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NOTE: This is a transcription. I do not have more information since this is only an intersecting, not direct, line. There are some Slade family photographs on the album pages.

History  of the State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations: Biographical
NY: The American Historical Society, Inc. 1920; Bicknell (this volume has 574 pages beginning with James Lister).

SLADE FAMILY--The following is the heraldic description of the Slade arms:
Arms--Per fesse argent and sable a pale counter-changed, and three horses' heads erased, two and one, of the second, a chief ermine. Thereon two bombs fired proper.
Crest--On a mount vert a horse's head erased sable, encircled with a chain in form of an arch, gold.
Motto--Fidus et audax.) Faithful and bold.
The Slade coat-of-arms as it was originally registered during the time of Queen Elizabeth was:
Arms--Argent, three horses' heads sable, a chief gules.
Crest--A horse's head, erased sable.
The name Slade has an interesting origin. Its meaning as a common noun is "a small strip of green plain within a woodland." One of the rhymes about Robin Hood runs:
It had been better of William a Trent
To have been abed with sorrowe,
Than to be that day in greenwood slade
To meet with Little John's arrowe.

In England we have the de la Slades of the Hundred Rolls. The word is seen in many compounds like: Robert de Greneslade (of the greenslade); William de la Morslade (the moorland slade); Richard de Wytslade (the whiteslade); Michael de Ocslade (the oakslade). Sladen, that is sladeden, implies a woodland hollow. The name Slade in this country has sometimes been written Slead, or Sleed. During the period which has witnessed the growth and development of the city of Fall River as an industrial center, the name Slade has been prominently identified with its affairs.

Ruins of Fieules Castle Standing MDCCCXIX on Slade Estate, Somersetshire Remains of Monument Effigy of Ricardus De Slade (Richard Slade) Anciently Standing in Spetchley Church.
West-Pennard Church (XIV Century)
Robert Slade Buried Here
Interior of West Pennard Church
West-Pennard School, Somerset, England.
Endowed by Robert Slade
Infants' Department of West Pennard School
Endowed by Robert Slade


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