East Greenwich Academy, Rhode Island, 1893

Above is a portion of the 1870 Beers Plate 19 of East Greenwich showing the Providence Conference Seminary. Click to see the whole plate.

A.K.A. Kent Academy, Providence Conference Seminary, East Greenwich Seminary (click here for the illustration part of 1867 letter), and Greenwich Academy. In Amelia Carter Kennedy's biographical sketch she mentions that she graduated from the East Greenwich Seminary in 1865. That reference, the piece of letter, and the rare mention of someone else graduating from the school, are the only places I have found Seminary.

The East Greenwich Academy catalog in the early 1940's said, "In 1802 Samuel Clark gave land to found a private school. This was the beginning of East Greenwich Academy, then known as Kent Academy. In 1841 it was purchased by the New England Conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church. Under this administration the name was changed to East Greenwich Seminary and later to East Greenwich Academy. In 1841 the school was incorporated 'not for profit but for service.' Throughout the years of this service East Greenwich Academy has never lost a day."

"Catalogue of the East Greenwich Academy, Founded 1802, East Greenwich, R. I.
For Five Terms Ending June 22, 1893."

Scan numbers do not correspond with page numbers. Male students are listed first for each group.
Academy Building, 1858 Principal's Residence Principal's Reception Rooms
Far Left: Commercial Room

Left: Art Studio
Far Left: Gymnasium (no sweat seen here)

Left: Laboratory
Inside Cover: Words from Patrons, etc.
Page 2:
Henry D. Robinson
R. S. Douglass
Robert F. Raymond
F. D. Blakeslee
D. A. Whedon
S. O. Benton
Walter Ela
Eben Tirrell
W. J. Smith
J. H. Nutting
Enos Lapham
R. S. Douglass
H. D. Robinson
Job Gardner
Frank H. Maynard
Robert F. Raymond
Alonzo Williams
W. J. Smith
Walter B. Frost
S. F. Upham
A. Judson Ward
Robert Henry
M. J. Talbot
W. P. Buck
R. D. Dyson
J. S. Wadsworth
N. C. Alger
H. C. Scripps
W. I. Ward
F. P. Parkin
C. W. Holden
J. F. Cooper
J. E. Hawkins
J. D. King
A. J. Coultas
E. C. Bass
W. J. Yates
J. M. Taber
J. H. McDonald
M. S. Kaufman
Isaac B. Tompkins, Jr.
E. L. Thorpe
William N. Taft
Page 3: Faculty 1892-93
Francis D. Blakeslee
William W. Alexander
Theron C. Strickland
George D. Bussey
J. Pierson Case
Laura A. Smith
Augusta M. Blakeslee
Eva Coscarden
Isadora B. Bussey
Clara F. Williams
Jessie M. Young
Alice D. Engley
Emma L. Olmstead
Minnia B. Fuller
Walter J. Starr
Josephine E. Starr
Page 4: Faculty 1893-94
Francis D. Blakeslee
Theron C. Strickland
George D. Bussey
Henry C. Pearson
Lyman L. Crosthwait
Clara L. Jones
Augusta M. Blakeslee
Isadora B. Bussey
Clara F. Williams
Jessie M. Young
Emma L. Olmstead
A. Jennie Cox
Mary A. Strickland
Florence O. Miller
Walter J. Starr
Josephene E. Starr
Page 5: Graduates [probably not complete - spouse in brackets] of the Class of 1852;
Mary S. Hamilton [T. W. Lewis]
Sarah Henry
Susan F. Hale [J. F. Tarrant]

Mary E. V. Browne [James A. DeLaney]
Harriet N. Havens
Jane Kilton
Mariette M. Loomis
Mary A. Smith [Isaac R. Wilson]

Emily C. Goodwin [John P. Stanley]

Sarah L. Cole [Edwin Stillman]
Annie M. Shumway [Joseph Dews]

Julia A. Bailey [W. Marlatt]
Mary E. Edmond [T. H. Hazeltine]
Mary Howard
Lizzie G. Nickerson [John S. Kersey]
Abbie E. Remington [John Lansing]
Julia A. Townsend

Annie E. Donkersley [O. F. Mattison]
Mary E. Gardiner [Robert B. Gray]

