From the
1889 Journal of the American Medical Association

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I purchased this because the Fortieth Annual Meeting of the American Medical Association was being held in Newport, R.I., June 25 through 28, 1889. H. R. Storer, M.D. of Newport was the Chairman of the Committee of Arrangements. "The General Sessions will be held at the Music Hall, Bellevue Avenue, adjoining the Ocean House, and those of the Sections at the Newport Casino, also immediately contiguous, which for the first time in its history, and as an act of courtesy, is permitted by its Governors to be occupied for other than the purpose for which it was built."


In Newport,--Ocean House, Bellevue Ave., $4 per day, (special rate); The Aquidneck, Pelham St., $3 per day, (special rate); Brayton House, Pelham St.; Cliff Ave., Hotel on the Cliffs, $2.50-$3; Perry House, Washington Square; Central House, 14 Bath Road.
In Jamestown--(Eighteen minutes by steam ferry from Newport, Boat making trips about every hour, each way,) Bay View House, C. T. Knowles, $2 per day; Gardner House, Gardner & Littlefield, about $2 per day; Prospect House, C. E. Weeden, $2 per day; Champlins', Wm. A. Champlin, $1.50 per day.
Advertising pages (numbered independently from the text)
Cover - this is an advertisement for The Sanitarium at Battle Creek, Mich., "Its proprietary interest is non-medical." Buffalo Lithia Water from Buffalo Lithia Springs, Virgina. Thomas F. Goode, Proprietor Listerine - not just a mouthwash! Lambert Pharmacal Co., Lithiated Hydrangea (kidney alterative - anti-lithic) W. T. Keener Medical books. Dioviburnia (a powerful uterine tonic and antispasmodic). Dios Chemical's Palpebrine (for eyes).
Wells, Richardson & Co. Lactated Food. Mellier Drug Company Tongaline Battle & Co., Bromidia (the hypnotic), Papine (the anodyne), Iodia (uterine tonic) Newport Aluminum and Steel Co, Newport Kentucky. "The Coming Metal". New York Pharmaceutical handbook. Viburnum Compound of Dr. Hayden for Female Complaints.
Yale University Medical School. The Aquidneck, Newport, R. I. Platt's disinfectant. JAMA ad Journal of the American Medical Association membership information and form. College and Clinical Record, a monthly Journal of Practical Medicine. Jerome Kidder Medical Apparatus. Rubinat-Condal. Philadelphia Polyclinic. Hospital College of Medicine. Northwestern University. Gross Medical College.

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