Daughters of the American Revolution

Amelia Carter Kennedy was accepted into the Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR Member 53970) on December 5, 1905 as a descendant of Quartermaster Joseph Carter. She then submitted supplemental applications for James Spaulding, Joseph Ingalls (drummer), and Captain William Hibbard. Below is a scan of the main portion of her certificate (all that would fit on the scanner). I have her pins for both the Wyoming Valley (PA) and Scranton chapters. I am not a member of the DAR.
DAR certificate for Amelia Carter Kennedy
Applications for Joseph Carter, Joseph Ingalls and James Spaulding (click to enlarge)
Joseph Carter
James Spaulding
Joseph Ingalls

The only copy I have of the Joseph Carter application (Amelia Carter, daughter of Pulaski Carter, son of Phinehas Carter, son of Joseph Carter - see page 1) has the names Miss Jennie Reynolds and Mrs. Jas P. Dickson under the section "Nominated and recommended by the undersigned, a member of the society" on page 2. There are corrections and notations by someone other than Amelia. The most interesting part of this document is on page 3 under "Ancestor's Service". Amelia states, "My father's sister's daughter Mrs. Anna Cynthia S. Johnson (no 8343) widow of Pardon B. Johnson was a D.A.R. and at one time Regent of the Brooklyn Conn. Chapter. You will find her record in the Lineage Book of the D.A.R. Vol IX p 131. Mrs. Johnson now deceased was my double cousin, being a cousin on both my father and mother's side, so both her Revolutionary Ancestors are also mine, Joseph Carter and James Spaulding."

James Spaulding (also spelled Spalding in earlier records) was apparently the first supplemental application. This line is through her mother Olive Ingalls Carter to her mother Amelia Spaulding Ingalls and daughter of James Spaulding. The four scans (page 1, page 2, page 3, page 4) are from different drafts. I picked the pages that contained the most complete information.

The third is for Joseph Ingalls (Amelia's mother Olive Ingalls Carter, daughter of Marvin Ingalls, son of Peter Ingalls, son of Joseph Ingalls of Andover, Massachusetts and later Pomfret Connecticut. This is the only application that has a stamp of approval, dated February 23, 1912. This is a complete and notarized copy - page 1, page 2, page 3, and page 4 - from 1912.

I have no copy of an application for Captain William Hibbard - only the pin inscribed with his name.

Amelia's daughter is listed in the Lineage book: Volume 63:

Daughters of the American Revolution - 1923
MRS. KATHRINE KENNEDY SHERMAN. 62678 Born in Scranton, Pa. Wife of William Anthony Sherman, MD

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