The Pennsylvania Wyoming Valley in 1892

The Wyoming Valley in 1892 by S. R. Smith, Wilkes-Barre, Pa.

Top row left: S. R. Smith. Below that is a sketch of the Wyoming Valley signed S. R. Smith
Top right: Susquehanna River. Bottom right: Toll Gate, Mill Hollow.
The beginning of the book contains history which has been done more completely in other publications. Linked from the page number is a scan of the original. Names listed are the men whose biographical sketch begins on that page. It may continue on the next page, and the beginning of a page may contain the rest of a sketch from the previous page.
Representative Men of the Valley
Page 43:
Charles Dorrance
Abram Nesbitt
Page 44:
Hon. Edmund L. Dana
Daniel Edwards
Page 45:
Andrew T. McClintock, Esq.
W. S. Parsons
William Wallace Loomis
Page 46:
Benjamin Gardner Carpenter
F. V. Rockafellow
Rockafellow Banking Company
William Ross Maffet
Page 47:
Charles Farmer Ingham
Edward P. Darling, Esq.
William Penn Miner
Page 48:
Rev. H. H. Welles
Charles Morgan
Page 49:
Reuben Jay Flick
John c. Phelps
Rev. David Copeland, D. D.
Page 50:
Rev. Rueben Nelson, D. D.
R. D. Lacoe
Hon. George Washington Woodward
Page 51:
Hon. Lazarus D. Shoemaker
Abram H. Reynolds
Dr. Edward R. Mayor
Page 52:
Richard Sharp
Hon. Hubbard B. Payne
Page 53:
Hon. Charles A. Miner
Hon. C. D. Foster
Dr. D. J. J. Mason
Page 54:
George Bennett
Page 55:
Henry A. Fuller, Esq.
Hon Edwin S. Osborne
Lyman H. Bennett, Esq.
Page 56:
G. M. Reynolds
William S. McLean, Esq.
Hon. Garrick M. Harding
Page 57:
Isaac P. Hand, Esq.
Hon. Henry W. Palmer
Hon. John Lynch
Hon. Stanley Woodward
Page 58:
J. Vaughn Darling, Esq.
Andrew Hunlock, Esq.
Robert C. Shoemaker, Esq.
George K. Powell, Esq.
George R. Bedford, Esq.
Page 59:
Andrew H. McClintock, Esq.
J. Bennett Smith
C. M. Conyngham
Dr. Joseph A. Murphy
Page 60:
Hon. Henry M. Hoyt
Hon. Charles E. Rice
Hon. George W. Shonk
S. L. Brown
Page 61:
Edward Sterling Loop
Harry C. Davis
H. Baker Hillman
George Brubaker Kulp, Esq.
Page 62:
W. A. Latherop
Page 63:
Alfred Darte, Esq.
Edward Freas Bogert
Page 64:
The Wilkes-Barre Leader
Page 65:
Hon. John N. Conyngham
Charles Farrish
Liddon Flick, Esq.
Page 66:
Eugene W. Mulligan
P. M. Carhart
Charles Jonas Long
Page 67:
William H. Dean
Isaac Long
Page 68:
J. C. Powell
Frederick C. Johnson
Page 69:
Frederic Corss, M. D.
Johnson R. Coolbaugh
Page 70:
P. A. O'Boyle, Esq.
William Glassell Eno
James M. Coughlin
Page 71:
J. C. Bell
Hendrick Wright Search
W. L. Raeder, Esq.
John Thomson
Page 72:
William J. Harvey
Thomas J. Wheaton
Hon. Morgan G. Williams
Samuel W. Boyd
Page 73:
R. A. Spalding
George P. Loomis, Esq.
David P. Ayers
Page 74:
William Harrison Capwell
Benj. F. Stark
Jesse T. Morgan
Page 75:
Luther Curran Darte
Christian Walter
Page 76:
Edwin Shorts, Esq.
Hon. William H. Hines
C. Bow. Dougherty
Robert Lee Ayres
Page 77:
Edward E. Camp
Augustus L. LeGrand
S. M. Bard
Page 78:
Lewis B. Landmesser, Esq.
Darryl Laporte Creveling, Esq.
Page 79:
C. W. Laycock
Torrence Barnhart Harrison
J. B. Woodward, Esq.
Page 80:
George A. Edwards
John T. Lenehan, Esq.
Steuben Jenkins, Esq.
William Drake Loomis
Page 81:
James L. Lenehan, Esq.
George M. Reichard
George A. Wells
