Hotel Jermyn, Scranton, Pennsylvania

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All images and text Copyright 2009 Susan White Pieroth

Left: Postcard of Wyoming Ave., Scranton, Pa. (hotel Jermyn on the right). 
Right: Postcard of the Hotel Jermyn, Scranton, Pa. about 1905.

Hotel Jermyn Brochure
250 guest rooms, 100 with private baths. Steam heat, hot and cold water in every room. Absolutely Fire-Proof. Electric light and gas throughout. F. S. Godfrey, proprietor. Where to Go: Albright Public Library; Boulevard from Scranton to Elmhurs; Clubes; Theatres; Parks; Sanderson Hill; Farview; Lake Ariel; Blast Furnace and Steel Mills; Mines Where to Shop: A. W. Jurisch; G. W. Fritz; Foote & Shear; Cusick; Miss E. M. Hetsel; G. R. Clark; Dr. E. Grewer

Susan Carter White Pieroth
All images and text Copyright 2009  Susan White Pieroth