George Merritt White
November 19, 1921 to September 03, 1946

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Pictures from family albums

Above: Edward C. White family - mid 1920s. George is on the railing next to his twin sister Kathleen. His other siblings: Gladys, Richard, Edward (Jr.), and Robert. His mother: Gladys Merritt White. Taken in California.

Above: George, his father Edward and his brother Edward, Jr. in 1943 on Long Island, New York

Above: Chelsea, MA, where his father was stationed in the 1930's
Taken in California. Dressed as George Washington. 10 years old. Taken in Hawaii. Late 1945, New York, holding one of his nieces.

George enlisted in the Naval Reserve in early 1942, but was allowed to graduate from Harvard. He was then sent to Midshipman's School and became an Ensign on February 17, 1943. Following that he went to bomb disposal school. His primary duty throughout the war was as a Bomb Disposal Officer. He also received training in Amphibious Operations while on the USS Monrovia. During his tour on the USS Louisville he was sent to Damage Control and Gunnery School.

While stationed on the USS Louisville, George received a letter of commendation from the Commander of the Seventh Fleet, "For distinguishing himself by excellent service as Repair Party Officer on board a cruiser during operations against the enemy in the Southwest Pacific Area. When his ship was struck by enemy planes, Lieutenant (jg) White displayed outstanding devotion to duty, initiative, and leadership in combating the resultant fires. His efforts contributed materially to the continual fighting efficiency of his ship. For his conduct throughout he is commended and authorized to wear the Commendation Ribbon."

A summery of his service in the US Naval Reserves, including metals received, can be viewed on these two pages: Page One; Page Two.

USS Monrovia (APA-31 - originally AP-64)
April 1943 to April 1944
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USS Louisville (CA-28)
August 1944 to February 1946
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Scans of his complete Navy records

Although George's separation papers had been signed, he would not be considered terminated from the Naval Reserve until September 11, 1946. He died from polio on September 3rd.
Obituary from the Washington Post, September 05, 1946

Arlington Cemetery Map showing how to get to his plot.
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