (?) Christopher
The Meeting is said to be held in the Hous of Wm Coddington which house was said to be framed in England was tore down about the year 1835 or 36
Page 1:
A mixture of notations aparently from the dry goods store. Listed are Richard Simson (1810), Joseph Clarke, George H?, Jason Sprague, Joseph ?, Thamoas Clarke (crossed out) with notation Born 7th of 12mo 1781.
Page 2: Philip Sherman Mentioned in the Following deed was the Father of Samson Sherman who was the Father of Job Sherman who married Bridget Gardner & had Born
unto them Philip Sherman
Isabel Sherman married Watson
Bridget Sherman
Sarah Sherman married Viol [this was also spelled Vial, Viall, Vyol, etc.]
Alice Sherman
Mary Sherman married John Davis of Dartmouth
Amy Sherman}Benjn Thurston NP [His name in a different ink]
Bridget Wife of Job Died & he married Amy Spenser & they had Born unto them
Martha Dorcas Abigail Benjamin Samson & Walter Sherman was killed in a Cider mill aged 8 years 11mo the 20th of 7mo The above Job Sherman died 1747 16th of 9mo
Four pages that followed contained a copy of the deed of Rhode Island (this is the only place where some pages are numbered). Pages as also Page one (above), page two, page three, page four (with copies of the marks of the signers).
Page 7: (marked 5) The beforementiond Philip Sherman was the Father of Samson Sherman who was born Aprill 1643 and Married Isabel Tripp who had a son Job Sherman who married Briget Gardner & had a number of Children & loosing his Wife married Amy Spenser of E Greenwhich by whom he had a number of Children Martha Dorcas & Samson Sherman the Latter Married Ruth Fish Daughter of David Fish & Jemimah his wife whos Family record is inserted in the following

Page 8: the Family record of the last mentioned Samson & his wife Ruth Sherman as also the Births of their Family offspring down to the Present day David Fish was the son of Robert Fish & Mary his wife was born the 10th day of ye 3mo called March in the year of our Lord 1709 & was married to Jemimah Tallman the daughter of James Tallman & Hannah his wife. Sd Hannah was born ye 11th day of 9thmo called September 1708

