Carter & Kennedy Families
In Find a Grave: Dunmore Cemetery, Scranton, PA

Above are the three Carter stones on the right and an Ingalls stone on the left, with the Kennedy monument in the background. This is in section two, shown on the Dunmore Cemetery Section Map. For an even larger picture (756 kb) click here. All photographs were taken in 1999 and have been adjusted after scanning to bring out inscriptions as much as possible.
 Click images to enlarge. Larger versions are from 700 to 900 kb.
Another view of the three Carter stone, front and just behind in the middle, and Kennedy between. . Larger image. Detail of the left Carter stone: Olive J. Spaulding Born in Abington Windham Co. CT Sept. 26, 1835 Died in Providence PA Feb. 21, 1864. Larger image. Detail of right Carter stone: Susan Sophia Spaulding Wife of Pulaski Carter Born in Hampton Conn. Dec. 18, 1818. Died in Providence Pa Nov. 1, 1841. Susan Sophia Daughter of Pulaski & Susan S. Carter, Born Oct. 21, 1841, Died July 28, 1842. Larger image.
Carter monument face: Pulaski Carter Born in Westminster Windham Co. Conn July 23, 1813. Died in Providence, Lackawanna Co. Penn. October 13, 1884. Olive Ingalls His Wife Born in Pomfret Conn. Nov. 13, 1819 Died in Scranton Penn. Dec. 8, 1898. Larger image.
Side two: Pliny Carter [brother of Pulaski] Born in Westminster Conn. April 7, 1806 Died [in Providence Penn.] July 12, 1888. Larger image - close up.
From the other side - the Kennedy Monument with small stones in front and the Carter stone in the background. At the right is Burnham (no relation). Larger image. Amelia M[aria]. Carter Wife of W. D. Kennedy [April 29] 1884 - [July 23] 1923. Larger image. William D[eWitt]. Kennedy [September 24] 1842 - [November 6] 1928. Larger image.
William P[ulaski] Kennedy [son of Amelia and William] [October 30] 1869 - [January 6] 1956. Larger image. Georgina [Kittle] Kennedy [wife of William Pulaski] [October 29] 1870 - 1958. Larger image. An old postcard showing the entrance to the Dunmore Cemetery, 400 Church Street, Scranton, Pennsylvania.

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