Tampa, Florida, About 1923

Front and Back Covers of the Brochure. No copyright date, but there is information from 1922.
Inside cover - map "An Invitation to You" - written as if a personal note "Tampa is Easy to Know". Train station and Tampa Bay Hotel
"Public Buildings of Beauty" "A City of Home Owners" "Education and Religion"
"Parks for Young and Old" "Music in the Open Air" "Exercise with Ease or Exertion"
"Comfortable Accommodations for All" "Skyline Markers of Progress" "Social Life to Please All"
"More Than a Million a Day" Cigar production "For Ships of the Seven Seas" "Real Commercial Activity"
"Invigorating Out-of-Doors" "Out-of-Season Pleasures" "Winter Sports in Florida"
"What the Wild Waves are Saying" "Fine Fairways and Greens" "Scenic Wonders of This Land"
"Real Recreation and Rest" Top - a panoramic view of the city
"Fish Tales with a Ring" "Up-to-Date Transportation" "Motoring and Camping Delights"
"Celebration in the Winter" [Gasparilla Carnival] "To Whet Your Appetite" "Golden Globes of Sweetness"
"The Busy Harvest Season" "It's the Bloom Time in Winter" "New Opportunities Offering"
"Easy Access to Everywhere" "It's Packed at the Field" "Out of Season Harvesting"
"But No Frost on the Pumpkin" "Rural Life is Ideal" "Side Lines for the Farm"
"Opportunities in Livestock" "Florida Poultry Profitable"
Hillsborough County is a Garden"

"You Will Want to Stay" - the hand written message is printed"Tampa, The Capital City of the Cigar World""Florida Citrus Fruits"

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