Page 9: The Before mentioned David Fish & Jemimah his wife had born unto them 16 Living Children 8 Sons & 8 Daughters.
Their marriage Certificate Portsmouth SS" ---
These may Certify all concerned that David Fish and Jemimah Tallman both of Portsmouth were joined in marriage on the 16th Day of ye 2ndmo Anno Domi (?)
1730 before me Wm Brown Js [Justice] of ye Peace
a Coppy -------------------- The Births
Page 10: The Births of their Children Viz
Mary Fish was born ye 5th day of ye 1stmo AD 1731.---
Who was married to Isaac Lawton & had 17 Children
Hannah Fish was born ye 12th of ye 5mo AD 1733.
& was Married to Borden Chase son of Nathan & had 3 or more Children
David Fish was born ye 15th of ye 3rdmo AD 1734.
& was married to Lydia Dennis & had a number of Children Sd David was Carried away by the British to New York on pretence of his having made some signals which was without foundation he there took the small pox was suffrd thro the Intersessions of Friends to come home & died of that disorder a worthy man and much Esteemed.
Page 11: Christopher Fish was born ye 4th of ye 12thmo AD 1736
Charity Fish was born ye 11th of ye 9thmo AD 1738.
Who was married to George Hall & had born unto them a number of children
Ann Fish was born ye 11th of ye 6thmo AD 1740. ~~~
Who was married to Robt Freeborn & had a number of Children born unto them. ------
Ruth Fish was born ye 9th of ye 3thmo AD 1741. 2
& was married to Samson Sherman son of Job Sherman & had born unto them 12 Children as the following sheets is their births recorded
Page 12: Robert Fish was born ye 27th of ye 2ndmo 1742
and was Married to Barsheba Barker & had Born unto them a number of Children
Isaac Fish was born ye 19th of ye 4thmo 1744.
& married a Grinnell & had several Children -
Steven Fish was born ye 9th of ye 1mo 1745. --
& married and had a number of Children
Joseph Fish was born 10th of 4mo 1747.
Page 13: Preserved Fish was born ye 31 of 7mo 1748
& was married to Sarah Lawton & had a number of Children & Sarah dying he married again to Elizabeth Austin some time in ye 1mo 1813. -----
Susanna Fish was br 24th of 11mo 1749. ---- & married Steven Brownell & had a number of children [in margin] Sd Susanna Brownell died the 27th of 9mo 1824 at her son Isaacks
Elizabeth Fish was
born ye 9th of 11mo 1751 [there is a drawing of a hand pointing to the date of birth]
was married to Nathan Brownell brother to the above sd Stephen & had a number of Children The sd Nathan Brownell died ye 6th of 3mo 1817
A Son was born at the same time not Named [a drawing of a hand points to this entry]
Page 14: Patience Fish was born 13th 4mo 1753
was married to Jeremiah Austin & had Born unto them 4 sons & 1 Daughter --------~~~~ Viz [on side margin] David Isaac Joseph Daniel & Jemina
Preserved Fish afore sd departed this Life 29th of 6mo 1816 about 4 oclock in the morn & was interd on the 1st of 7mo in his 68th year of his age
Charity Hall died the 5th of 2mo 1821 half after 12 oclock in the eve having been a member some years of my Society of Friends
Susanna Brownell Widow of Stephen Died the 27th of 9mo 1824 in the 77th year of her age & was Buried by the side of her Husband in Providence in Frds Ground
Patience Austin Died ye 27th of 12mo 1831 at Nantucket being 78 years 8mo & 14 days old
Page 15: Samson Sherman the son of Job Sherman & Amy his wife was born ye 23rd of ye 7mo of 1737 & was married to Ruth Fish both of Portsmouth at a meeting of Friends & others held at Portsmouth meeting house the 9th of 12th month 1761. ~~~ and had born unto them 12 children Viz 4 sons & 8 daughters
Walter Sherman was born ye 4th of ye 4mo 1763.
& married Rebecca Anthony the daughter of Isaac & Rebecca his wife & had born unto them the following children A
Page 16: Abraham Sherman was born ye 4th of 7thmo 1790
married Martha Slocum
Jacob Sherman was born ye 12th of 9thmo 1791
married 1816 to Susan Taber
Rebecca Sherman wife of Walter died ye 8th of 9mo 1794 ------- being 22 years 10mos & 8 days old leaving a good report behind her
Sd Walter Married a second time which was on ye 31st of 8mo 1797 to Huldah Wilbor Daughter of Jonathan Wilbor of Aponagansett & had Born unto them 4 Children Viz

Page 17: 

