Neff Letter from Mrs. Rogers, Genealogist

99 Division Street,

April 2, 1910

My dear Mrs. Kennedy,

I am sending you a certified copy of the NEFF records as they appear on the records of Windham, Conn., and I had the clerk attest that they were full records of the family up to 1752. I said 1752, because that was the latest date on those particular records. The next dates were the marriage Mary Neff to Zachariah Mainard, on Jan.28 1754, and the marriage of Content Neff to Thomas Kingsbury on March 1, 1759.

These were both sisters of Ann Neff. I am also enclosing a certified copy of a record from the certified copy made by the clerk of the Hampton Church, of the marriages of Hampton Church records. This copy belongs to the town clerk of Windham. You will remember that I have a printed reference for this marriage, taken from Bailey’s "Early Connecticut Marriages." but this record omitted the part important to us, namely that they were "both of Windam." (Hampton was set off from Windam, in 1786). Now there was only one ANN NEFF I Windham, at the date of this marriage, nor for many years after.

I trust that this will sufficiently establish Ann Neff as the daughter of Clement Neff and Patience Brown.

Yours truly,

Edna M. Rogers.

99 Division Street,

During the period of more than ten years’ research work in eastern Connecticut and the adjoining parts of Rhode Island, I have not seen the name of NEFF except in connection with Clement Neff and his descendants.

Clement Neff came from Westerly, Rhode Island, to Windham, Conn., in 1716, as stated in Weaver’s Manuscript of early Windham families, (now in custody of the Connecticut Historical Society); he bought 200 acres of land in two parcels, in the part of Windham, called Canada Parish, which was set off as the town of HAMPTON, in 1786.

Here, on May 9, 1717, he was one of those who petitioned for the establishment of a society for the carrying on of public worship, as given in Miss Larned’s "History of Windham County," Vol.1, page 95.

The births of Clement Neff’s children are recorded at Windham, as per certified copy previously sent; he had three sons, William, Clement, and Thomas, and two daughters, Mary and Ann. Mary died unmarried after the death of her father in 1746, and before her mother in 1752; Ann probably died young, as she is not mentioned in her father or mother’s will. These children were all baptized at Hampton Church; Mary in 1724, and the others in 1725.

On Feb.22, 1731/2, Clement Neff deeded to his "son William Neff, my 100 acre lot on which I now dwell, that is the reversion right after my decease and the decease of his mother Mary," etc.

(Land Rec. Windham, Conn; Vol.7, p. 188.)

On Sept.24, 1734, Clement Neff conveys his land to "his son William Neff---as his full portion of my estate." (Vol.7-304).

The following February, Clement Neff sold the remainder of his land in Windham, and on Feb.26, 1734/5, he bought land in Stonington, Conn., and removed to that place. part of his land, he sold in 1737, to Eleazer Brown, brother of Patience Brown; (Land Rec. Stonington, Conn.; Vol.4, pps.499, 618.) Clement Neff lived here till his death in 1746.

William Neff, the oldest son, remained in Windham, on the farm given to him by his father; his marriage and the births of his children are recorded on Windham records, as per certified copy. He had no daughter ANN.

Clement Neff, Junr. and Thomas Neff went to Stonington with their father; here Clement married Dec.12, 1735, Patience Brown, who lived in the neighborhood. Thomas Neff married, Dec.25, 1734, Mary Corey; (Vital Record of Rhode Island, Vol.5, WESTERLY, page 47); and had Arnold, born 1735, Derius, born 1737, and Mary, 1739, as recorded on the Stonington records. Thomas died before his father, as Clement Neff’s will, dated May 17, 1746, the "heirs of son Thomas deceased." So he had no daughter ANN.

After the father’s death, Clement Neff, his family, and his mother and sister, went back to Windham, where on June 30, 1747, "Mary Neff Widow and Mary Neff, Singull woman: conveyed for love to Clement Neff," the land which they had bought in January.

