The City of Scranton and Vicinity and Their
Resources - Page 7

Published by the Scranton Tribune, c1894

Scans and information provided by Rudy Kunz - April 2007
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Scranton area prominent men, from The City of Scranton and Their Resources c.1894. Click images to enlarge.





Schadt, Charles H

Born Scranton PA 1867. Gen.Manager Consumers Ice & Coal Co. Insurance. Sand business. Pres.Phoenix Hose Co. Politician


Schlager, George W

Born Scranton PA 1866. Bicycle store 107 Washington Ave., & 431 Lacka.Ave. Wife Hannah Wright dau of Rev Moses Wright


Schroeder, Conrad

Born Rheinnessen, Germany 1846. Erected many Scranton buildings. Wife Caroline Siedler of Hawley PA


Shafer, H.C.

Born in Sussex Co., NJ 1853. Cashier of the Scranton Savings Bank. Wife Mary Blair, dau of Mrs H.M.Blair


Simpson, John

Born Bauffshire, Scotland 1868. Merchant tailor 107 Wyoming Ave.


Smith, Addison Whittaker

Born Savanna NY 1867. Physician & surgeon, Superintendent of Moses Taylor Hospital.


Smith, John B

Born Sullivan Co NY 1815. Pres Erie & Wyoming Valley RR. Gen. Superintendent Penna Coal Co at Dunmore.


Smith, William T

Born Middlebury, Vermont. Superintendent of Mt Pleasant Coal Co. President of Lacka. Trust & Safe Deposit Co.


Snyder, S C

Dr. Snyder, Scranton dentist at 321 Spruce St.


Spencer, Ambrose L

Born Dunmore PA 1850. Proprietor of the Green Ridge Iron Works. Wife Hannah Josephine Russell.


Stratton, Randolph M

Born Southold, Long Island NY 1851. Scranton dentist.


Struppler, P F

Born Dimock PA 1861. Hyde Park (Scranton) dentist at 142 S Main Ave. Wife Clara Cartwright of Germantown PA.


Sullivan, J J Sr

Scranton Doctor. Scranton Health Officer. Wife Mary E Burke of Providence


Taft, W A

Born Norfolk NY 1872. DDS. Scranton dentist with Dr. J.L.Fordham at 104 N. Washington Ave.


Taylor, Jasper C

Born Scott Twp 1857. Lackawanna County Superintendent of Schools. Wife Ruth Cobb of Susquehanna Co.


Taylor, R Franklin

Born Toronto, Canada 1865. DDS. Scranton dentist.


Thompson, Nathan

Born Iroquois, Dundas Co., Canada 1848. Business in hides & tallow. Wife Jennie Frances of Scranton.


Throop, Benjamin H, MD

Born Oxford NY 1811. Medical doctor


Torrey, James H

Born Delhi NY 1851. Lawyer. City Solicitor for Scranton.


Tripp, Ira

Born Providence Twp PA 1814. Died 1891. Bank director. Lt-Col in Civil War. Wife Roseanna Shoemaker.

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