Descendants of Benjamin Marble

  Generation One

1. Benjamin1Marble was born on 8 Mar (Marble bible, "Benjamin Marble Junior bourne March 8 year"). He married Sarah A. Holt on 7 Jul 1817? (Possibly 1817. Marble Bible entry has the last two digits of the date 18?? written over). On page 169 of the 1863 Newport directory, Sarah is listed as living at 14 Young.

Listed in Marble bible under deaths with the '6' written over another number. Other entries for Benjamin included "Junior" - this may be the father on 1 Mar 1836. Annie Marble and Sophia Marble are listed in the accompanying documentation of a tintype that was taken circa 1870. Albert K. Sherman and Mary E. Barker are also pictured and appear to be about the same age. Possibly children of Christoper or Robert Marble.

Annie Marble listed next to December 23rd in Willie A. Sherman's Birthday Book circa 1870.

Children of Benjamin1 Marble and Sarah A. Holt were as follows:

  1. i. Sarah Catherine2Marble, born 19 Dec 1817; married Albert Sherman.
  2. ii. Maria H. Marble; born Jun (Remainder of page in bible missing).
  3. iii. Christoper H. Marble; born 15 Feb 1819.
  4. iv. Elizabeth W. Marble; died Jan 1875 (Bible listing for Betsy W. Marble); born 13 Jan 1820 (Above the line in the bible is written "the 10th" and the year has 23 next to the slightly blurred original).
  5. v. Robert Marble; born 19 Mar 1825.
  6. vi. Ann Jannette Marble; born 15 Aug 1829; died 28 Dec 1833 at age 4.
  7. vii. Sylvia D. Marble; born 20 Mar 1833.  Next to March 20 is written S. D. Marble in birthday book on 25 Dec 1880.
  8. viii. Abby A. Marble; born 28 Dec 1836 (Year was re-written and corrected several times).

Generation Two

2. Sarah Catherine2Marble (Benjamin1) was born on 19 Dec 1817 (Possibly 1816 in Marble bible. The year was written over). She married Albert Sherman, son of Job Sherman and Alice Anthony, on 2 Sep 1841 Newport, Newport, RI. She died on 15 Sep 1889 Newport, Newport, RI, at age 71.

Children of Sarah Catherine2 Marble and Albert Sherman all born Newport, Newport, RI, were as follows:

Generation Three

10. Albert Keene3Sherman (Sarah2Marble, Benjamin1) was born on 17 Mar 1844 Newport, Newport, RI. He married Mary Eliza Barker, daughter of Robinson Potter Barker and Julia Ann Peckham, on 3 Sep 1874 Middletown, Newport, RI. He died on 30 Dec 1915 Newport, Newport, RI, at age 71.

Obituary quoted in Descendants of Philip Sherman: 'For more than fifty years he was proprietor of the William Sherman & Co. dry goods concern founded in Newport in 1776 by his ancestors. He was one of the best known Newport citizens; director of the Newport National Bank; trustee of the Newport Savings Bank; member of the Newport Historical Society; Newport Natural History Society; Redwood Library; Y.M.C.A. (of which he was an officer for may years); the Second Baptist Church and the Henderson House Commission.' The store was sold to William Leys Dry Goods Co. From the History of Rhode Island, 1920: In 1861, finding business fields more agreeable to his tastes than professional life, he secured his first employment in the grocery store of Captain Oliver Potter, with whom he remained as a clerk for about a year. On May 6, 1862, Mr. Sherman entered the employ of his uncles, William and David Sherman, proprietors of the dry goods establishment of William Sherman & Company, which was founded by his grandfather [Job] in 1796. In 1866, on the death of David Sherman, he was admitted into partnership in the firm. In 1873 Thomas G. Brown was admitted, and in 1885 the business was again disrupted by the death of the senior partner, William Sherman, son of Job Sherman, the founder. Albert Keene Sherman and Mr. Brown succeeded to the management of the business, which under their guidance was developed into one of the largest and most successful of the its kind in the State of Rhode Island. The firm dealt extensively in a high grade line of foreign and domestic dry goods.

Children of Albert Keene3 Sherman and Mary Eliza Barker both born Newport, Newport, RI, were as follows:

  1. i. William Anthony4Sherman, born 12 May 1877; married Kathrine May Kennedy.
  2. ii. Edward Albert4 Sherman, born 16 Jul 1879; married Hazel Erma Poole; married Hazel Erma Poole.
  3. i. Kate Robinson4 Sherman; born 16 Aug 1875; died 7 Apr 1879 Newport, Newport, RI, at age 3. Her clothes were kept in a trunk after she died. As was the custom of the time, they were miniature versions of adult clothes.

Generation Four

11. William Anthony4 Sherman (Albert3, Sarah2 Marble, Benjamin1) was born on 12 May 1877 Newport, Newport, RI. He married Kathrine May Kennedy, daughter of William DeWitt Kennedy and Amelia Maria Carter, on 25 Jun 1902 Scranton, PA. He died on 17 Jun 1927 Newport, Newport, RI, at age 50.

As a medical doctor, he opened an office in Newport, and for seventeen years has practiced his profession in the city of his birth. He has achieved professional success and won public confidence through a close attention to his professional duty and a sincere desire to bring relief and health to those he serves. He is a member of the surgical staff of Newport Hospital, member of the County and State Medical societies, and is held in high esteem among his professional brethren. (From History of Rhode Island, 1920) He prepared in schools of Newport, R.I., then entered Harvard University, where he was graduated A.B., class 1899. Deciding upon a professional career, although heredity should have led him into the business work, he prepared in Harvard Medical School, receiving his degree M. D., with the graduating class of 1902. He at once opened an office in Newport.

12. Edward Albert4 Sherman (Albert3, Sarah2 Marble, Benjamin1) was born on 16 Jul 1879 Newport, Newport, RI. He married Hazel Erma Poole, daughter of George William Poole and Addie Emma Hanson, on 22 Oct 1913 Boston, MA. He married Hazel Erma Poole, daughter of George William Poole and Addie Emma Hanson, on 22 Oct 1913 Boston, MA. He died on 13 Jun 1934 Newport, Newport, RI, at age 54.

In 1918 he became owner and publisher of 'Newport Daily News' newspaper. He was a Colonel on the personal staff of Gov. Aram J. Pottier. A.B. Harvard 1901; A.M. Harvard 1902. He was Treasurer (1915) and President of the Newport Trust Co., chairman of the Newport Board of Managers of Industrial Trust Company, a trustee of The Savings Bank of Newport, treasurer and a director of Redwood Library & Athenaeum, a trustee of the Newport Hospital, a member of the Representative Council and of the School Committee of Newport.


The Holy Bible: Containing the Old and New Testament, belonging to Benjamin Marble (Published: No. 121, Chesnut Street, Philadelphia, PA: M. Carey, 1815).

Above, a note found in the bible and the name, Benjamin Marble, written inside the cover. Half the marriage page is missing.
One: Inside cover Two: Title page Three: Marriages Four: Marriages Five: Births Six: Deaths

Kate Greenaway's Birthday Book presented to "Williie A. Sherman Christmas 1880 By Papa", no date.

The History of the State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations: Biographical, by the American Historical Society, Inc., 1920.  For some unknown reason there are two copies of the book with the same title page, but with different contents.

Some of the Descendants of Philip Sherman:  The First Secretary of Rhode Island, 1968.  This 662 page book has copies of all the will and other documents that he was able to find.  The male lines are predominate with a good index.  Much of the work was actually done by Frank Dempster Sherman.

Gravestones at Island Cemetery, Newport

Notebooks of Job Sherman (father of Albert)

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