Pulaski Axe

After I wrote the article (in vol. 56, no 1 of The Chronicle) about Pulaski Carter, axe and edge tool manufacturer, I received a couple of emails asking if he had designed the Pulaski Axe. The combination of axe and grub hoe, known as the Pulaski, was not designed or sold by Pulaski Carter.

Pulaki Axe
The story I have seen a number of places states that it was invented in the early 1900’s by Forest Service Ranger Edward Pulaski of Idaho. The purpose of combining these two common implements was to reduce the number of tools carried into the woods to fight fires.

Today the tool, described as combining an axe with either a mattock or grub hoe, is sold for gardening and clearing nature trails, as well as firefighting. The typical axe, shown in the sketch, has a 36" handle. The head weighs from 3 to 3 pounds. The axe is about 4 " at the blade, and the mattock is 3" to 3 " wide.


An interesting story about Edward Pulaski can be found at http://leadership.wharton.upenn.edu/digest/01-02.shtml

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