Newport and it's Attractions
Embracing also Jamestown

Probably about 1912. Click images to enlarge. Some pages have common illustrations and an enlargement is not provided.
Published by George W. Richardson, New York
Inside cover: Aaron Bon Ton Millinery; Ac. C. Titus, Furniture, Carpets; Willmarth & Co Awnings Page 2: Herrmann Jewelry and Silver; Newport Trust - officers: Angus McLeod, Thomas P. Peckham, Edward A. Sherman, R. Livingston Beeckman, Edward I. Berwind, Charles A. Brackett, Clark Eurdick, Henry F. Eldridge, Otis Everett, Frederick P. Garrettson, Elbridge T. Gerry, Peter King, Thomas A. Lawton, J. Pierpont Morgan, Andrew K. Quinn, Charles L. F. Robinson, James Stillman, Jeremiah K. Sullivan, Henry A. C. Taylor, George Peabody Wetmore; George E. Vernon, Furniture; Mary Elizabeth Candy.
Page 3: "A Day at Newport Beach." No larger image. Page 4: Aquidneck National Bank; Peter King; Samuel McAdam; Thomas B. Congdon; Angus McLeod; Lews L. Simmons, Jr.; Charles A. Brackett; Buy Norman; Christopher F. Barker; Thomas B. Congdon; William H. Hammett; Isaac L. Sherman. Nason Cottage. Bellevue Steam Laundry, Samuel Smyth. W. T. Rutherford tobacco.
Page 5: "Land's End," Residence of Theo. M. Davis; "Beacon Rock," Residence of E. D. Morgan. No larger image. Page 6: Enterprise Clothing, J. A. Jacobs. Carr's Book Store. Charles S. Plummer, music and stationery. Simon Koschny, confectioner.
Page 7: U. S. Government Landing; The Golf Club House. No larger image. Page 8: Newport Engineering Works and Newport Taxicab. Arthur J. Johnson automobile supplies. Newport Bakery. Joseph Graham decorator. J. M. K. Southwick Estate Co. ship chandler and hardware.
Page 9: Residence of Mrs. Lorillard Spencer; Bailey's Beach. No larger image. Page 10: W. F. Spingler decorator and furniture. Frank W. Merrill saddlery. Mrs. W. R. Ross hats. C. H. Wrightington real estate. Charles M. Cole druggist. John M. Wiseman art store.
Page 11: "Althrop," Residence of J. Thompson Spencer; "The Breakwater," Residence of Ex-Governor Lippitt. No larger image. Page 12: Picure - U. S. Torpedo Station, showing U. S. S. "Montgomery."  Pinto Bros. tailors. Allen Restaurant, D. B. Allen. Simeon Hazard real estate. F. W. Putnam eye glasses. Arthur Girard druggist. John F. Kane builder.
Page 13: "Ochre Court," Residence of Mrs. Ogden Goelet; "Greystone," Residence of Mrs. John J. Wysong. No larger image. Page 14: Pictures: The Old Mill; Touro Park. Old Mill Restaurant & Delicatessen, F. N. Perkinsd. Carroll L. Walker telephone, livery. J. B. F. Smith painter. Newport Fisheries, Ice and Cold Storage. Newport One-Price Clothing. Franklin Bakery, Mr. Spooner. M. E. Tobin millinery. Henry H. Lawton harness, George Lawton.
Page 15: "The Rocks," Residence of Henry Clews; "The Crossways," Residence of Mrs. Stuyvesant Fish. No larger image. Page 16: Pictures: Gates of "The Breaker" and "Ochre Court." Wm. K. Covell hardware. James T. Kaull real estate. J. H. Brierly grocery. Davis Bakery, A. W. Arthur. Michael F. Kelly plumber. W. J. Carr optician and watchmaker. Franklin Photo Supply. Duncal McLean contractor.
Page 17: Picture: The "Aloha" Coaling at Wharf of Newport Coal Co. Newport Coal Co, G. B. Reynolds, Joseph Bradford. Silvester Ferraris delicatessen. C. S. Ford & Son sea food. H. A. Kalkman druggist. Peter Faerber & Sons bottler. M. F. Shea blacksmith. Page 18: Pinniger & Manchester coal and wood. S. W. Coggeshall hardware. Wm. B. Child photographer. Patrick H. O'Neill undertaker. Oscar Scchultz landscaping.
Page 19: Rocks and Surf Studies, No. 1 and No. 2. No larger image. Page 20: Bijou Theatre. Adolph Kosch bookbinder. M. A. McCormick contractor. J. Schleith hairdresser. K. J. Collins furniture.


Scans by Susan White Pieroth, Copyrighted May 2011

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