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Marktheidenfeld, Germany, in the late 1970's.
GABRIEL6 PIEROTH (JOHANN SEBASTIAN5, JOSEF ANTON4, ADAM PHILLIP3, ADAM PETRUS2, JOHANN ADAM1) was born April 13, 1847 in Ruck, Germany, and died November 14, 1922 in Marktheidenfeld, Germany. He married MARGARETA MAGDALENA GUNDLACH, daughter of ? GUNDLACH. She was born November 18, 1855, and died April 09, 1921 in Marktheidenfeld, Germany.
Right: A Polaroid photo of the Pieroth Family gravestone in Marktheidenfeld. At the top is Josepha Gundlach, born 1828, died 1904. Next is Josephine Pieroth, born February 28, 1884, died February 20, 1912. Third is Margareta Gundlach Pieroth, wife of Gabriel, born November 18, 1855, died April 09, 1921. Last is Gabriel Pieroth, Spenglermeister (the equivalence of a sheet metal worker).

The cemetery is a short walk from the home (see below).

Left The death notice of Gabriel Pieroth. As birth place, the town is listed as Ruck (Bezirk Obernburg).

Right: The death notice for Margareta Gundlach Pieroth.
Generation No. 7
JOSEF JOHANN7 PIEROTH (GABRIEL6, JOHANN SEBASTIAN5, JOSEF ANTON4, ADAM PHILLIP3, ADAM PETRUS2, JOHANN ADAM1) was born August 27, 1877 in Marktheidenfeld, Germany, and died June 22, 1938 in Jamaica, NY. He married (1) THERESA FALKE. She was born 1878 in Brooklyn, NY and died August 1, 1928 in Brooklyn, NY. He married (2) AUGUSTA HEIRAT OSTERN 1932.

Notes for JOSEF JOHANN PIEROTH: Letterhead (below) said 'Tin, Copper and Sheet Metal Worker; Special Cooking Apparatus by Electricity, Gas and Steam; also Heaters and Warming Closets.' Lived at 34 Floyd Street, Brooklyn when his only son was born. Lived at 2962 Myrtle Avenue, Glendale, New York in 1922. Member of Black Hawk Tribe No. 485; I.O.R.M [Improved Order Of Red Men]; Collector of Wampum. Went by the name J. John Pieroth.

The top portion of one of two letters written to Germany on March 2, 1922.
Left: An envelope from one of the letters apparently addressed to his brother Philipp.

Right: a tintype of J. John and Theresa with baby Gabriel. Click here for a picture of Theresa posing with a bike.

The house in Marktheidenfeld where Josef Johann Pieroth was born. The siding of the second and third floors is hand made metal shingles.
PHILIPP7 PIEROTH (GABRIEL6, JOHANN SEBASTIAN5, JOSEF ANTON4, ADAM PHILLIP3, ADAM PETRUS2, JOHANN ADAM1) was born June 03, 1881, and died October 06, 1939 in Rhein, Germany. He married MARGARETA METZ. She was born March 26, 1878, and died May 12, 1958 in Germany.


i. KARL8 PIEROTH, b. August 31, 1917; m. AGNES ROETLINGER; b. July 29, 1920. Germany




Left and right are the death notices for Margareta and Philipp Pieroth.

Generation No. 8

GABRIEL LOUIS ANTON8 PIEROTH (JOSEF JOHANN7, GABRIEL6, JOHANN SEBASTIAN5, JOSEF ANTON4, ADAM PHILLIP3, ADAM PETRUS2, JOHANN ADAM1) was born December 12, 1902, and died May 06, 1972 in Hampton Bays, N.Y.. He married GERTRUDE LOUISE BIRD, daughter of CHARLES BIRD and GERTRUDE THOMSEN. She was born March 09, 1909, and died August 18, 1984 in Colorado.

Notes for GABRIEL LOUIS ANTON PIEROTH: Sheet Metal Worker for New York City. "Al". His name is spelled Garbril on his birth certificate (left), however, it was probably an error. His father is listed as a Tinsmith.

Children of GABRIEL PIEROTH and GERTRUDE BIRD are: 2 sons

Gertrude and Gabriel Pieroth, April 17, 1927. In back are Emily Bird  (Gertrude's sister) and Charles Sigmond.

Karlheinz Pieroth, son of Karl, grandson of Philipp, provided most of the information and early documents above. Karlheinz and his family still live in Germany.

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