Nicholson / Tunkhannock Viaduct, Nicholson, PA

Construction photographs, articles from the period and postcards.

1916 Panoramic of Nicholson by W. I. Ross, Scranton
Nicholson, Pa. and Viaduct photo taken in 1916. This project was part of the "Clarks Summit-Hallstead Cut-Off" by the D. L. & W. R. R. The purpose of the 39.6 mile project was to shorten the distance between Clarks Summit and Hallstead by 3.6 miles, reduce the grade and straighten the route to save a freight train as much as an hour. Also known as the Tunkhannock Viaduct, the railroad bridge's construction was begun in May of 1912 and it was dedicated on November 6, 1915. (Click images to enlarge)
Construction Photographs

This real photo postcard (with no date) shows construction at a very early stage. The train tracks to be replaced can be seen clearly in the background at the right. Click the image to enlarge, or click here for an even larger version. Above is a view showing the construction a little further along. The enlargement shows the workers on top of the spans.

Those spots in the sky are men. Note the train cars on the left below the arches. These four photos are each about 6 1/2" by 5" and are glued to heavy cardboard - circa 1914.
This view matching the two postcard views at the bottom of the page. There are men along the top. This is from the opposite direction. Those are probably the train cars seen in the other photo.

Above: South end under construction.
Left: This undated photograph looks like a tourist group.
Postcard of Nicholson Bridge under construction
This card labeled, "At the Tunnel, Nicholson, Pa." Undated Construction Photo

Postcards of Nicholson Bridge
This card was not mailed. It shows more homes from a different direction. Mailed in 1916, this card is labeled "The Beautiful Bridge. 240 Feet High. 2375 Feet Long. View shows Scranton- Binghamton Elec. Ry. Old D. L. & W. Ry. the New Viaduct & Macadam Road. Nicholson, Pa."
Under construction showing a train on the original tracks. The Tunkhannock Viaduct in 1923. Click here for a detail.
"Looking North. The Big Bridge from the Old Roadbed." This is a rare view showing the original tracks and signals. The right end was probably chopped off by the postcard publisher - it would have continued at this stage. Lackawanna Trail Approaching Scranton, Pennsylvania. This is a typical view showing the road approximately where the tracks used to be.
A postcard created by someone who had no idea what was supposed to be under the bridge. Even the worst flood never looked like that. Above is a photograph of the viaduct. The sign under the second arch from the right gives information for tourists.

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