Mary C. Blood [Huber Clark]
Mary E. Carroll [W. Miner Taylor]
Sarah H. Palmer [A. L. Dearing]
Ruth M. Spencer [S. Burlingame]

Nettie F. Bradford [Charles A. House]
Adeline K. Furlingame [W. P. Taylor]
Harriet Pease [Joseph Franklin]
Emily A. Sharpe [B. Frank Bagley]
Mary E. Sisson [Charles Furneaux]
Lizzie S. Whiteus [Robert Newcomb]
L. Franklin Snow
Page 6: Graduates [probably not complete - spouse in brackets] of the Class of 1862;
Ella M. Darling [Eben C. Millikin]
Kath'rine T. Mufford
Ada D. Palmer [Thos. C. Allen]
Sarah E. Phelps [A. Williams]
Clara A. Sharpe [Job Edwards]

Annie D. Coggeshall [Fred R. Brownell

Lucy M. Brown
Helen D. Joslin [J. O. Tansley]
A. Josephine Place [Edward Fry]
Mary M. Sherman [John A. Mead]

Cynthia P. Bolton [D. B. Hazen]
Adelia L. Campbell [M. A. Hulburd]
Amelia M. Carter [W. D. Kennedy]
S. Fannie Eddy
Salome Merritt

Lucinda A. Bent
Annie F. Holden
Elizabeth E. Kenney
G. Emma Richards

Bettie B. Adams [Charles P.Swayzee]
Emma F. Damoln [Cephas Drew]
M. Kate Watson [Benj. S. Anthony

John E. DeBlois
Nathan M. Lewis
Nellie A. Blood [Walter G. Morrison]
Lizzie B. Cannon [R. W. Archbald]

Watson T. Sooy
Alice L. Church [Norman H. Spencer]
Flora J. Lincoln [Frank V. Lyon]
Mercy Reynolds [Lucian Bass]

Benjamin W. Brierly
Wend. E. Crocker
Isaac N. Mills
H. Eugene Parsons
Emory H. Talbot
Irving W. Tucker
New. L. Wilbur
Sophronia D. Gerst [G. B. F. Hinckley]
Pages 7 to 10 are missing.
Page 11: Graduates of the Class of 1892;
Albert F. Blakeslee
Fred L. Parker
Anna M. Boyce
M. Bertha Congdon
A. Blanche Fuller
Ethel Palmitter
Laura S. Robinson
Mary L. Tanner
Edith Whedon

Audubon Arms
Harry A. Buzzell
Hyman Cohen
Marsden R. Foster
D. Myron Greene
Will F. Geisler
Benj. T. Livingston
Aug. H. Mandell, Jr.
William Marvin
Herbert E. Murkett
William J. APeckham
Frank A. Quimby
Harry L. Shippee
Grace E. Allen
Sarah G. Baxter
Bessie L. Churbuck
Maude Collins
Ida E. Hawkins
Mabel P. Heal
Lillian A. Mack
Sadie E. McCready
Florence O. Miller
Nellie M. Potter
Margaret A. Reed
M. Adelle Satterlee
Page 12: Post Graduates:
Clifford C. Bradford
Nettie M. Carpenter
Blanche A. Fuller
Ethel Palmiter
Elmer J. Rathbun
Laura S. Robinson
Mary L. Tanner
Sadie M. Wightman
Agness L. Wyllie

Frank L. Aurelio
Samuel M. Beale, Jr.
Fred I. Brown
Charles H. Everett
Alliston B. Gifford
Oliver C. Grinnell, Jr.
Ephraim L. L. Hart
L. Merle Haughawout
Ernest W. Hill
Albert E. Legg
Charles H. Payson
J. Lawrence Raymond
Harry S. Robinson
Frank A. Wesley
Page 13: Seniors
Grace D. Albro
G. Allegra Aiken
Grace S. Alvord
Fannie E. Baier
Clara E. Bowes
Florence E. Burdick
Evea E. Carpenter
Daisy Davis
Katie L. Dunham
Fannie S. Fiske
Carolyn E. Jones
Geneva L. Joslin
M. Martha Last
Edith L. Murkett
J. E. Estelle Page
Annie F. Smith
Eulalia J. Towne

