Rhode Island Historical Magazine.

[Formerly the Newport Historical Magazine.]
July, 1885
Vol. 1, No. 6

Published by the Newport Historical Publishing Co., Newport, R. I., R. H. Tilley, Editor

Page 49:
Genealogical Notes.

Marriage Certificate of Job Shearman and Amy Spencer, Newport, R. I., June 1, 1732: — "Whereas Job Shearman, of Portsmouth, in the county of Newport, in the colony of Rhode Island, in New England, and Amy Spencer, of Newport, in the county and colony aforesaid, having declared their intentions of taking each other in marriage before two public meetings of the people called Quakers, on Rhoad [sic] Island, aforesaid, according to the good order used among them, whose said proceedings, after a deliberate consideration thereof, and appeared clear of all others; also having consent of parents and relations concerned, were allowed by the said meetings.

Now these are to certifie [sic] all whom it may concern, that for the full accomplishing of their said intentions, this first day of the fourth month called June, one thousand seven hundred and thirty-one, they, the said Job Shearman and Amy Spencer, appeared in an assembly of the aforesaid people at their meeting-house at Newport, aforesaid, and in a solemn manner he, the said Job Shearman, taking the said Amy Spencer by the hand, did openly declare as followeth:

‘I desire this assembly to be my witnesses that I take this my friend, Amy Spencer, to be my wife, promising by the Lord’s assistance to be a faithful husband unto her untill [sic] death separate us.’ And then and there, in the said assembly, Amy Spencer did in like manner declare as followeth: ‘I desire this assembly to be my witnesses that I take this, my friend, Job Shearman, to be my husband, promising, by the Lord’s assistance, to be a faithful wife unto him, untill death shall separate us.’ And the said Job Shearman and Amy Spencer, as a further confirmation thereof, did then and there to these presents set their hands (she according to the custome of marriage assuming the name of her husband), and we whose names are hereunto subscribed being present, among others, at the solemnizing of their said marriage and subscription, in manner as aforesaid, as witnesses, hereunto also, to those present, subscribe our names the day and year above. { Job Shearman.
{ Amy Shearman.
John Wanton Philip Wanton
William Corker John Stanton
Clarke Rodman John Casey
Sam’ll Easton Jos. Jacob
Peleg Wood David Richards
William Wood Sarah Jacob
Benjamin Stanton Naomi Marks
William Borden Benjamin Lawton
John Proud Anne Leach
Thomas Leach Mary Leach
Elizabeth Shearman Almy Buffam
Hannah Fry Katharine Rodman
Walter Spencer Benj. Spencer
Benjamin Shearman Grizzil Shearman
Bridget Spencer Caleb Shearman
Abraham Shearman Philip Shearman

[Copied from the original, in possession of Rowland Sherman, Esq., Newport, R. I.]

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