Divisional Insignia Used During World War I

Divisional Insignia - Continued
The Insignia as Illustrated. The colors are probably more primary than shown.
Eighth Division Eighty-Eighth Division
Eighty-Seventh Division Eighty-Second Division
Thirty-Fifth Division Ninety-First Wild West Division
Thirty-Ninth Bullseye Division Eighty-First Wildcat Division
Twelfth Division Sixth Division
Forty-Second Rainbow Twenty-Nineth Division
Thirty-Fifth Division Third Division
Second Army Corps Fifth Division
Eighty-Seventh Acorn Division Third Army Aviation
Second Division Thirtieth Old Hickory Division
Eighty-Fourth Division Thirty-Eighth Cyclone Division
Service of Supply Seventy-Sixth Division
Scan of titles 1 to 36; scan of titles 37 to 70.


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