Gladys Alice Merritt

In 1904 Gladys Alice Merritt (future wife of Edward Clendenning White) began a scrapbook when she started at Wells College, Aurora, New York. She stayed only a year and then went to Ohio University in Athens, Ohio. Her siblings William, Lillabridge and Kathleen also attended OU. Catalogs, which list all students (there were no yearbooks), are available as a free PDF download.

Much of the scrapbook is filled with programs and correspondence from friends. Pictures are not always identified. Of special interest are the wedding announcements for her sister Mary and herself. Note that names are not always spelled correctly. Mary and her husband Harold, a minister, moved to Cuba where Gladys joined them some time in 1907. Thus the mystery of how Gladys and Edward met and married in Cuba is solved.

Above: Mary Schory Merritt and Harold James Wilson's wedding October 6, 1904. The fact that Mary's parents were building a new house explains why Gladys stayed in hotels, or went to Lake Huron, when not in school.

Right: Gladys Merritt and Edward C. White's wedding, June 2, 1908. The honeymoon was not at all typical.

Scans of the complete scrapbook can be viewed here.

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