Death of Rebecca Sherman, July 7, 1832

Newport Mercury

Saturday, July 14, 1832, Vol., LXXL, No. 3666, page 3


In this Town, on Saturday last. (killed by lightning) Rebecca Shearman, a member of the Society of Friends, and eldest daughter of Job Sherman, aged 35 year.-The amiable character of the deceased, and the affecting circumstances of her death, render her loss particularly afflicting.-All who knew her, recollect with melancholy pleasure the cheerfulness of her temper, and the mild and blameless tenor of her life.-She has left a large circle of relatives and friends to whom she was affectionately attached, to deplore her untimely fate.

Herald of The Times

Newport, R. I. Thursday Morning, July 12, 1832, Vol. 3. No. 15. Whole No. 110, page 2.

DEATH BY LIGHTNING. A heavy black cloud came up from the northwest on Saturday afternoon last, about 3 o'clock, and for the space of an hour the rain fell very profusely, accompanied by the most terrific lightning and thunder we ever witnessed. W regret to state that Rebecca Sherman, eldest daughter of Job Sherman, was during the storm, killed by lightning. The electric fluid passed down by the side of the chimney and spread in various directions, leaving he marks of its train from the garret to the cellar, doing considerable damage to the hose and furniture. A few moments previous to this melancholy visitation, Miss Sherman had left the company of her sisters and some visiting friends in an adjoining room, for the purpose as they afterwards supposed, of shutting the window in the bed room, and before she had reached the window. (at which undoubtedly, the lightning partly escaped,) being in the direct passage leading to it, the lightning overtook her and she was instantly killed. She was found soon after prostrated on the floor, her clothes in flames, and burnt in a most shocking manner.-So great was the panic from the fire and smoke, that for a few moments it was thought the house was on fire,--this gave rise to an alarm, and the inhabitants were running in every direction at the cry of 'fire'-the rain at the same time pouring down in torrents. The scene was truly appalling. The amiable and worthy woman thus suddenly cut off 'in the midst of life' and usefulness, for several years, since the bereavement of her mother, had discharged with great care and solicitude, the duties belonging to the female head of the family.-Her loss is irreparable, and will be long deeply felt and lamented. Her remains were carried to the Friends' Meeting House on Sunday afternoon, and after preaching by several of the members, were interred in the burial ground adjacent to the meeting house.

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