Early Scranton Pennsylvania Area Photographs - 4

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Early 1900's Scranton Scranton, March 1905 No identification - Scranton?
On back "Arthur Ross (Webster's son)". Photo by John H. Kemp, 103 Wyoming Ave.  Photo in folder labeled "G. J. Hensel, Scranton, Carlisle, Pa." "Mr. Bert. Arnold, Scranton, Pa." This and the previous three are from the same estate sale.
The drum says, "First Rec't P.O.S. of A. Scranton, PA. Camp 430 Field Music." The Patriotic Order Sons of America was founded in 1847 and now has a website with more Regalia and Memorabilia. For a larger (300 kb) image of the people, click here.  
Longfellow School 1929. The school was for students through 8th grade. If anyone recognizes one of these children I would be happy to add the name and the grade of the class. For a larger (276 kb) image, click here.
Caption: 13th PA Infantry Band of Scranton. Attached to 103rd Ammo Train, Camp Hancock, Augusta GA, Dec 29, 1917.
Rudolph Kunz, Jr., assistant band leader, is seated 8th from left. Click to enlarge. For an even larger version, click here.
13th Regiment Army Band detail showing Rudolph Kunz, Jr., in the center. Photo scans provided by his son, Rudy Kunz, 2007.
Electric City Rifle Club. Left (front to back) 1. Capt. John Blatter; 2. Walter E. Davis; 3. Dr. Jacob Helmer; 4. A. B. Hazlett; 5. C. J. Bircher; 6. Chas. M. Zizelman, Treas.; 7. Frank Becker; 8. P. J. Morris; 9. John Anderegg. Right: 1. Andrew Kehrli; 2. Arnold Kehrli; 3. Caspar Anderegg; 4. Arnold Anderegg; 5. Alex. Glarner, Pres.; 6. John von Weissenfluh, Shooting-Master; 7. John C. Zurfluh; 8. Geo. H. McDonnell; 9. A. A. Brown. Committee: Ulrich Zurfluh, V. P.; G. F. Becker; John C. Blatter, Secy. and Shooting-Master; Theo Fahrenholt; W. P. Weichel. There is a 1906 article from the "Shooting & Fishing" magazine on http://schutzen.sdpcrs.com/bobtylershistory.htm about the club.
For a larger image of the men, click here.
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