Newport and it's Attractions
Embracing also Jamestown

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Page 21: "Grey Crag," Residence of J. Mitchell Clark, Built by M. A. McCormick; Residence of August Belmont, remodeled by M. A. McCormick. No larger image Page 22: Downing's shoes and milliner. A. & H. G. Hammett lumber and hardware. J. S. Jones tailor. Andrews Express moving and storage. Henry J. Hass florist. J. F. Marden stoves, roofing, J. E. Kavanagh; T. A. Hackett; W. K. Covell.
Page 23: Picture: Soldiers' Monument on Broadway. L. N. Vaughan optician. Gardner S. Perry coal and wood. Fred Lundholm tailor. Mrs. A. E. Westall confectionery. I. X. L. Company furnishings, M. B. Atwater; M. J. Barrett. William T. Libby baker. Page 24: Howard & Co. jewelry. William  W. Ernst photographer. National Exchange Bank, Edward A. Brown; David Braman; George H. Proud. A. L. Audrain.
Page 25: Bellevue Avenue Opposite Audrain's Block; Kay Street. No larger image. Page 26: Photo: The Navy Branch of the Y.M.C.A. Geo. A. Weaver hardware. Barker Brothers plumbers. Wm. B. Scott hardware. Newport Foundry and Machine Corp. A. Stewart & Son livery. Boston Grocery, O. F. Wilcox. John M. Callahan pharmacist.
Page 27: Pictures: Bath Road; At Newport Beach; The Cliff Walk; Yacht Club Wharf. Stark Bros. garage and taxi. Ernst Voigt bottler. Robert A. Smith contractor. Cassim's La Cafe Young Martin. Page 28: A. C. Landers & Son toys. M. McColl electrical contractor. Jennings clothing. R. C. Cottrell undertaker. Newton & Smith footwear. Old City Hall Novelty Shop, Daniel E. Sullivan.
Page 29: Clifton House; C. O. Berghman. Benj. F. Tanner builder. Kazanjian Co.; A. H. Bozyan, Bedros Kazanjian, rugs, etc. F. Cohen, tailor. Wm. Stanhope, garage. C. J. Esleeck, tires. Tollefson & Dewick, fish. Page 30: Pictures: Thames Street Opposite Boston Store; Thames Street from Pelham Street. King McLeod Co. The Boston Store. Abram Almy Co. coal and wood. G. C. McLeish, jeweler.
Page 31: Pictures: Thames Street Opposite Library; Thames Street Opposite Colonial Theatre. E. Boudreau & Son, tailors. Louis E. Tilley, cigars and periodicals. P. F. Fagan & Kelly contractors. Page 32: Charles Tisdall Co. meat and groceries. Aquidneck Machine Works & Garage. Thomas R. Curtis livery stable. Lalli Brothers tailors. Sullivan Brothers plumbers. D. J. Sullivan coal and wood.
Page 33: Corson Cottages. Henry Biesel & Son leather goods. James M. Meikle mason. New York Ladies' Artistic Tailor B. Leffler. Newport Transportation Co. Michael J. Buckley. Page 34: The Colonial Theatre. Lehnert & Alexander hairdressers. Mendelsohn's Art Gallery. Thomas C. Riley bicycles and motorcycles. Cleveland House, E. V. Moriarty
Page 35: Peckham Company yacht automobile and building supplies. Savings Bank of Newport Wm. H. Hammett, Wm. Paine Sheffield, Wm. P. Carr. James Openshaw plumbers. John M. Friend mason. Udall & Ballou jewelers. C. A. Easterbrooks fish. Bonnetat French Laundry. Page 36: Landers & Peckham butter, eggs, teas & coffees. Lofblad's Restaurant. Frank L. Collins market. George S. Slocum Estate, W. J. McCarthy machinist. Maurice Butler plumber. Neil McLennan tailor. Baker Electric cars, K. Bostel. Rugen Studio photographer.
Page 37: William Jurgens florist. John F. Sullivan contractor (pictured: 10-horse truck). Revere Market, G. T. Mathewson, C. B. Angel. A. O'D. Taylor real estate. Desfossez House A. Bindon. Page 38: Pictures: View Near Ferr Wharf, Jamestown; Old Mill, Summer at the Sanitarium. Jamestown Tea Rooms, L. B. Hammett. J. E. Watson  grocer. The Gardner House, Mr. Littlefield. Dr. Bates Sanitarium.
Page 39: Bay Voyage Hotel, Mr. Carry. Bay View Hotel, Earnest L. Caswell. E. Minoux baker. Tollefson & Dewick fish, George A. Barker. J. Howard Ellis, telephone, meats & groceries. Samuel Smith & Son florist. Jamestown Garage, Ferdinand Armbrust. F. Armburst, plumber. Page 40: Pictures: St. Mathew's Episcopal Church; View in Hotel Section, Jamestown; Residence of S. W. Woodward, Jamestown; Water Front, Jamestown. Mesdames Coates & Jones dressmakers. C. E. Weeden real estate, A. W. Luther. Jamestown Pharmacy, H. P. Falcon.
Page 41: The Bingham hotel. Robert Haire plumber. James T. O'Connel ships candlery. B. F. Burton's Transfer Express. Picture of Long Wharf looking towards Newport.

Scans by Susan White Pieroth, Copyrighted May 2011

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