Rebecca Sherman was born ye 6th of 7mo 1798.
Francis Sherman was born ye 7th of 5mo 1800.
Moses Sherman was born 22nd of 3mo 1803
Cornelius Sherman was born 14th of 5mo 1805
Page 18: Amy Sherman was born ye 5th of ye 1mo 1764 & married Daniel Anthony son of Abraham Anthony all of Portsmouth & had Born unto them 5 Children
Mary Anthony was born ye 7th of 10mo 1786.--
Mary married James Barker of Newport son of Mathew & have 3 children
Ruth Anthony was born 14th of 4mo 1788.
and married Mathew Barker brother to the above sd James Barker. ---------
Abraham Anthony was born 29th of 7mo 1790 and died
Page 19: Benjamin Anthony was born ye 19th of 1mo 1792
and married Trevitt of Newport
Amy Anthony was born 1st of 2ndmo 1794. -- & died about 8 months old
Daniels Wife Amy died ye 3rd of 2mo 1794 at the Birth of the above sd Child & left a good report behind her
Daniel Anthony sailed from Newport for Norfolk & was never heard from supposed to be all lost at sea
Page 20: Job Sherman was born 21st of 1mo 1766 and on 9th of 12mo 1795 was married to Alice Anthony daughter of Isaac Anthony at Portsmouth meeting house
The above sd Alice was born ye 9th of 6mo 1772
& had Born unto them Viz
Rebecca Sherman was born ye 9th of 11mo 1796
Benjamin Sherman was born ye 10th of 2mo 1798
Eliza Sherman was born 14th of 11mo 1799 ----
William Sherman was born 5th of 12mo 1801
Page 21: Samson Sherman was born 19th of 4mo 1804.
James Sherman was born ye 23rd of 3mo 1806
David Sherman was born ye 19th of 5thmo 1808
Edward A. Sherman. was born 4th of 11mo 1809
Alice Sherman was born 28th of 4mo 1812.
Albert Sherman was born 14th of 8mo half after 12 oclock at night 1815.
Page 22: Had a son born about
Not Named
Rowland Sherman was born 21st of 4mo 1818
Alice Wife of Job Sherman Departed this life about 4 oclock on the 11th of 3mo in the morning 1826 being 53 years & 9 months old of a Consumption and was on the 13th of said month after a Solid Meeting at the house & meeting house where several weighty Testimonies were born Enterend in Friends Ground having expressed that she was ready & wiling & that she loved her Lord & master more than any earthly thing Husband or Children
Page 23: Susanna Sherman was born ye 19th of 10 mo 1767 -------------
who was married to Peleg Almy son of Job Almy & Catharine his wife sd Peleg was born ye 4th of 6 mo 1762 & departed this life the 18th of ye 9mo 1797 in the 36th year of his age after having 2 children
Ruth Almy was born 7th of 6mo 1794 fourth hour in mor and on ye 20th 3rdmo 1816 was married to Daniel Cobb
Samson Almy was born the 15th of 9mo 1795 about the first hour in morning.
Susanna Almy was on ye 3rd of 4mo 1805 married to Benjn Freeborn son of Jonathn Freeborn Sen. All of Portsmouth
Page 24: Had Born unto them.
Hannah Freeborn who was born ye 9th of 1mo 1806
Susannah Freeborn Wife of Benjamin Freeborn Departed this life after 5 or 6 months sickness which she bore with becoming resignation on the 30th of 11mo 1820 ~~~ being 53 years 1moth & 11 days old
Obadiah Davis Departed this life the 18th of 3mo 1833, and was buried on the 21st in his 67th year. He was a Minister well approved for many years he had been some years Previous Clerk for the yearly meeting for several years
Page 25: Hannah Sherman was born ye 27th of 1mo 1769. --
Who married Jonathan Dennis son of Rob t Dennis all of Portsmouth & had Born unto them. ----
Anna Dennis was born 22nd of 9mo 1792. ----
Abigail Dennis was born ye 18th of 5thmo 1794.
And married Aza Arnold son of Benjn
Samuel Dennis was born 19th of 2ndmo 1796
Married Dianna Gifford dau. of Gideon ?? [very faint pencil]
Ruth Dennis was born ye 16th of 10mo 1797.
Mary Dennis was born 29th of 4mo 1799.

Page 26: James Dennis was born ye 1st of 2ndmo 1801.
Richard Dennis was born 5th of 9mo 1802
Jonathan Dennis was born 21st of 8mo 1805.
And died 15th of 3mo 1806
Jonathan Dennis ye 2nd was born 24th of 5mo 1809
W m Dennis was born ye 10th of 10mo 1811. ----
Job Sherman departed this life 24th of 1 n the 1mo 1848 82 years & 3 days Old
[This is clearly in a different, larger, handwriting]

Page 27: (notice the pin that was used to keep the pages together)

Ruth Davis departed her Life at New Bedford 9mo 11th 1864 in the 87th year of her Age [in margin] 86 yrs 6 mos 21 ds
Ruth Cobb departed her Life at Boston 5mo 22t 1866 in the 72th year of her Age [in margin] 71 yrs 11 mos 15 ds

