Scranton Republican, February 21, 1877
Wayside Notes
New Rolling Mills at Providence

No one, in passing up the boulevard, can fail to be impressed with the Theban-like obelisk, covered with hieroglyphics, standing at the never-idle Capouse Works of Pulaski Carter at Capouse, Providence. These works were the first started in Pennsylvania where scythes were made for the trade. The Indian mound Capouse, from which the works were named by Mr. Carter, lie between Providence and Scranton, near Bull's Head hotel. The inhabitants of this prosperous point are all temperates and well-to-do, owing to the influence of Mr. Carter, who for over a quarter of a century has owned and managed the manufacturing interest at Capouse with profit and prudence. Mr. Carter, in connection with Calvin Parson, of Wilkes Bare, and Edward Weston, of Providence, constitute the older triumvirate of temperance in the county of Luzerne.

One of the shops of Mr. Carter, with additions to it, is now being fitted up for a rolling mill by Messrs. Spencer & Price. It will be in operation within a month. No pig or cast iron metal will be employed in the construction of iron bars, which will be manufactured entirely from scrap iron of every malleable kind and shape, from an old horseshoe nail to the condemned miles of wire rope stretching their length along the planes of the gravity railroads along the Moosic mountain. Iron of superior strength and texture is expected to be made at this mill in large quantities by an improved method understood by these gentlemen, both of whom are skilled artisans. Steam power will be supplied by the same engine that supplies the axe and scythe factory. This, wit the new die factory on Rockwell's Flats and other iron works in the lower village, will make Providence prominent as an iron manufacturing village.

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