Pennsylvania Society of Sons of the Revolution

William DeWitt Kennedy was accepted into the Pennsylvania Society of Sons of the Revolution as a descendant of Eliphalet Stephens. Scanned are the two acceptance letters (click each for full size) and his membership card.
Acceptances and Membership Card for William DeWitt Kennedy
Acceptance to Society
Membership Card
Acceptance with Eliphalet Stephens
The back of the metal says Sons of the Revolution 1883 on the center. At the left is William DeWitt Kennedy and the right November 13, 1906

Below on the left is a scan of the final draft of the application for the Pennsylvania Society of Sons of the Revolution, with Eliphalet Stephens and son Ebenezer. On the right is one with Daniel De Witt. In the middle is the letter from the State of New Jersey, Office of the Adjutant-General certifying that Daniel De Witt had served in the Revolution as a Private.

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Application: Eliphalet Stephens
Stephens Application
Daniel De Witt Military Documentation
Application: Daniel De Witt
De Witt Application
De Witt, New Jersey

Larger scan of the Stephens Application - 238 Kb
Larger scan of the Daniel De Witt Application - 242 Kb

The draft of the application to "The Pennsylvania Society of Sons of the Revolution" that I have, provides the following additional information on Eliphalet Stephens:

He enlisted from Minisink, N. Y. July 31, 1775 and was in the New York Line. Age at enlistment 44. He was in the company of Jacob De Witt. This information came from the State Archives Vol. 1, Page 171.
In the genealogies that Amelia wrote for publication, she stated, "Early in life he [Eliphalet Stephens] removed to Connecticut, from thence to Dutchess County, New York, July 31, 1775, in Colonel Clinton’s Third Regiment, New York Continental Line, Captain Jacob S. Bruyn’s Company. He is described as a man five feet seven inches in height, light hair, fair complexion, age 44, occupation blacksmith. He married, in 1751, Elsie Holloway, who died at Nicholson, Pennsylvania, in the month of April, 1820. Eliphalet had a son Ebenezer Stephens born in Goshen, New York, May 12, 1759. He was also in the Revolution, entered at the age of 17, and served during the entire seven years. He was a pensioner until his death which occurred in Nicholson, Pennsylvania, November 15, 1839." And, "He is a member of the Pennsylvania Society of the Sons of the Revolution on the records of Eliphalet and Ebenezer Stephens and Daniel DeWitt."

The documentation Amelia received for the son Ebenezer [none found in her papers for Eliphalet] is shown below. They are two items from the Department of Interior, Bureau of Pensions, showing Ebenezer Stephens' military record and pension information. Note that one was sent to the Newport address of her daughter Kathrine Kennedy Sherman. Click on each image for a full size.

Ebenezer Stephens' Revolutionary War Record
Ebenezer Stephens Revolutionary War Record
Ebenezer Stephens pension information

Although Ebenezer served throughout the war, his service was not continuous. Click here for an even larger, 255 Kb, image of the military record.

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