1893 Atlas of the City of Newport, Rhode Island - 2
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Index Map
Above is the index map for the rest of the maps. The RED letters and outlines are the keys to the plates in the atlas. Also shown are the Wards of Newport. To see an enlargement of the Index of Streets, click here.
The individual plates of the atlas are scanned in the same pattern as the index page for a total of eight scans per plate. The one exception is plate C, which is half the size. Although the scans are all done at the same resolution, the scale of the maps is not consistent from plate to plate, so you will not be able to paste sections together.

These are configured for viewing on your computer. For printing, save and use an imaging program.

Links to Scans of Individual Plates
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Plate A:

Plate B:

Plate C:

Plate D:

Plate E:

Plate F:

Map scans copyrighted by Susan White Pieroth, 2002-9. These maps are made available to the public for non-commercial purposes. If you wish to incorporate this document, or any scanned image, into any published work (including an internet page), you must first obtain permission from Susan White Pieroth.

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