History of Long Island
1914 Brooklyn Daily Eagle

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Listed below are the names and page number of biographical sketches of prominent Long Island men.

49 Dayton Hedges
50 Henry P. Keith
51 George H. Furman
52 Daniel J. Hegeman
53 James F. Richardson
54 Thomas P. Brennan
55 Charles J. Odell
56 Benjamin Graham
57 C. Milton Rogers
58 Leonard Ruoff
59 George H. Kennahan
60 E. Post Tooker
61 Robert S. Pelletreau; William J. McVay
62 Woodhull Raynor; John T. Dare
63: Horace Greeley Knapp; Stephen P. Petitt
64 Charles H. Redfield; James Early
65 Campbel & Dempsey; Samuel F. Robinson
66 Frederick Charles Merritt; Hiram R. Smith
67 Le Roy J. Weed; Harry B. Howell
68 Lemuel B. Green; Wallace H. Halsey; Robert E. Bishop; Elkanah S. Robinson

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