Howard Allen
Joseph C. Bearse
S. Irving Benton
Howard F. Browning
Walter G. Browning
William A. Browning
William H. Cadman
Raymond S. Case
Hary C. Cheney
Louis F. De Moranville
Charles C. Embury
Clarence F. Hale
Andrew C. Littlefield
Chauncey A. Lockwood
Harry S. Marvin
Page 14: Students
Wilfred E. Maryott
Harold B. Mayhew
Walter R. Pierce
Carl S. Reynolds
Charles H. Rich
Riginald K. Rose
William A. Stocking, Jr.
Olin S. Talcott
Frank T. Taylor
E. Wright Webb
Lewis C. Weeks

Louisa B. Andrews
Lily Arms
Belle Ray Arnold
Helen L. Babcock
Nellie Belle Bartlett
Jennie E. Barton
Edith L. Bowes
Sadie C. Brown
Rovena Fosnaugh
Flora E. Hawley
Hannah E. Hull
Evelyn M. Jordan
Katie Lindsay
Jennie M. Livingston
Alice B. Matteson
Clara L. Pelkey
Sarah P. Ryder
Mary B. Sherman
Grace E. Shippee
Alice J. Starr
Abbie P. Taber
Annie S. Thomas
Jennie Ethel Tyler
Edith M. Vaughn
Page 15: Students
Junior Middlers:
Thomas Allen
Nicholas Ball 2d
Frank E. Briggs
Herman R. Crocker
Edmund D. Cullen
Ray Elmer Ellsworth
Francis F. Fitch
J. Ard Haughawout
Myron J. McKowan
Albert H. Moone
Charles A. Parker
Herbert P. Snow
James S. Vose

Lucy A. Allen
Louise H. Fiske

Howard V. Allen
D. Perry Bacheller
James A. Blakslee
Charles E. Brown
Elwyn W. Capen
Jay D. Crary
George T. Dennett
George D. French
Amos K. Haswell
J. Clarke Hutchinson, Jr.
Goerge S. James
Edward Kay
Page 16: Students
Thomas A. Kelly
Olof P. Kihlman
Scott McLeod
Harry S. McCready
Cyrus E. Mesler
William Henry Middleton
Jake E. Miller
Charles H. Peckham
William Simons
Marvin S. Stocking
Griffith Stonme
William Stone
Charles H. Stubbs
William H. Thayer
R. Burke Thompson
Charles E. Thornton
Waldo Tillinghast
Jay Van Everan
Frank M. Weeden
Daniel D. Whedon
James A. Young

Addie A. Ackley
Edith S. Ainsworth
Natalie Arms
Theodora L. Blakeslee
Annie Bradley
Adaline G. Buckland
Emma F. Butler
Jennie K. Cross
Louise M. Crowell
Altalula Dawley
Susie Edwards
Hattie M. Essex
Maria C. Fisher
Elizabeth E. Ginnever
Page 17: Students
Sadie R. Goodfield
Alice R. Harris
Alice L. Jordan
Ethel B. Leonard
Louise S. Mason
Sarah E. Nutting
Maria S. Reynolds
Rebecca D. Reynolds
Carrie A. Ryder
Lydia A. Shippee
E. Adella Smith
Ethel M. Stafford
Flora A. Thornley
Grace E. Wilson
Pearl J. Wilson
Helen S. Woodward

Goerge M. Alexander
Samuel W. K. Allen, Jr.
Fitz J. Barry
Benjamin Barton
Joseph W. Bennett
William E. Bergh
Charles R. Blackmar, Jr.
William L. Brown
Alroy L. Bugbee
Eugene W. Burdick
Frank Burdick
Arthur T. Burton
Ernest E. Chadwick
Samuel A. Champlin
Frank C. Church
Walter N. Collins
John F. Coughlin
Page 18: Students
William J. Coughlin
Ray Crooker
Joshua Cuttle
John Denby
Harry P. Eldridge
Harry B. Ellis
Arthur Farrer
Harry A. Fenner
William Henry Fiske
Edward C. Foster
Armando S. Garrido
Thomas F. Gorman, Jr.
Daniel Haight, Jr.
George E. Hathaway
Fred M. Heflin
J. A. Holt
William H. HOward
Felix A. Hurtado
Walter C. Ireland
Richard H. Jackson, Jr.
James W. Johnson
Fred M. Kenyon
James N. W. Kennon
Jesse C. S. Kennon
Charles A. Livsey
Harry B. Livsey
Theodore T. Livsey
Benjamin F. Mahoney
James D. McBride
Hoel S. McElwain
Thomas F. McGetrick
Addison W. Mitchell
Walter N. Paul
A. W. Place
Warren H. Rice
Demazo Rodriquiz
John O. Rogers
Page 19: Students
James Roomian
William Sangreen
William W. Saunders
William Shaw
Jonathan R. Sherman
Fred W. Sinclair
James P. Sisson
Eugene N. Smith
Jesse M. Solomon
Antoine Sousa
Harry A. Spittlehouse
Svan B. Swanson
Ethelbert A. Tyler
William R. Walton
Arthur E. Whipple
Lewis A. Whipple

