Early Scranton Pennsylvania Area Photographs - 2

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The Post Office - later replaced. Sign details: Caryl's Dining Rooms, Laundry, Barber Court House Square fountain. Post office on the right. The wagon says "International Correspondence Schools. International Textbook Co. Proprietors. The sign on the building says "...Scranton Electrotype Co. 314; 316."
Scranton High School, later called Central High and now Lackawanna Junior College. Longfellow School, left with name over door, and Annex on Wyoming Avenue. The Annex (number 1625) was the first location of Penn. State U. Worthington, Scranton. Half a stereo card. On the back, "High School No 1 Scranton Pa" July 30 [18]73.
Lackawanna Avenue, Scranton is written on the back. The sign hanging towards the end of the street advertises Steinway Pianos. Possibly 400 block. Jackson Street, Hyde Park, from Griff Ave. S. Sherman on right. Click here for a detail. Providence Square, Old Home Week, August 1913.
Cummings groceries store, the Knoepfel & Miller Rexall Drug store (hanging sign on the right) and Longo Justice of the Peace, Drinker Street, Dunmore. For a 388kb view click here. Half of a stereo card. On the back "View of Scranton Hyde Park from M. E. church tower." July 30, [18]73. Labeled on the back "Carter Apartments, Scranton". It was on the corner of the 400 block of Madison Avenue and Mulberry Street. In a late 1800's biography of a plumbing company a building by that name is mentioned. On the bottom level is a drug store and Ralph ? Barber Shop. Above on the right is Gossard Corsets. See Detail.
Left: Labeled on the back "Mr. Scranton's Residence, Scranton, Pa."

Right: Scranton, the corner of N. Irving Avenue and Mulberry Street. Apparently before W.W.II. Dave Crosby reported (2011) that the building is still there.
Below: Two photographs by W. B. Bunnell made in the early 1900's of older pictures.
Scranton, Pa 1883. The spire in the back - left of center - is of the Court House before the main building was expanded. One building is labeled T. H. Watts, and another Aunt Sally. Trestle over Lackawanna River and arch under construction. View looking west from Lackawanna Avenue and Cliff Street, September 4, 1866.
Left: The illustration in the program from the "laying of the corner-stone of the court-house" in 1882 - found on archive.org. This has little resemblance to what was erected above left.


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