Conway Hall, Carlisle, PA

The picture of the building, and the ad below, are from the 1909 yearbook called The Logbook.
The building
on High Street, across from the Benjamin Rush Campus, later became a Dickinson College dormitory for men. It was torn down in 1966. The Waidner-Spahr Library is now on this site.

History of Conway Hall, as written in the 1917 Logbook:

"In 1783, when the war of the Revolution closed, Conway Hall opened, and even though, like a western widow, it has changed its name a number of times since then, it remains essentially the same. We look back to the time when Conway Hall was known as 'Grammar School', when it was founded in connection with Dickinson College, and as its special preparatory school. It did its assigned duty throughout the first half century of the life of the college, and when in 1833 the latter was reorganized under the auspices of the Methodist Episcopal Church, the school was retained as a part of the reorganized institution. In 1869, it was discontinued, with the expectation that the various seminaries of the country would furnish a sufficient number of students. The result did not justify the change, and in 1877 the trustees instructed the facility to reorganize it. The school is not an organic part of the college, but is under the immediate supervision of the president of the college and the executive committee. Since its organization, it has increased in attendance, faculty, and in the material equipment of the school.

"In 1884, upon the completion of the Jacob Tome Scientific Building, and the consequent removal of the scientific department to its new quarters, South College was set apart for the use of the Collegiate Preparatory School. In 1902, South College having been found to be inadequate for the accommodation of the school, the trustees of the college authorized the erection of the elegant and commodious structure in which the school is now housed. In 1904, through the generosity of the Hon. Andrew Carnegie, who came to the college in an hour of financial emergency with a gift of $63,480.00, the new building was completed, thoroughly equipped, and its facilities increased by the construction of a large annex for kitchen and laundry purposes. At the request of Mr. Carnegie and as a tribute to his friend, Moncure Daniel Conway L. H. D., of the class of '49, the building was designated Conway Hall by which designation it is now known." The links go to old postcards showing the buildings as there were around 1906-8. South College is small.
This is the cover of the 1909 Conway Hall yearbook The Logbook. Click the image to enlarge.
All of the pages have been scanned. The images can be viewed in three sizes.

*1909 The Logbook Yearbook*

Faculty: George Edward Reed; William Albert Hutchison; G. Alfred Kline; Marvin Garfield Masson; Charles Wesley Hadden; George Irvin Chadwick; Charles Lowe Swift; Clayton Edward Hunt; Frederick William Old. Students listed below.
Both yearbooks contain photos of local sites and ads for Dickinson School of Law and Dickinson College.

1917 Conway Hall yearbook The Logbook. All pages have been scanned, with images in three sizes. The cover was not scanned because it was in poor condition

Left: A postcard of Conway Hall that was mailed in 1908.

*1917 The Logbook Yearbook*

Faculty: William Albert Hutchinson; Foster F. Brenneman; Luther Augustine Park; Charles Herbert Reitxz; Lawson Schwarz Laverty; Frank Leslie Hart; Bonner N. McCraven; Frank R. Adams. Students listed below.

This large folded panorama of the whole school, with the buildings behind, is is from the 1917 yearbook. Click to enlarge.

Two postcards of Conway Hall from about 1906. The picture on the left was used in the 1909 yearbook.

Vintage Postcards of Carlisle, including Dickinson College
1909 Historical Sketch of Carlisle, PA

1909 Seniors
Luther Edward Bashore John Skinner Beckett Percy I. Bergen
Louis Wlmer Bubeck Julie Cecelia Delavan Richard Roeder Feller
Harold W. Fritz Guy Fulton Paul Lassierre Funk
Wesley Powell Griffiths John Cooper Groome, Jr. George Washington Hauck
Joseph Zeigler Hertzler Homer Cecil Holland Franklin Clyde Humbert
Andrew Ross Hummell Horace Lincoln Jacobs, Jr. Burnett Olcott McAnney
John Vinton McIntire Acton J. W. Mowatt Ira Addison Ott
Theo. Wallace O'Brien Robert Bruce Paterson Mansfield Reddig
Edward Eugene Reindollar Graydon Mundorf Robinson James Louis Rose
Joseph Clement Sinclair Clarence Merle Spangler George Morris Steese
John Charles Thomas Harry Johnson Whiteman Luther Elden Wickersham
Maude Estelle Wilson    
1909 Juniors
Fred. Heyer Aberly Chas. Henry Armour Florence A. Basom
Edgar Roger Bastress Fred. Charles Becker Thomas Baker Brinton
Helen Francis Bucher Herbert Townsley Church Jasper Newton Deeter, Jr.
Carlyle Reede Earp Alison Lee Edwards George W. Emmert
Albert Andrew Exendine Constantine Paul Faller Carrol Coyle Getter
Lynman Gilbert Hertzler John Henry Hosie Leslie Mowery Karper
Thomas Lester Killough Russel William Kurtz Antone O. Mackay
Arthur Miller McLane Eugenia Mapes Fred. Loomis Mohler
Samuel Loomis Hohler Hugh Curran Morgan Margaret Harris Morgan
Henry Heistand Moyer William Alexander Noel John Heiks Paul
Charles Ira Pratt Thomas Edward Purcell Olin Glenn Saxon
William Henry Shepler Ira Guy Stickell Ray Russel Swigert
Jacob Oldfield Vaughn William Meredity Wood Pierce Monroe Zehner

1917 Seniors
Daniel Webster Justice Homer Watson Henderson Paul Biddle Shank
Walter Robert Balbach Robert Mendez Carl Brooks Spotts
Gustaveo Beguiristain William H. Mitchell Clarkson Stevens
Ignacio Berguiristain Ellsworth McMullen Wilfred Sinclair Stevenson
Juan Beguiristain Homer Leroy Nelms Clarence Christian Walters
Jacob William Biddle John Paterson Robert Loy Wentzel
Harry J. Dolby Havelock Everett Phillips John Robert Woodward
Charles Raymond Evans Paul Wesley Polcy Horace Davis Woodwell
Joseph Henry Gommer Thomas Benton Reed Walter Hull Wrightstone
Abelaido Gonzalezx Luther Jay Roy William Roy Zick
Raymond Dively Grissinger George Vanderburg Ruos  
1917 Juniors
Amos Hamilton Baker August Willaim [sic] Lizkauckus Frank Baro
Frank Edward Logan Boyd B. Basom John Lincoln Market
Frederick Laverty Beck James Perry Miller Miguel A. Correa, Jr.
Vincent Louis Puerta Benjamin Franklin Emenheiser Victor Bernard Roscoe
Mnoch Anthony Gdaniec Raphael Emory Rupp Chester Spichen Graybill
Calvin Elsworth Swayze Raymond Jospeh Hitchens Frank Valentine Witkoski
Raymond Walter Lehmaster    

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