Fashions for Women and Children from
Peterson's Magazine: 1882; 1884; 1886

Founded in Jan. 1842, by Charles J. Peterson

The fashion pages for some of the 1882 and 1884 issues are in one album. There are no other pages available. In 1882 the bustle was rarely shown, but in 1884 it was featured more often. By 1886, below, it was the standard design.

1882 and 1884 Album

September 1882 at the Country House November 1882 the Lunch Party
December 1882 Morning Callers February 1884 The Bride Entering the Church
April 1884 A Walk to the Park May 1884 The Ruined Old Church

June 1884 Reception Dresses, Evening Dresses

1886 Album

April 1886 In the Park June 1886 A Summer Afternoon
August 1886 The Afternoon Promenade September 1886 Our Reception
November 1886 On the Boulevard December 1886 At "Five O'Clock Tea"

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