The Hotel Casey 1909-2001, Scranton, PA - 3

A Brochure, probably from the late 1920's.
The cover of the brochures Detail maps. A larger one was inside.
The Tunkhannock Viaduct. There is more information on this bridge here. The Lackawanna Trail
The lobby of the Hotel Casey The main dining room
The cafeteria. This is the same picture as the original shown below. The new garage. This was torn down in 2005 and replaced with a new garage.
On the left is the full page advertisement from Polk's 1921 Scranton City Directory. The picture is the same, but it is now under the management of John J. Schafer. Also mentioned is a new cafeteria. The switchboard numbers were for Bell and New telephone services. Two undated photographs. The one below has "Old Cafeteria" (probably the original mention in the ad at left) written on the back. On the right is a mirror which reflects a fan on the wall, and a window sign advertising Lunch, eggs, chops, and other items not visible. 

These two photos are also not dated or labeled except, hand written on the back, "Return to Hotel Casey, Scranton, Pa." They were retouched for distribution. In the middle is a 1938 room receipt.

Twenty-Fifth Anniversary Charm
At the left is an enlargement of a silver horseshoe which is connected by a short chain to a charm displaying a crest and "Hotel Casey, 1911-1936." The original is three and a half inches long and seven eighths of an inch wide. This was generously provided by Albert Kraemer of the Kraemer Sign Company in Scranton.

This good thing came to an end.
Scranton Times Tribune Editorial, 05/17/2004
"Progress always carries a price, and part of it in downtown Scranton has been the eradication of structures with roots deep in the city's rich history. Foremost among them was the Hotel Casey."

The above picture was taken March 31, 2001 by the writers.

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The Casey Brothers, Builders of The Hotel Casey, Scranton, PA, from Steinke's 1914 Story of Scranton
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