[This handwriting is the same as for Job’s death on previous page. The next page returns to the handwriting of most of the book.]
Page 28: Anne Sherman was born 19th of 11mo 1770 married Nathan Chase son of Holder Chase 14th of 11mo 1792
Had Born unto them
Hannah Chase was born 22nd of 11mo 1793.*
Almy Chase was born 20th of 7mo 1795. –
Who married Job Weeden son of John
Holder Chase was bo 17th of 3mo 1797. ---
Eliza Chase was born 25th of 2mo 1799. ----
Mary Chase was born 4th of 9mo 1800. ---
* Hannah Chase was married to Daniel Chase Junior fore part of 11mo 1812
Page 29: Aby Chase was born 25th of 5mo 1802 and Died ye 8th of 2mo 1803.
Rowland Chase was born 23rd of 1mo 1804. –
Obadiah Chase was born 2nd of 3mo 1806. -
Died at Fall River Mass 3mo 13th 1865
Ruth Ann Chase was born 21st of 9mo 1810. –
and died 15th of 12mo ---- 1811.
Nathan Chase was born 2nd of 11mo 1812
Ann S Chase was born 29th of 3mo 1815
Nathan Chase Sen Died the 13th of 11mo 1827 about 5 oclock in the morng & was buried on 15th
Page 30: Anne Chace Widow of Nathan Chace died on 24th of 10mo 1852
[in margin] 81yrs 11mos. 5ds old
-------------------------------------[hand writing this page same as for Job’s death]
Abigail Davis Wife Abraham Davis died 3mo 2d 1862 in the 80 year of her age
Almira Sherman daughter of David Sherman died 4mo 28th 1862
David Shove died at Fairhaven Mass on the 12mo 2nd 1863
Joanna Sherman died at Fall River Mass on 26th of 9mo 1863 Daughter of Asa
Elizabeth Sherman Wife of Asa died at Fall River 4mo 22, 1858
Asa Sherman died in Fall River 12mo 29th 1863
[original handwriting] Page 31: David Sherman was born 2nd of 6mo 1772.
& married Wait Sherman Daughter of Saml Sherman 11mo 1820
Ruth Sherman was born 21st 10mo 1773 and die 26th of 7mo 1777. –
Ruth Sherman 2nd was born V 20th of 2ndmo 1778.
& married Obadiah Davis of New Bedford. -----
Asa Sherman was born 22 of 12mo 1779. ---
married Eliza Mitchell Daughter of Richard & Joanne Mitchel [one L] of Middletown and had Born unto them ---
as follows
Page 32: Ruth Sherman bo 21st of 11mo 1806 -
Joanna Sherman bo 30th of 7mo 1808
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~[margin notes are in a very different handwriting]
Sarah Sherman bo 20th of 2mo 1810
[in margin] died 3 mos 1888
Amy Sherman was bo 16th of 9mo 1811
[in margin] Died Jan 21 1880
Richard M Sherman was born 16th of 9mo 1813
[in margin] Died Dec 24th 1901 at Oakland, Cal.
Mary Sherman born 16th of 9mo 1815
[in margin] Died at Swansea March 29th 1900
Asa Sherman was born 23rd of 12mo 1817 ~~
Page 33: Daniel Sherman born 25 of 6mo 1820
Wm Sherman born ye 9th of 4thmo 1823
Anna M. Sherman born 17th of 7mo 1826
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~[rest of page in different inks and handwriting]
Abner Slade died 12 mo 2nd 1879
Sarah Slade died 3 mo 20th 1888
Susan P. Sherman died at Oakland Cal. June 12th 1895.
William Lawton Slade died at Swansea Mass
Page 34: Abigail Sherman was born 2nd of 4mo 1782
and was married to Abraham Davis of Fairhaven on the 9th of 12mo 1829.
Mary Sherman was born 18th of 11mo 1783
And was on
Married to David Shove of Berkley at Friends meeting house at Portsmouth & had Born unto them at Berkley ----
Twins{Asa Shove born 23rd of 6thmo 1815
{Elizabeth C. Shove
Ruth S. Shove was born ye 4th of 9mo 1818
Richard M. Sherman Died at Oakland California Dec. 24th 1901 just after 12 o'clock, Midnight. Aged 88 years 3 mos, & 8 days [different handwriting and ink]
Page 35: Alice Sherman Daughter of Philip & Alice Sherman was born 30th 11mo 1769
Dorcas Sherman Daughter of Philip Departed this life on the 14th of 1mo 1822 at their son Elyah Shermans aged 71 years ~~~~
& was buried in the Common Burying Place on 16th
Thoms Barker of Tivertown departed this life after a few hours illnes 21st of 12mo 1828 at 5 oClock in the morning aged 6
Anna Carpenter Died ye 10th of 9thmo 1834 in the 89th year of her Age greatly lamentd being generally beloved & very highly esteemed by all that knew her & was buryed on the 12th in Friends upper Ground.
