"Seat of the Honourable Judge Strong"

St. George's Manor, Setauket, New York

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"A View of the Seat of the Hon. Selah Strong, Esq. St. George's
Manor Suffolk County, Long Island."

For the New-York Magazine.
Description of the Seat of the Honourable Judge Strong.
[Illustrated with a beautiful Engraving.]

The Seat of the Hon. Judge Strong, which the annexed Plate is designed to represent, is situated in the township of Brookhaven, in the county of Suffolk, about sixty miles from New-York, and is called St. George's Manor.  It is a peninsula within the harbour of Setauket, joined at the south-westermost end by a very narrow isthmus to Long-Island, with the harbour and bay between it and the town.  The beach and straight which separate it from the Sound, on the north, are both very narrow, and do not intercept the view of the Sound.  It affords a very beautiful and picturesque prospect to travellers passing through Setauket, and to voyagers sailing up and down the Sound--To visitors, it presents a beautiful landscape of the town, and the adjacent hills and woods.--Tho' its appearance has been greatly injured by the neglect of the former proprietor, and the influence of the late war, yet the present possessor is making such improvements as conduce to the real conviences of life.
    The soil is very fertile, and natural to most kinds of grain or grass--In short, it is a farm calculated to employ the industrious husbandman, or suitable for the man of independence and ease.

Below is a 2004 picture of the current manor.

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