City Directories for Scranton

By Robert Carter, July 1996 from copies at the Lackawanna Historical Society Library, Scranton, PA.

Last Name
First Name
1859 None      
1860 None      
1867-8 Carter & Moore    axe manufacturers Providence
1867-8 Carter Pulaski axe manufacturer Providence
1867-8 Carter Phinney laborer Providence
1867-8 Kennedy David laborer 3d ward
1867-8 Kennedy James meat market
market st
1867-8 Kennedy James laborer Providence
1867-8 Kennedy Wm Fireman
L I & C co.
1867-8 Kennedy Wm D clerk  Providence
1867-8 Kennedy John laborer
L I & C co
Hickory St
1867-8 Kennedy John J butcher Providence
1867-8 Kennedy Hugh boiler maker
1867-8 Kennedy Richard laborer
L I & C co
1867-8 Kennedy Henry laborer Providence
1867-8 Kennedy Patrick laborer
L I & C co
3d ward
1867-8 White Joseph axe maker Providence
1867-8 White J M laborer Providence
1870-1 Carter Pulaski manuf’r scythes, axes, and agricultural implements, Capouse Village do., P.
1870-1 Kennedy James S.   Market c. 
Back Road RR, P
1870-1 Kennedy Mrs John   n Market beyond D&W C Co’s RR, P
1870-1 Kennedy John butcher Providence Ave G.R.
1870-1 Kennedy Wm B [sic] bookkeeper
Pulaski Carter
Capouse Village
1870-1 White Joseph M   Main
n Capouse Village, P.
1873 Seems to have skipped Providence      
1875 Carter Pliny painter n the River, P.
1875 Carter Pulaski manuf, agricultural implements, 1st Ward do.
1875 Carter Pulaski P. traveling agent Capouse, n. the river, P.
1875 Kennedy James S. meat market
Market, n Main
Market, n 7th
1875 Kennedy John meat market Markety n Main
1875 Kennedy John grocer
Brick opposite Pine
1875 Kennedy Wm bookkeeper
Capouse, n of River
1875 White Joseph M  axe maker Capouse, n river, P
1875 White Jerison & Son axe & edge tool mfg
G. R. ave
corner of Market & 1st, P
1876-7 Carter Pliny axe painter Capouse n Capouse Bridge, P
1876-7 Carter Pulaski manuf’r edged tools
[1877 enlarged map Capouse
& P. Carter Property]
Capouse, 1st Ward, n east side Capouse Bridge, P
1876-7 Carter Pulaski P traveling agt 
Capouse Works
Capouse 1st Ward n east side Capouse Bridge, P
1876-7 Kennedy John grocer, etc. Brick n Pine do
1876-7 Kennedy James S meat market
Market n Main
Market n 7th, P
1876-7 Kennedy John J butcher Market n Main, P
1876-7 Kennedy Wm D bookkeeper Capouse n Carter’s store, P
1876-7 White Henry axe helper Capouse n of Schoolhouse, p
1876-7 White Jerison & Son (Edward) axe & edge tool mfgrs 
G. R. ave c River, GR
Market n of 1st, P
1876-7 White Joseph N axe maker
McDougal & White Foundry, GR
Capouse, n of Capouse bridge, P
1879-80 Carter Pliny lab n Capouse, P
1879-80 Carter Pulaski mfg axes scythes 
do, P
1879-80 Carter Pulaski P traveling agt Capouse, P
1879-80 Carter James S. meat market
Market ab Main, P
Market, GR
1879-80 Carter William D bookkeeper Capouse n river, P
1879-80 White Jerison  edge tools
Market n of Main, P
Market n 4th
1879-80 White Joseph M not listed  
1880 Carter Marvin P. clerk bds Capouse P  
1880 Carter Pliny laborer n Capouse, P
1880 Carter Pulaski manuf of axes, scythes edge tools and dealer in agricultural implements, Capouse do, P
1880 Carter Pulaski P traveling agnt Capouse, P
1880 Kennedy James   Market above 6th, GR
1880 Kennedy John  butcher 7th n of Market, GR
1880 Kennedy William D bookkeeper Capouse, P
1880 White Jerison axe mfg Market n River, GR
1880 White Joseph M. axe maker Capouse, P
1881 no change      
1882 no change      
1883 Carter Pliny foreman  
1883 Carter Marvin P scythe maker 18 W Parker
1883 Kennedy James S   635 E Market
1883 White no change    
1884 Carter no change    
1884 Kennedy Wm D Supt P Carters Capouse Works Capouse works
1884 White Jerison lab 539 E Market
1884 White Joseph M axe maker 8 W Parker
1885 Carter Marvin P scythe maker 18 W Parker
1885 Carter Olive (widow of Pulaski)   Capouse Works
1885 Carter Pliny foreman bds Capouse Works  
1885 Carter Pulaski Est mfg …  
1885 Carter Pulaski P traveling salesman Capouse Works
1885 Kennedy no change    
1885 White no change    
1886 Carter Marvin clerk E Parker CW
1886 Carter Marvin P Carter & Co
Capouse Works
1886 Carter Olive (widow)   Capouse Works
1886 Carter Phinney   Capouse Works
1886 Carter Pulaski P agent E Parker
1886 Carter Pulaski Mrs.   E Parker CW
1886 Carter (Pulaski P) & Co (Marvin P Carter & Wm D Kennedy)   mfgs of axes, edge and mining tools,
Capouse Works
1886 Kennedy William D above  
1886 White Jerrison axe maker 539 Market
1886 White Joseph M axe maker 8 Parker
1889 Carter Pliny no longer listed  
1892 Carter Olive   Westminster Ave
1892 Carter Marvin   Westminster Ave
1900 No Carter & Co      [1898 map Carter & Company Property]
1900 Carter Pulaski P real estate

604 Linden

E Parker n Boulevard, P
1900 no other Carters listed      
1900 Kennedy Wm P clerk 3rd Nat Bank 1712 Capouse

CW = Capouse Works; do = ditto (same as above).

Susan Carter White Pieroth 2000

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