Vintage Postcards of Scranton, Pennsylvania

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Left: Lackawanna Railroad Passenger Station, Scranton, Pa. At the left is the Dining Room. About 1905.
Right: New "Beautiful" Lackawanna R. R. Depot, mailed in 1915.

Left: Beautiful Interior of D. L. & W. R. R. Station at Scranton, Pa.

Right: Lackawanna R. R. Station and Terraces

Left: Bird's Eye View, showing Lackawanna Station, Scranton, Pa.
Right: Hotel Belmont, Opposite the D. L. & W Station

View of D. L. & W. R. R. Station, Scranton, Pa. mailed in 1926.

Left: New D. L. W. Car Shops, Scranton. Pa. mailed in 1914.
Right: Scranton, Pa., Upper Lackawanna Ave. and Laurel Line R. R. Station, mailed in 1911.

Left: Laurel Line Terminal, Scranton, Pa.
Right: Scranton, Pa., Washington Ave. Looking South from Mulberry St. mailed in 1913.

Left: Washington Avenue Looking South, Scranton, Pa.
Right: Birdseye View of Central City, Scranton, Pa.

Left: Court House Square, Scranton, Pa. Original 1884 two-story courthouse was built on the site of a former cranberry bog, "Lily Pond." The third story was added in 1896.

Right: Scranton, Pa., Court House Square Showing Post Office.

Left: Birds Eye View showing portion of Central City, Scranton, Pa. about 1905.
Right: Washington Ave. - Scranton, Pa. mailed in 1911.

Left: Municipal Building photo card published by C. S. Woolworth, Scranton, and mailed in 1909.

Right: The same building labeled, "Fire and Police Headquarters, Scranton, Pa."

Right: Madison Ave. Temple (Anshe Chesed Synagogue), Scranton, Pa.

An article in The Scranton Times, March 5, 1907, announcing a change in postcard rules. Click to enlarge.

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