Automobiles, Early 1900s

From an envelope of Philadelphia pictures and descriptions provided by the American Sight-Seeing Car and Coach Co. On the back of the card is the information on Philadelphia tours, as well as other locations where the company operates.
A Google scan of an August 16, 1905 Horseless Age article, about the sightseeing tours shows the vehicles used.

The History of Automobiles to 1900 - a well written discussions of the inventions.
The Modern Chariot by John Gilmer Speed. Pictured is Mrs. John S. Dexel. The pictures were apparently all taken in Newport, Rhode Island Page 140: Mrs. Burke Roche

Above Page 141: Mrs. E. Rollins Morse
Right Page 142: Mrs. Wm Carter
Page 143: Mrs. John Jacob Astor Page 144: Early steam cars

Above Page 145: Miss Fifi Potter
Right Page 146: Miss Scott
Page 147: Miss Clapp and the Marquis de Dino Page 148: Late 19th century racing

Above Page 149: Mrs. O. H. P. Belmont
Right Page 150: Mr. and Mrs. Wm. K. Vanderbilt, Jr.. The difficulties of driving an electric car.
Page 151: Miss Winthrop Page 152: Miss Herman Oelrichs after the mishap to her carraige
A Google scan of the full 1900 volume of Cosmopolitan magazine is available here. The link takes you to this article.

Identifying 1920 Automobiles
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