Hilda V. Anderson
Elsie N. Arms
Julia B. Austin
Mary E. Auston
Melissa A. Billington
Hannah F. Bradford
Bertha E. Burdick
Annah La V. Congdon
Emma Essex
Edith Farrer
Emily Farrer
Ethel Farrer
M. Elizabeth Farrington
Emma Fenner
Louie F. Fitts
Frances S. Gardner
Sarah M. Grant
Bertha M. Greene
M. Bessie Hall
Page 20: Students
Mary F. Hall
Annie Hill
Grace J. Jones
Lena V. Joslyn
Elnora P. Kenyon
Fannie I. Lynch
Daisy A. Matteson
Margaret V. Meeker
Mary E. Northup
Florence S. Oldham
Daisy Palmiter
Stella F. Peck
Leonora P. Peckham
Emma G. Reynolds
Ellen M. Riley
Kittie E. Saunders
Pauline R. Vernon
Mrs. I. H. Wadleigh
Mary Wightman
M. Maud Wilson

John S. Allen
Milton G. Allen
Benjamin M. Anthony
George F. Austin
Jabez E. Bailey
Frank O. Bergstrom
Fred H. Bradley
Edwin A. Briggs
Morton H. Carr
John F Carry
Arthur M. Clark
Lyman B. Coddington
Stephen W. Coggeshall
William B. Corey
Page 21: Students
Frank R. Delano
Chester A. Doty
G. Frank Farnm, Jr.
James Farrington
William G. Farwell
Fred S. Fidler
George C. Greene
Walter E. Harrington
Arthur E. Havens
Frank R. Hill
Fred H. Hill
Donald J. Lindsay
Richard N. Lowe
Frank P. Matteson
Alfred R. Nelson
Theodore Northup
Frank Nye
John F. Read
Harry B. Reed
Frank F. Rice
William N. Rice
Warren Risley
Ernest A. Robbins
Albert Rotch
Frank A. Scholes
George E. Seabury
William L. Sharpe
Henry C. Sherman, Jr.
Henry T. Sisson, Jr.
William R. Thompson
James A. Tower
Charles S. Wells
George C. Wood

Hannah Barton
Addie Finch
Agnes M. Ford
Page 22: Students
Grace A. Gadbois
Mabel E. Gardiner
Rose N. Marwood
Katherine McDonald
Nellie S. Morse
Marie H. Rankin
Margaret V. Shaw
Lorena B. Tyler
Bertha M. Vaughn
Hattie M. Wilson
Carrie M. Young

Bessie Anderson
M. Etta Babcock
Minnie Card
Frank Church
Arch W. Cooper
Annie Crompton
Bessie Fuller
Grace Letts
Bertha Palmer
Mabel Palmer
Lizzie Smith
Elizabeth Weld

Commercial Graduates:
John S. Allen
Benjamin M. Anthony
George F. Austin
Hannah Barton
Frank O. Bergstrom
Frederick H. Bradley
Edwin A. Briggs
Arthur T. Burton
Arthur M. Clark
S. W. Coggeshall
William B. Corey
Chester A. Doty
Fred H. Hill
Donald J. Lindsay
John F. Read
Ernest A. Robbins
Frank A. Scholes

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History of the town of East Greenwich and adjacent territory, from 1677 to 1877 by D. H. Greene (Daniel Howland)
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