Pratt & Lambert Sales Organization Propeller, November 25, 1918
Pratt and Lambert, Inc., Varnish Makers
75-97 Tonawanda Street, Buffalo, New York, U. S. A.

I have scanned this four page publication for the many articles that would be useful for ancestors researching the individuals mentioned. I know nothing more about the company. Scans are in two sizes. The first linked are about 200 kb and can be read. The larger are twice the pixels and about 700 kb each.
The first page is devoted to Sergt. Peyton Randolph Campbell, pictured here. He was known as Randy or Pete and was killed on September 4, 1918 near Fismes on the Vesle River, France. The larger size image is here.

Page Two contains articles which mention: John F. Thomas; H. A. Thompson; Theodore C. Williams; Charles J. Fickle; George Bierbaum; W. Gresham Andrews; M. V. Dunham, Jr.; Hedley T. Ross; J. H. McNulty. The larger size image is here.

Page Three has articles about F. C. Chretien and Charles D. Roberts and mentions Mr. Shallenberger and Senator Hannon. Also included is a list of P&L people who have entered the Army or Navy. *Indicates those who have been killed in action. †Indicates those who have been wounded.

†Capt. W. Gresham Andrews. F. Ankner.
Sergt. A. H. Bergo. Frank Berlin. George W. Berns. *George Bierbaum. Eugene Bronson. H. Brown.
John W. Cameron. *Sergt. P. Randolph Campbell. Lieut. Don L. Clement. Peter Cork. Sergt. Clarence H. Cox. A. J. Cramsie.
†Corp. M. V. Dunham Jr. Joseph Dussing.
*Chas J. Fickle. Peter P. Fischer.
John Gallagher. †Corp. Albert Gruntz.
Thomas Harris. P. J. Hastings. John M. Hentges.
Joseph A. Juenker.
Fred W. Kammon. D. J. Keller. Oliver M. Kerwin. John Koons.
Alexander C. Macauley. Henry P. Michels. Frank A. Morrison. Lieut. T. Emerson Murphy. Thomas J. Murtha.
M. C. Paul. Lieut. Clarence C. Prentice.
Melvin J. Kensink. Stanley Riha. W. H. Robinson. Edward W. Roe.
Charles W. Scott. †Ray J. Sheehan. Clarence H. Smith
Leo E. Wehner. Prescott M. White. *Corp. T. C. Williams. Stanley E. Wolgate. John Wood. Lieut. W. C. Woodyard.
Chas. C. Zabaldo.
The larger size image is here.

Page Four has the rest of the article about Sergt. Peyton Randolph Campbell and also a short piece about Corporal Albert L. Gruntz. Half the page is a company cartoon poking fun at salesmen. The larger size image is here.

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