(Windham Land Rec. Vol.9, p.12 & 77.)

Clement Neff, Junr. had daughters, ANN & MARY, born Aug.12, 1736,
ANN was probably named after her grandmother, Ann (Pendleton) Brown, and after Clement’s sister, Ann; Mary was named after Clement’s mother and sister, as was the custom in those days. This Clement had only two sons who lived to maturity, Clement and John.

Clement, the third of the name, was taken prisoner about 1776, and remained in captivity for twenty four years, and was given up for lost. (See History of Windham County, Vol.2, page 244)

In 1751, Mary Neff and Clement Neff of Windham sold part of their land to Aaron Geer of Preston, Conn.

1757, Oct.25, "Clement Neff’s deed of gift to Ebenezer Abbe [Av?be] John Bond, Oxenbridge Dains and other inhabitants of Windham, a parcel of land 112 rods, being part of the farm I now dwell on--- thence on a line between my own land and land of Aaron Geer--where several persons are already buried."

(Land Rec. Windham, Vol."L", p.436)

After this date, Clement Neff sold various parcels of land. The last sale being from "Clement Neff of Windham to son John Neff, of Windham, for love parental and 100, and Clement" personally appeared at Hampton, and acknowledged the deed on July 10, 1793.

There was no other ANN NEFF in this region at that date, except this daughter of Clement and Patience (Brown) Neff.

Town Records of Windham, Conn.


    Mary Neff, born June 7, 1707.
  * William Neff, " Mar.16, 1708/9.
  * Clement Neff, " May 17, 1711.
    Thomas Neff, " Mar.12, 1713/14.
    Ann Neff, " Aug. 3, 1723.

        Book A, page 127.


  * Benjamin Neff, born May 16, 1734.
    Ruth Neff, " May 31, 1737.
    William Neff, " May 14, 1739.
    Thomas Neff, " July 31, 1744.     Book A, page 145
    Martha Neff, " Oct. 4, 1742.
    Joseph Neff, " July 27, 1746.     Book B, page 126.


  * Ann Neff
    Mary Neff born Aug.12, 1736.
    Clement Neff, " Apr.29, 1738.
    Content Neff, " Aug.15, 1740.
    Hannah Neff, " July 6, 1743, & died Sept.13, 1752.
    John Neff " May 6, 1746.
    Mathew Neff " May 6, 1746, & died Sept.15, 1752.
    Deborah Neff, " Aug.30, 1750.

        Book A, page 311.


    "Hannah Spalding, wife of James Spalding, died Aug.24, 1790,
    aged 35 years."                   Book B, page 62.

State of Connecticut,

County of Windham, SS. Windham, April 1, 1910.

THIS IS TO CERTIFY that I have examined the foregoing copy of records taken from WindhamTown records, and find the same to be true and correct. Also that the same is a complete copy of the "NEFF" records to be found in the Vital Statistics up to 1752.

Attest: Hepsy Bodru -                     
Asst. Town Clerk
Town of Windham, Conn.

State of Connecticut,)
                      ) SS. Windham, April 1, 1910.
County of Windham,   )

THIS IS TO CERTIFY that on a copy of marriage records of the Congregational Church of Hampton,(formerly Windham Village) prior to the year 1786, is found the following record:

"The marriage of BENJAMIN NEFF & ANNE NEFF, both of Windham, June ye 3rd. 1754."

This copy is in Town Clerk’s Office of the Town of Windham.

Attest: Hepsy Bodru -
Asst. Town Clerk
Scanned copy of above, done 2004

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From the "BOWLER GENEALOGY", page 31.

Brian Pendleton, born 1599, died 1681, in Portsmouth, N.H., was elected Deputy President of the Province of Maine to act as President in absence of the President Danforth. This title is equivalent to that of Deputy Governor, which office is duly established and provided for by the Georges Charter, which did not lapse with the annexation of the Maine Colony with that of Massachusetts Bay. Therfore the President and Deputy President of Maine after the annexation, are true Governor and Deputy Governor.

