3rd Infantry Pennsylvania National Guard 1917

Below are scans of postcards I bought on eBay. All are real photo postcards featuring the 3rd Infantry Pennsylvania National Guard.

I do not know anything more than what I have here. If you have any information about Cresswell Camp or the unit, please write me and I will add it to this page.

Click on the image for a scan of about 100kb. The enlargements listed are 250kb to 300kb.
The back of all except the family picture is marked "Pub. by A. R. Bardsley, Altoona, Pa."
Regimental Parade - 3d Penna. Inf - Camp A. Merritt Taylor - Upper Darby, Pa. - 8-19-17 - In Honor of Brigadier General Sylvester Bonnaffon, Jr. - Enlargement; Detail 500kb #61 - Camp Cresswell - 3rd U.S. Inf. 6-1917. Enlargement
#62 - Camp Cresswell - 3rd U.S. Inf. 6-1917. Enlargement #63 - Camp Cresswell - 3rd U.S. Inf. 6-1017. Enlargement
#64 - Camp Cresswell - 3rd Inf. N.G. - 6-1917. Enlargement #65 - Camp Cresswell - 3rd Inf. N.G. - 6-1917. Enlargement; Detail 370kb
#66 - Camp Cresswell - 3rd Inf. N.G. 6-1917. Enlargement #73 - Camp Cresswell - 3rd Inf. PA. N.G. - June 1917. Enlargement
Left: Camp Cresswell, Pa. - 8-2-17. Enlargement 360kb; Detail 250kb.
Please write me if you recognize this family.
There is another picture taken at Camp Cresswell on 7-28-1917 of Major George Blair (1879-1976); Anna Smith Love Blair (1884-1970); Russell Blair (1906-1996); and Robert Morris Blair (1916-1978).

I received an email from James Luty with the following information about the 3rd Pennsylvania Infantry.

3rd pa Inf. (Co A - Johnstown); (Co B - Greensburg); (Co C - Blairsville); (Co D - Rockwood); (Co E Clearfield); (Co F - Emporium, but head quartered in Altoona); (Co G - Spruce Creek ); (Co H Denholm). Company E moved to Huntington, and Company F moved to Newport (they were there in July 1917). The job of the companies was for internal protection of following: Bridges of the Pa Railroad line on the Susquehanna; Aetna Explosive Company at Mt Union; Spruce Creek and Gallitzen tunnels.

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