New Cliffs Hotel and Cottages,
Newport, Rhode Island

Above is an old postcard showing the same hotel and a page from a view book. It was located at the beginning of Cliff Walk near Easton's Beach/First Beach. It was destroyed by fire June 8, 1908. The souvenir booklet below is not dated, but would be from 1906 or slightly earlier. The decor is wonderful. Click the images to enlarge.
Cover of "Souvenir of New Cliffs Hotel and Cottages, Newport, R.I." Title Page. Louis P. Roberts was the manager for the last fifteen years. This and the next page has lots of flowery descriptions of "Newport, the gem of watering places, the fairest of all cities by the sea!" "'The Cliffs' is situated upon the famous 'Cliff Walk' and the second property from the Bathing Beach. It has lately been remodeled and renovated..."
Corner of the Office
Sun Parlor with an Egyptian theme
Public Room - one side
Public Room - opposite side
Parlor - one end
Parlor - possibly an alcove
Parlor - opposite end
Flemish Room - note spittoon
Court Interior
Court Interior
Back cover
One of the local view pages


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