Baldwin School, Bryn Mawr, PA

Early postcards of the Baldwin School
The Baldwin School - with awning in place Miss Baldwin's School; Bryn Mawr Hotel
Main Hall, Miss Baldwin's School: early 1900's The Baldwin School from the air: unknown date

1914 Ad for The Baldwin School

1895-96 Scrapbook photos by Kathrine May Kennedy

"The Hotel" Miss Baldwin's School Main House
Student residence: Stanthorpe (?) Basket-ball at Bryn Mawr College - 1896

The Milestone, The Baldwin School, June 1919

Scans of the complete Milestone for 1919

1919 Senior Class
Elizabeth Frances Lacey
Nora Cunningham Cleveland
Mary Molyneux Thompson
Elizabeth Blanche Graham
Dorothy Sybil Shipley
Eleanor Barr Allen
Sarah Barringer
Jean Bartholomew
Lois Hilton Bennett
Jane Harrison Boyd
Mary Virginia Brokaw
Leonora Rainer Broussard
Gertrude Brown
Mary Frazier
Irene Gates
Dorothy Hallowell
Virginia Hecksher
Frances Olga Heyn
Frances Virginia Irvin
Helen Linda Kelly
Sybil Louis Ketchum
Mary Elizabeth Kirk
Dorothy Leonard
Elizabeth Marshall
Margaret Lawson Ogden
Marjorie Parsons
Mary Wendell Phillips
Catherine Rogers
Charlotte Kent Skinner
Alice Powell Smith
Blanche Strauss Sternberger
Susan Elizabeth Stimson
Dorothy Jane Sutter
Louise Denton Weed
Anna Sophia Yarnall

The Baldwin School Website
Wikipedia article on The Baldwin School
Lower Merion Historical Society Baldwin School History: First; Second.
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