Page 36: [edge of paper missing] ths 1818 - 5mo 4th This Day died Mary Wanton
Mahala Anthony Daughter of Isaac Anthony was born 1807 - 8mo 21st
Saml G Reynolds married Eliza Anthony Daughter of Isaac
Abraham Anthony son of Daniel Wife was buried today 1832 1mo 23rd
Walter Sherman's Letters are Mailed Brunswick Ohio County of Madina (?)
Hannah Daughter of Thomas & Ruth Wintrinaham (?) was married to Isaac Haight (?) on the 9th of 7mo 1832
Page 37: A Register of the deaths excepting some that are recorded with the Births ---
Samson Sherman died ye 24th of 1mo 8 oClock in the morning 1801 was entered in Friends burying ground on 27th Ultmo aged 63 years 4 1/2mo at Portsmouth, R.I.
Ruth Sherman Widow of Samson Sherman departed this Life the 10th of 3mo 1818 about 5 oClock in ye morning & was Entered in Friends burying Pladce after a Solid meeting in which Several weighty Testimonies were delivered on the 12th of ye month aged about 77 years old --
Page 38: Record of Deaths
Samson Sherman son of Job Sherman Departed his life of a Consumption & Dropsy the 31st of 8mo 1819 in the 16th year of his age & was Entered in Friends Burying Place in Newport after a solid meeting at the meeting house in which several weighty testimonies were delivered on the 2nd of 9mo 1819
Benjamin Sherman son of Job Sherman departed this life ye 5th of ye 1mo 1821 a little after Break of Day of a Consumption of the Lungs being nearly 23 years old & was intered in friend ground near his Brother after a Solid meeting at the house of ye 8th being perfectly resigned
Page 39: [in a different hand writing from the rest] Rebecca Sherman Daughter of Job & Alice Sherman Departed this life on the 7th PM of the 7mo 1832
She had just gone in to a Bedroom where there was a Fire Place near by the Window & Bed She was found as tho she had set on the Bed & Fell back as any Body Would that meant to recline with her clothes on the arm & Neck much on fire the Lightning passed down the chimney & went thru the Floor where her feet was there being a Wire underneath supporting a stove pipe it is supposed she must be kiled instantaneously she being 35 years 8 mos & 21 Days old The Thunder was very sudden & awfull the room was fame ingured [flame engulfed?] & the adjoining room also Chimney & Roof of the house some an looking glas broken in an adjoining room
Page 40: David Sherman son of Samson Sherman & Ruth his Wife Died at Fall River the 2nd of 9mo 1841 and was the 5th buried there; being 69 years & 3 months old after a solid Meeting at the Meeting house of Friends where several testamonies were borne & mention was made of his having expressd that nothing stood in his way & that he was willing to have all things here below for a more substantial inheritance. many of his connexions being Present to their satisfaction (perhaps what was expressed was not in the exact words but more to the purpose
Page 41: Walter Sherman son of Samson Sherman of Portsmouth departed this life at his son inlaw's & Daughter's at Riga N. York, on the 26th of 3rdmo 1846. He appeard resigned & willing to leave ye world. Was sensible to the last was very pleasant & patient thro his sickness. He was buryed in Friends burying ground near by or about 2 miles distant
he was aged 78 years seven months & twenty two days old
There was two Friends at his funeral the travel being very bad at the time & not many living near. His Daughter said in her letter it was most impossible for any more to get there
Page 42: David Sherman son of David son of Samson Born April 18th 1832
Married 1884 Sarah J. Walker of Burmington N.Y.
Page 43: Albert Sherman son of Job & Alice his Wife was married to Sarah Catherine daughter of Benj & Sarah A. Marble 9mo 2d of 1841
And had the following children
Alice Anthony born 9m.11." 1842 died 7m.10" 1844
--------------- ------------------
Albert Keene Sherman born March 17th 1844 Died December 30" 1915
--------------- ------------------