All descendants of BRIAN PENDLETON are eligible to the Order Colonial Governors.

James Pendleton, son of Brian, married April 29, 1656, Hannah, daughter of Edmund and Ann Goodenow, and died Nov.29, 1709.

----------- ------------

"BRYAN PENDLETON, 1599-1681, Mass., & N.H.

Deputy from Watertown to the General Court of Massachusetts 1636, 1637, 1638, 1647, 1648. Deputy from Portsmouth to the General Assembly of New Hampshire 1654, 1658, 1660, 1661, 1663.

Major of Militia, Saco, Maine, from 1668 to 1672.

Deputy-President of Maine, 1680."

Register of the Connecticut Society of Colonial Dames of America, page 275.

"Major Brian Pendleton was born in 1599, in England. He first settled in Watertown, and was made freeman there Sept.3, 1634, and was Deputy for six years to the General Court. He moved to Sudbury and helped settle that town, and was selectman for several years. From Sudbury he went to Ipswich. He was a member of the famous artillery company of Boston. He moved to Portsmouth, N.H. about 1651, and was Deputy there for five years. In 1653 he purchased two hundred acres of land near Winter Harbor, Saco, Maine. After a few years, he returned to Portsmouth, where he made his will, which was proved April 15, 1681. He was an eminent man in his day, and held the office of captain and major for many years, besides important civil and military offices."

History of Stonington, Conn., page 531; Major Pendleton’s will is given on page 722.

"Bryan Pendleton of Watertown, an early settler, made freeman 3 Sept. 1634, helped to settle Sudbury of which he was selectman some years but representative before and after for Watertown, between 1636 & 48, six years; removed to Ipswich perhaps, certainly to Portsmouth of which he was representative some years then removed to Saco, Winter Harbor, thence after nearly a dozen years, driven by Indian war, Aug. 1676, went again to Portsmouth, there made will 9 Aug.1677, which was proved 5 April 1681; he was captain and major many years; left wife Eleanor, son James and daughter Mary, who marr. Seth Fletcher."

Savage’s Genealogical Dictionary of New England; Vol.3, p.388.

Capt.JAMES PENDLETON, only son of Major Brian Pendleton, was first at Watertown, then at Sudbury, Mass., and came to Westerly, R.I., in 1669. He was in the early Colonial Wars. He was admitted to the First Church of Stonington, Conn., Nov.7, 1680. He married 1st. Mary,......, who died Nov.7, 1655; he married 2nd. April 29, 1656, Hannah Goodenow, daughter of Edmund Goodenow, and had nine children. His will was dated Feb.9, 1702; he died Nov.29, 1709. Ann, his fourth child be second wife, was born Nov.12, 1667, mar. Eleazer Brown.

History of Stonington, page 531; on page 22, Capt. Pendleton’s name appears on the "list of the English volunteers in the late Narragansett War."

From Smith’s "Military and Civil List of Rhode Island; Vol.1,

Members of Sir Edmund Andros’ First Council held at Boston. From 1687-1691; Court of Quarter Session held at Newport and Rochester; Capt. James Pendleton one of the members present.

----- ----- ----- -----

From Savage’s "Gen. Dict. New England," Vol.3-388.

James Pendleton of Watertown, son of Bryan, had wife Mary who died 7 Nov.1655 and he married second wife 29 Apr.1656, at Sudbury, Hannah, dau. Of Edmund Goodenow; their children were Bryan, b.27 Sept.1659; Joseph, b.Dec.1661; Edmund prob.24 June 1664; Ann 12 Nov.1667; Caleb 8 Aug.1669 and James. He was one of the founders of the first church at Portsmouth, N.H. in 1671; but perhaps had his father’s love for removing and lived at Stonington, Conn., 1674-8, then called captain and served in war against Philip 1676; was at Westerly R.I. 1686-1700."

Susan Carter White Pieroth 2000

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