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1893 Atlas of the City of Newport, Title Page

1893 Atlas of the City of Newport, Rhode Island

Index Map
Above is the index map for most of the rest of the maps. The RED letters and outlines are the keys to the plates in the atlas. Also shown are the Wards of Newport. It is sectioned in this view approximately where the enlargements are split. However, the enlarged scans overlap. Click a link below to read the street names.

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Index to Plates by Street Names
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Almy Court R Ann Street J Annadale Road A
Anthony Street I Appleby Street N Arnold Avenue R
Ashurst Court P Ayrault Street M, Q, P Bancroft Avenue B
Barney Street N, M Batchelder Court H Bateman Avenue D, G, F
Bath Road A, K, L Battery Street S Bay View Avenue P
Beach Road L Beacon Street T Beacon Hill Road E
Bedlow Avenue R Bellevue Avenue B,A,H,I,
Bellevue Court I, H
Berkeley Avenue A Berkeley Street G Berkley Street P
Bliss Road Q, R Bliss Mine Road Q Bowery Street I, A
Bradford Avenue Q Bradford Street S Braman Court N
Branch Street N Brenton Avenue F Brenton Road E
Brenton Street D, H, G Brewer Street I, J Bridge Street O, N
Brinley Street M Broadway N,P,Q,R,M Brooks Avenue R
Bull Street M, N Burnside Avenue N Butler Street S
Byrnes Court H Caleb Earle Street P Callender Avenue N, P
Cannon Street J Carey Street H Carroll Avenue D
Casey Court B Castle Hill Avenue F Catherine Street K, L, M
Central Court M Channing Street R Channing Avenue L, Q
Charles Street N Chastellux Avenue G Cherry Street S
Chestnut Street O, S Church Street N, J Clark Street N
Clay Street A Cliff Avenue A Clinton Street P
Coddington Avenue T Coddington Street N Coggeshall Avenue C,B,D,G
Collins Avenue R Collns Street N, P Connection Street G
Corne Street J Cottage Street K Cottage Place K
Covell Street N Cranston Avenue P Cranston Street P
Cross Street N Cypress Street S Dean Avenue I, H
Dearborn Street I DeBlois Avenue L, Q DeBlois Street K
Dennison Street I DeWolf Street R, S Division Street J, N
Dixon Street H, A Dixon Lane H Downing Street K
Dresser Street A Dudley Avenue T, R Duke Street N
East Street I Easton's Beach L E. Friendship Street Q
Edgar Court K Edward Street N Elizabeth Street M
Elm Street O, N Evarts Street S Everett Street Q, P
Extension Street I Fair Street J Farewell Street N, S
Feke Street N Fillmore Street M Fir Street K, M
Fountain Street I Francis Street M, L, Q Frank Street J
Franklin Street J Freebody Street A Hazard Road D
Heath Court P Helena Road E High Street J, N
Hillside Avenue T, R Hoffman Place P Holland Street I
Homer Street S Hope Street Q Houston Avenue G
Howard Avenue Q Howard Street I Hozier Street N
Jeffrey Road D John Street J Johnson Court P
Jones' Avenue I Jones' Court M Kay Street M,P,Q,J
Kilburn Court M King Street I Lakeview Avenue C
Lawrence Avenue A, B Ledge Road C Lee Avenue H
Leroy Avenue A, B Leroy Place A Levin Street J
Lincoln Street P Linden Place P Lucas Avenue G
Madison Court S, N Maher Court B, C Maitland Court S
Malbone Avenue R Mann Avenue M Maple Avenue T
Marchant Street G Marine Avenue B Marlborough N
Marsh Street O Marsh Court N Martin Street J
Mary Street N McAllister Court H Meeting Street N
Merton Road A Miantonomi Avenue T, R Middtown Avenue [sic] A
Mill Street J Moorland Road E, F Mt. Vernon Street M, N
Mt. Vernon Court M, N Narragansett Avenue A,H, G Newport Avenue P, Q
North Baptist Street N North Gibbs' Avenue Q Oak Street P
Oakwood Terrace K Ocean Avenue D,E, F Ochre Point Avenue A, B
Old Beach Road K, M, L Old Fort Road D, G Park Street P
Park Place N Parker Avenue A Pelham Street J
Perry Streeet I Pine Street S Pleasant Street Q
Pond Avenue P Pope Street I Poplar Street O, N
Potter Street G Prescott Hall Street S Prices Neck Avenue F
Prison Street N Prospect Hill Street J Red Cross Avenue K
Redwood Avenue L, Q Redwood Street K Rhode Island Avenue K,L,M P,Q
Ridge Road F Richmond Street G Ruggles Avenue B, D
Rutgers Street S Sanford Street N South Baptist Street I
School Street J, N School Court I Sea View Avenue A
Second Street O, S Sharon Court G Sheffield Avenue R
Shepard Avenue B Sherman Avenue N Sherman Street M, N
Sherman Court I Simmons Street G Southmayd Street S
Spring Street H,I,J,N Spruce Street P, S Spruce Court P
State Street K Stockholm Street G Stone Street N
Summer Street R Sunny Side Place K Sunshine Court S
Sycamore Street S Swans Wharf Court N Tew's Court K
Thames Street G,H,I J,N Third Street O, S Thomas Street J
Thurston Avenue R Tilden Avenue N Tilley Avenue S
Touro Street M, J, N Touro Park J Underwood Court H
Vernon Avenue R Vicksburg Place S Victoria Avenue B
Walnut Street O, N Wanton Street N Ward Avenue A
Warner Street N,P,R S,Q Washington Street O, S Washington Square N
Water-works Street Q Weaver Avenue A Webster Street H, A
West Street I West Broadway N, P West Marlborough N
Wellington Avenue G Wheatland Avenue B, C White Street N
Whitfield Street M, N Whittier Avenue N Whitehall Street R
Wickham Road D Wilbar Avenue G William Street I, N
Willow Street O Willow Court I Young Street I
Yznaga Avenue B, C        
Aquidneck Mill I Bowen's J Brown & Howard I
Briggs' O Bull's N Champlin's N
City O Coddington I Commercial J
Ferry J Hammett's J Kinsley's J
Long O Lopez N Old Colony O
Perry Mill J Sayer's J Scott's J
Sherman's N Sisson's I Spring I
Swinburne's N Wait's I    

Map scans copyrighted by Susan White Pieroth, 2002-19. These maps are made available to the public for non-commercial purposes. If you wish to incorporate this document, or any scanned image, into any published work (including an internet page), you must first obtain permission from Susan White Pieroth.
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