Alice Sherman daughter of Job & Alice his wife was married to Richard Cornell. 11mo 2. 1841
--------------- ------------------
Sarah A. Sherman wife of Albert died Sept 15. 1889 Born Dec 18. 1817.
Page 44: Rowland Sherman son of Job & Alice his wife was married to Rachel Simmons who died 6mo , 1875 Married second time to Mary A. Wright 10mo 4th 1876. Died 4mo , 18th 1886
Page 45: Edward A. Sherman son of Job Sherman & Alice his wife here Married to Elizabeth M Almy Daughter of Jonathan T Almy on the 20th of 7mo 18th 1837
And had born unto them
Edward S. Sherman was born on the 13th of 9mo 1838
Jonathan Almy Sherman was born ye 12th of 7mo 1840
Ann Almy Sherman was born the 30th of 9mo 1840
Alice Sherman was born 1st mo. 27th 1845
Walter Sherman was born 8th mo. 2d 1847
Elizabeth M. Sherman was born 3d mo. 3d 1852
~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
William Roger Sherman was born 2 mo. 20th 1855
Page 46: Deaths ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Edward S Sherman son of Edwd A. Sherman Died on the 14th of 9mo 1841. And was buryed on the
Jonathan Almy Sherman son of Edward A. Died the 19th of 9mo 1841
Alice Sherman of Edward A. Died 8th Mo. 2d 1847
Edward A. Sherman Son of Job died 12mo 5th 1865 Son of Job and Alice 56 Year of his Age
___________ ___________
David Sherman Son of Job died 11mo 26th 1866
___________ ___________
Elisa Sherman daughter of Job Sherman died 4mo 18th 1872
Page 47: Mary Shove Widow of David and daughter of the late Sampson Sherman Died at New Bedford 8mo 27th 1876 in the ninety third year of her age
Eliza C. Davis Widow of Richard Davis died at Long Plain 11mo 26th 1875 Aged 78 Years and 9mo Daughter of Nathan Chace
Wm Rogers Sherman, Son of Edward A. Sherman, died in Auburn in the State of California 12mo 5th 1880 - Was brought to this city, and was buried in the family burying - ground on the 21st inst.
Page 48: William Sherman died at Oakland Cal. 9mo 12th 1884 Son of Asa and Eliza Sherman of Portsmoth R.I. Aged Sixty one years five months and three days
Albert Sherman son of Job and Alice Sherman Died 6mo 30th 1884…
William Sherman son of Job and Alice Sherman died 2mo 16th 1885. Second day evening at 9.15. Oclk
Sarah C. Sherman wife of Albert died 9mo 15th 1889. (born 12mo 18th 1817)
Page 49: Richard Cornell Son Job & Sarah died 12mo 27th 1891
Rowland Sherman son of Job & Alice died 9mo 8th 1892
Alice Cornell wife of Richard and daughter of Job & Alice Sherman died 2mo 26th 1894
Page 50: Zuriel (?) Hall married Elizabeth Tripp of Portsmouth RI and had (4) four children
Mary who married Robert Fish was the first
Zuriel the second child was born 1677.
Page 58: Sideways on the outside edge this page and all of two others are apparently credit notations from the store. The items were crossed off with a large cross-hatch in the same ink or marked paid at the edge. 1810 6-27 is marked next to one. Items included mostly wool and carding. Names listed include: Thomas Clarke Jnr; George Armstrong; Thomas Robinson; Gordon Dixon; Benjn Hazard; John Dennis; Charles Davenport; Sml Almy; Widow Weeden; Isaac Almy; Henry Gould; Jonathan Dennis; Robert Dunham; Job Sherman; Benjamin Potter; Wm Peckham son of Isch (?); Walter Sherman; Richard Simson; Joseph Clarke; and Jason Sprague. [inside back cover] Benjn Shermans Letters are to be directed Post Office in Penn Clinton County
Wrote B Sherman 1mo 27th 1837

Also in the book are pages containing the following recipes/instructions, with links to the scanned images of the pages:

To Make Catsup and Preserve Tomatos, page one, page two.
Billious Disorders or Dysentary
For Cholic or any pain or coldness in the stomach
For sour stomach
For Bowel Complaints
Cure for the Asthma, page one, page two
A receipt for a Cancer or any Tumor
For a Canser
To prevent the effects of the Bite of a Mad Dogg
The Inflamatory Rheumatism
Cure for Deafness (note the first "s" in deafness looks like an "f" - a typical style of the times)

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