G. W. Zeigler
Page 82:
Asher Miner
George H. Flannagan
George Mortimer Lewis, Esq.
Eugene C. Frank
Page 83:
Wesley Ellsworth Woodruff
Dr. W. S. Stewart
Thomas H. Atherton
L. E. Stearns
Page 84:
W. D. White
Frank Deitrick
William E. Doron
Page 85:
Henry Evans
C. Ben. Johnson
Cyrus Straw
D. K. Spry
Page 86:
Thomas Smith
Andrew R. Bacon
William Burns Dow
Goerge H. Parrish
Joseph J. McGinty
Page 87:
Robert P. Robinson
Edward Gunster
S. L. Hagenbaugh
St. Stephen Church
Page 88:
Rev. Henry Lawrence Jones, M. A.
Page 89:
Rev. Horace Edwin Hayden, M. A.
Page 90:
Rev. James Porter Ware
Rev. Daniel Webster Coxe
Methodist Episcopal Church
Page 91:
Rev. John Richard Boyle
First Presbyterian Church
Page 92:
F. B. Hodge, D. D.
Memoral Church
Page 93:
Rev. Casper R. Gregory
St. Mary's Roman Catholic Church
Rev. D. O'Haran
Father McAndrew
John. W. Hollenback
Page 94:
Page 95:
Hollenback [continued]
Page 96:
Hollenback [continued]
Page 97:
John B. Reynolds
Robert Bauer
Adolph Bauer
Samuel Hoyt
Page 98:
Thomas R. Martin, Esq.
Charles F. Cook
W. P. Ryma, Esq.
Page 99:
Lewis H. Taylor, M. D.
Page 100:
Nathaniel Rutter
Hon. Elijah Catlin Wadhams
Page 101:
George W. Gutherie, M. D.
H. Harrison Harvey
Page 102:
Seligman J. Strause, Esq.
Francis M. Nichols, Esq.
George Loveland, Esq.
John Laning
Page 103:
Fred. Ahlborn
D. O. Coughlin, Esq.
C. B. Sutton
Page 104:
Samuel S. Jones
William J. Harvey
J. W. Raeder
Page 105:
Moses H. Burgunder
G. Taylor Griffin
Charles H. Jacobs
Rev. Prof. P. A. Hubert
Page 106:
African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church
Henry Blackman Plumb, Esq.
John Hartwell Mulkey
Rev. Theophilus Jones
Page 107:
Benjamin Franklin Myers
Hon. Robert H. McKune
Thomas C. Parker
Edward Henry Chase, Esq.
Page 108:
W. P. Morgan
R. B. Ricketts
Rev. Peter H. Brooks
Charles Dorrance Linskill
Page 109:
Dr. Alexander F. O'Malley
W. H. Putnam
Page 110:
Dr. Reese Davis
Dr. John Barclay Crawford
Page 111:
F. M. Newell
Page 112:
Representative Men of Kingston
Page 113:
Wyoming Seminary
Page 114:
Wyoming Seminary [continued]
Page 115:
Rev. L. L. Sprague
Willis L. Dean
Hugo V. Stadler
Fred. M. Davenport
Page 116:
Rufus B. Howland
E. J. Wolfe
John H. Race
Page 117:
Charles Orion Thurston
Rev. Manely S. Hard
Charles Graham, Sr.
Page 118:
Rev. F. von Krug
William Lovelan
Page 119:
Charles Graham, Jr.
Frank Helm
John D. Hoyt
Adam Clark Laycock
Page 120:
Elliott R. Morgan
Frederick Barham Myres
Henry Kunkle, M. D.
P. Butler Reynolds
Page 121:
Alanson B. Tyrrell
C. W. Boughton
Ralph B. Vaughn
Clinton W. Boon
Page 122:
Calvin Dymond
James D. Edwards
Herman C. Miller
W. L. Myles
Page 123:
Christian Bach
Michael Garrahan
Page 124:
Charles S. Turpin
George Dana Kingsley
Aneurin Evans
D. H. Lake, M. D.
Page 125:
Edward E. Ross
George M. Pace
David S. Clark
Alfred H. Coon
Page 126:
W. H. Shaver
A. J. Roat
Isaac Gerhard Eckert
Page 127:
Lewis Leonidas Rogers, M.D.
Chester Wilcox
J. Milton Nicholson
Page 128:
B. J. Cobleigh, M. D.
Osterhout Free Library by Hannah P. James, Librarian
Page 129:
Osterhout Free Library [continued]
Page 130:
Wilkes-Barre Business College
Continued with Portraits and Pictures

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